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To begin with, is there actually a humanity that one can even talk about? Are children between 6 & 7 years of age, innocent? Were their parents, soft and cuddly?

In the beginning, an acorn is an acorn because it comes from an oak tree that makes acorns. If and when it germinates its destiny is to be an Oak Tree, just like its wonderful ancestral parentage.

The archons are but little busy bees working away in a mechanical manner, unaware. Perpetually realizing the eternal returning of a certain physical nature which by its inherent way of being is structured by a mathematical subtle corporality (Pythagoras Plato & al knew this with out a doubt); it energetically throws off from its bosom, a wave force which is nothing more than what supposedly the the so-called Hindus call the great dance of Maya, her kundalini: The Seven Veil dance.

Saint Paul calls it, the wind in the drum that means Nothing. (Because Charity would be absent)

The serpent.

The Aether in mouvement.

The unconscious vitality of the soul ever plunging with its desirous yearning into the belfry of the abyss. Shiva going after his Shakti. The wheel of fortune flung and spinning.

A cat & mouse thing.

There are demons you should master, & not be mastered by. This isn’t a road for anyone and everyone. Humanity will never be salvaged.

There are those who will sleep. The others will be wide awake.


The archons are no more evil or bad than your silly neighbors next door who on weekends, chase after, with their amazing artillery, wild homegrown pigs! They are courageous and brave while shooting up those little piggies. But are they evil because they go to the supermarket on Friday to buy a T-bone steak? Or watch football games, their wives being neglected, maybe becoming another man’s nightmare!

Yes, we all have an essence, indubitably! At least we can say that for certain, when we affection our family, our children our friends. But is it true?

An essence can be wasted, if it exists, and whose fault is it, when it is thrown into the rubbish with the potato peelings? Those evil archons waiting to take it away from us just to strip us of a soul, that most people don’t even know might exist!

…might as well go to Marseille or L.A., to those very human streets, where those poor devils underneath sacs of waste, vomit and sadness are drugged to Oblivion! Are there souls beneath all that misery and plastic from Walmart? Is it an ARCHON who did it?

Lash & Weidner said so.



Our material bodies both visible and invisible belong to the Creator of carnage and death. His pixel worker slaves do his bidding. We have been imprisoned thru his taunting. We bit the bait!

He likes to love and to hate. He likes to drink and eat, make love and shit. We are in his image!

The archons are our shadow.


There was never a Gnostic religion. Thousands of years ago, the so-called Gnostics were far & few between!

There were what was called later, Gnostic Sects. Marionites, Sethites, Ophites & j’en passe. But a sect doesn’t have to be popular, nor does it have to have many adherents! 2 or 3 people will do the job. Gnostics were quite snobbish, not very democratic.

A lot of Gnostics didn’t get along with one another. Except during orgiastic rituals, & again who’s to say they were aware of what they were transcendentally doing? They had different opinions on what was true or not. Something like the multiple sects in India, with their unusual (for some) practices and rituals and dare I say enslaving superstitions.

We are in the Iron Age. Our physical blood is filled with it.

There are many strange beings in our carnal fluids, little tiny sized nano sentient things, each and every one of them, a clone of their particular archetype. The Creator of carnage and death made it that way. Its always been that way.

Only very few escape his grip. Humanity is just his toy puddle. Sometimes it bites the boss.


Loosh or louche in french means something or someone not to be trusted. Like Iago in Othello.

Apparently the LOOSH is something most likely to be Lynched behind bars, either by us if we’re smart or by others of an infernal character. The Muslims say that Christians feed the statues (idols) in their temples. That these idols are inhabited by devils (djînns).

Didn’t the hermetic priests from Egypt of old, do the same thing once upon a time? Invoking the gods, but in the end the gods abandoned khemmet, leaving vacant the statues to be eventually inhabited by little naughty prankster devils? When humans of an inferior type took over.

Man is the conscious nature of living things. And of course he is the interpreter of his meaningful demise. Even the empty space around him can be filled with his ectoplasms! He can put demon lizards inside cola bottles and close them hermetically just to see what can happen. He looks into a mirror & then falls in love with himself only to later on despise what might come back at his face. Very few humans can understand this. Perhaps because they are not men, but hu-mans!


Energy is the cage, my dear boy! Electromagnetism, a sorry sight for a free soul. That undulating something that keeps us constantly trapped. Under the dome within.

Carnivorous mongrels in search of good times. I for one am not against that. So long as I don’t bicker any longer about the so-called hu-man race. Does one mean species? Human species. The human species made of several races.

The dog species with its several races? The horse with its numerous diversity, having so many races!

What happened to the word, Mankind? How ugly the sound of the word, hu-mankind! What a ignominious defeat for the ears of the encapsulated soul mounted within a species, upon its certain natural and biological racial type.

