Maybe this could help a little, it is not much but it can't hurt...

Looks like you and your companions are on the journey of a lifetime.

Soon I am done with some regular chores I will send something your way for protection...but I got the feeling you will be fine.

Take care and enjoy the ride, my friends

All the Best and fair winds and even smoother sailing.

Thank you.

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High strangeness on the road and destabilising this story with Orage.

Hope all goes well and you have a great time with Jon and soon Joe !

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Substack seems to have completely trashed the layout of the text, but use the link to download the working document directly.

This work is done in the evenings when I can and takes me several hours. As tiredness doesn't help, don't hesitate to point out any typing errors or ask for clarification if necessary.

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Enjoy your trip mate,that whole area is magic,the cathar castles are something else. Did you say you were going to rennes le chatteax? It is very similar in layout to Glastonbury,hill in a plain surrounded by ring of hills. I followed that story for years,it was u who put me onto the rain books,very grateful,but did you know saunier built a second tower in girona? All the books and dvds I watched never mentioned this info,but it's in 2 books by Patrice chaplain, and the mystery seems to be an initiation centred on the sacred mountain of carnigou

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Did that movie release some kind of black magic? How come you were not affected yourself? Har du fått "hard hud"? Is your skin more resilient, due to life long exposure to spiritual powers?

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If the devil holds the grail in his hand, the stone which makes it possible to enter into another reality via a portal, who can then take it from him. Lucifer? The unification of "He" and "She" (the goddess with two names)? So who is "he"? Lucifer? If you are Lucifer, must you meet the Devil to grab the stone from him?

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When talking about "love language", lesbians and Lesbos etc, I suppose both males and females do "lick" or "tongue-kiss", flatter others when they want to achieve something, and some say that women are much easier to manipulate than men, maybe because they are not that good at resisting manipulation from men, I don't know, there is so much wave bending going on at every angle, love is in the air and also all kinds of other stuff under the bridge and above, via the ether; 5G towers, micro wave powers and occult, psychological and educated (w-) rap IQ talk by know-how people in academia, where a badge and and a Master is all you need to get power of others to control them or have a strong fist and voice when you "are somebody" your voice counts. But anyway in Norwegian a "lesbe" is a Lesbian, but the verb to "lesbe" means speaking in a strange way, which sometimes children do, but also adults. It is not a rare condition, more common than you may think, one can hear it quite frequently if one are only able to listen. From www.tritrans.net. Actually there is a slight difference between "lesbe" (lesbian) and "lespe" (to lisp), but it somehow is lost in translation.







Bob Dylan - Someone's got a hold of my heart


Things have changed:


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Amazing! Thanks Romain that's super kind of you! Jack you have some special followers here!

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