Many thanks to Jack Heart & the evanescent Orage for their very serious and praiseworthy travail.

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I heard an interview with William Bramley on short wave radio over 30 years ago. Most of the discussion centered around his book, "The Gods of Eden". Though so long ago, I remember several things. First, Bramley made it clear to the interviewer that he absolutely refused to talk about religion in any way, shape or form. Second, he emphasized that these extraterrestrial beings created everything on earth including humanity, not any god. Third, he spoke of a contactee he knew who was badly shaken by the experience. This man told Bramley that up in space in the alien craft he was so terrified he kept imploring, "God help me!! God help me!!" He then said the two beings in the craft that abducted him looked at each other and one of them turned to him said, "Who is this god you keep yelling about? We're the only ones out here." I found that very amusing albeit I'm certain it wasn't meant to be.

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I'm going to listen to you in a few moments.

I didn't get to comment before the new articles as they come out quickly and I was short of time but the last porch conversation and Alec's contributions were really excellent.

Thanks to him for sharing some of his unpublished text and thanks to you for the articles shared on the blog from you, Orage, MK and all the others like Happy Parot who I follow with interest when I can.

The last documentary he shared on Billy Meier was very interesting.

There was a lot to say about the last few articles but a simple sentence from MK in his last production reminded me of something I learned some time ago.

The sentence was: "Thus, the image of the Christian Christ as redeemer of farm animals had nothing to offer the Aryan spirit"

A lot to say, and directly related to the topics of the last few articles as well but I'll keep it short and share what a French author under the pseudonym Anton Parks said in an interview in 2005:

"The name "Adam" is absolutely not, as we would like to believe, Hebrew in relation to the terms "adama" (glebe) or adôm (red)... I am still surprised today that no author has noted that this term exists in Sumerian as Á-DAM and means: "beasts, animals, herds" or "taking, establishment, settlement or colonization" and in verbal form: "inflict"! If Á-DAM were used to designate people, it would give: "the beasts, the animals, the taken, the established, the installed or the colonized, the inflicted"... The idea of a slave being totally submitted to the "gods" is reinforced in the equivalence of the term Á-DAM in Akkadian which is Nammaššû and which is translated phonetically in Sumerian into nam-maš-šû, that is to say, literally: "the dependent half-portion"... I think that one cannot be more precise! "

So much for the abrahamic religion and those who blindly continue to adhere to them...

This translation can be confirmed in René Labat's Akkadian epigraphy manual with the following link on page 97 where Á-DAM designates the herd:


The capitalized syllables are Sumerian and the underlined lower case is Akkadian.

The other terms are taken from a complementary translation with the Sumerian Lexicon by John A. Halloran

I think that if someone is versed in Sumerian, there would be a lot of interesting things to discover in the ancient texts. The author claims that Sumerian and Akkadian syllables allow for the breakdown of the main words of ancestral languages, such as Chinese, Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Latin, Germanic and Native American languages, etc...

In the same way that Richard Sharpe Shaver used his proto-language "Mantong"...

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I'm afraid that anything I might say would simply confuse the picture, on top of requiring rather lengthy explanation, but that said I might be able to offer a useful perspective regarding some of the ideas presented. Firstly, I would not refer to Gnosticism as a religion. Religion, ultimately is concerned with worship. Rather, it is far more instructive to understand Gnosticism as mysticism, which is direct knowledge of the divine. If one can comprehend the nature of mysticism, then one can discover that mankind has a very ancient mystical tradition, and that Gnosticism is a feature of this tradition.

Whilst some religions actively choose to be informed by mysticism, there is no western religious tradition that is so informed by it's own mysticism, and yes I am aware of the Qabala.

Archon, the word, refers to the cosmic order, the organizing thereof, not it's creation. Just as worship is not knowledge, so organizing is distinct from creating. There are certain truths pertaining to this organization that many of more refined sensibilities find repugnant, yet in essence, the struggle of humanity to remember themselves is directly linked to the Archontic.

In terms of loosh, the entire concept is a watered down explanation for sacrifice. From a Gnostic point of view, it is an utterly lost cause to propritiate via sacrifice, as it becomes ultimately self destructive. However, there certainly is a cross section of humanity addicted to sacrifice to this day.

There is a vital energy that never stops flowing in this world, and it is often equated to breath for obvious reasons, but I hesitate to endorse loosh as anything close, mostly due to it's oppressive abrahamic overtones, which I am extremely weary of.

Ultimately, the attempt to codify emotion as energy is an objectification of an event which is extremely personal, one which has strong dehumanizing overtones. I suppose it is inevitable that mankind would equate everything to this level of existence, but I can confirm that there is a higher order that is not subject to our rules.


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Jack, your webpage(s) have become home to some of the most interesting articles and authors from around the world. It reminds me of Chani Forum in its golden days when people like Alec, named BlueET then along with a bunch of others (NexEd, T, Acolyte and others) had some utterly fascinating discussions for everyone to benefit.

The comment section of your articles has become a place where some truly interesting views are expressed. I think it might be time for your to also think about adding a forum to your website.

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Babies will cry when there's no nipple to suck. Ô darling dear dearest darling.

But the archons have mothers too. The place where one can gestate. Man's brain & heart.

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Nice collection I found on archive. https://archive.org/details/@jeff_s_library

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Such fantastic comments and insight that I'm hesitant to add my 2 cents but as I listened to the latest CFTP, I started to think about this topic in relation to the Rockefeller's. Anyone who has studied the truth behind the modern world (post 1800 from my reckoning) has seen the colossal hand of this family moving in all circles of life. Our broken for-profit Medical system, which kills but never cures...Rockefeller's....our broken Education system re-enforcing generational Lies and convincing children to not think but obey and produce meaningless paper....Rockefeller's...The Western-Based hand on the rudder setting the course of International Politics since 1921, Rockefeller's. And of course what did all this influence spring from? Their complete monopoly of the Oil. It seems not far-fetched to theorize that the saturation of their blood-line (crypto-Shlomo as many have noted) in the Goo would go hand in hand to undue negative influence in National and World affairs where they are always Anti-Life, Anti-Freedom. Anyway, Alec's piece was terrific, and i even ordered one of Oldfield's lenses to take pictures with. You all are hitting it out of the park, and Jack I'm going to try to raise the amount of my subscription the next time it comes around. You really deserve more than what your getting....I wish I could put a couple grand in your pocket but it is what it is. Thanks to the whole JH team. I'll be trying to turn on as many worthwhile people as I can. M

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Jack is going to be posting something soon. I wanted those interested to get a little heads up on the area of New Zealand I personally was investigating 20 and more years ago.


Arapawa Island situated in the Marlborough sounds at the tip of the south island, New Zealand has long been considered a place of mystery. Along with the general Marlborough area, including Blenheim which has an exceptionally high percentage of NZs UFO sightings. Arapawa Island lies directly on Harmonic 41188837. Betty Rowe, has lived on the island with her family since emigrating here from the US in 1972. She has written a book about life on the island (Arapwa once upon an island). Tragically from 2000 the area has fallen victim to disease (plant and animal) directly resulting from Bettys first sighting of persistent contrails being observed in the area. This has been documented and reported in the excellent website Mysterious New Zealand. I urge anyone who is not already familiar with it to read it. Arapawa (Arapaoa being the traditional name meaning path, Ara Paoa, mist) has long been associated with strange bobbing lights, disembodied voices and appearing and disappearing islands. The following is a recollection of a friend of the Roves who had witnessed first hand the mysterious disappearing Island.

Rex, a frequent visitor to Aotea, was a bit sceptical about all these stories of bobbing lights and mysterious voices until he had his own unusual experience. Returning from a walk, he came into the woolshed where Mitch and Walt were The shearing. The usually calm, cool and collected Rex was in a state of high excitement for, while he had long ago learned, like the rest of us, that the unexpected is often the norm at Aotea, he had not been prepared for the events that had sent him scurrying home from his morning walk. `You'll never guess what I've just seen!' The accent was on the `never' and Rex took a physical step backward in disbelief when Mitch, without missing a stroke, answered calmly: `The disappearing island.' accent `How did you know?' Now the accent was on every word. Straightening up, Mitch exchanged puzzled looks with Rex. `I don't really know why I said that. It just came into my mind.' No stranger to Arapawa, Rex had followed a route to the tops that he had taken many times before. Reaching the summit, he was confronted by a strange and unfamiliar sight, and his first reaction was to assume he had somehow taken a wrong turn and emerged further north than he had thought. assumed On closer examination, he found he was indeed exactly where he had first assumed he was, but there in the water stood a body of land separated from bushArapawa by a narrow neck of sea. The island was fairly large and bush-clad and Rex was aware of bird life among the trees. surveyed Not one to be easily startled and frightened, Rex had surveyed his surroundings and studied the little island for some time before deciding to retrace his steps and return for another look. This he did, only to find the island was no longer where it had been concise ten minutes before. Rex was able to produce a clear and concise drawing of the island and its relationship to Arapawa. Unfortunately, he did not have his camera with him to capture it on film, but I wondered if it would have shown up even if he had managed to photograph it. The disappearing island has been seen by several by people who report similar stories of coming upon a land mass in a place where nothing before had been seen and the accompanying feeling that they were in a strange place.

Could it be possible that an Inter-dimensional gateway possibly exists in the vicinity?

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