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Romain and Jack, simply excellent.

You know my American Brevet cycling club has a vaxxine mandate to do Brevets to qualify for Paris Brest Paris as I hope there is so much trouble in Paris this August that they cancel the event.

My suggestion if they hold the event? Beat down the cyclists at the start in Paris especially the American cyclists who are all for vaxxine mandates.

Beat them like the cops in Paris Beat you and send them mother fuckers back to their American McMansions with black eyes and broken teeth simply for being so stupid.

My vaxx mandating neighbor will be in Paris this August to do Paris Brest Paris the world's oldest cycling event. Send him back to his McMansion with broken teeth and black eyes.

That would be justice!

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Outstanding Romain.

And utterly contemptible...

I can only speak about my own country, where the subjects get daily told... 'absolutely nothing'.

And police brutality against strikers, campaigners, and activists is positively cheered, by the sycophantic plebs who still believe this is democracy...

And to think, you are citizens in France!

These plans, patterns, hypocrisy, and double standards we see everywhere today, at least across the west. Particulalry western Europe!

Though the Brits have failed to hit the streets, like their comrades in France, the strikes continue with no end in sight, and the pressure of the pot is building.

The pension age rise went through without challenge here, and now the pension pots are being raided.

We can always rely on the pomp and pageantry of the loyal royal usurpers, to pacify the great unwashed...

As we approach the coronation of the 'man who shouldn't be king', rest assured the Brits will collapse in reverence and be distracted once more from what's occurring.

Like accepting that old horse as queen and not consort...

The war on the middle class is ramping up the gears. And the fake manufactured cost of living crisis is putting on the squeeze.

But like a vice, only the middle is held against it's will. The unworking, non-contributing, lazy stinking chavs keep getting more and more handouts. Like an extra £500 a month if they register that they get headaches occasionally. They already get for free what we in the middle pay through the nose for...

And let's not even discuss that other side of the vice, our eternal enemy, the blood suckling, so called elite, who are just as lazy stinking toffs as their poor counterparts.

Protestor at the Grand National this weekend are now being blamed for the horse deaths they were campaigning against. 118 people beaten and arrested for speaking truth, and caring more about animals than their rich owners, and those who make spectacle of their unnecessary deaths.

Everywhere you look is now filled with violent, criminal, immigrants. As if the Goths have landed and started sacking the place. One of my daughters became victim this weekend whilst trying to sell a sofa on ebay. Some bloke purchased but refused to send the money via PayPal or other secure method, stating someone would give her cash on delivery. She refused, saying she wanted to use the proper secure payment method. So they sent two balaclava clad men with baseball and cricket bat's round to her house. A house with my daughter and two granddaughters in...!

Luckily they were not clever enough to get through the heavily reinforced front door to the flats (because this hadn't been the first time this month that the gangs had tried to intimidate the women living their with their children).

Unluckily for them, their address was on the ebay confirmation, and the father of one of my granddaughters is an influential Yardie...

He was not amused, and called me this morning to reassure me that they won't be doing it again, as the problem had been sorted.

Britain has become a cesspool. And the middle classes have seen the writing on the wall and are emigrating in droves...

Rapes and violent crime is rising almost as fast as corporate and rich elite crimes.

There is fast becoming nothing left worth fighting for.

Meanwhile, the powers that be are seeding the ground for the next 'big event' with the planned next week - UK-wide test of an emergency alert system!


It past time for the people of the west to join the French in solidarity, and commence the same at home.

We are in a fight not just for our lives, and way of life, but more importantly for the future of our grandchildren and theirs...

History will not look kindly on us if we turn a blind eye now, and do not stand up for ourselves...

Once again, excelently written and researched article Romain. And I know how you feel about investigative hat, I officially wore mine for 20 years, but no longer...

I am now free, unemployed and unemployable (at least in this cuntry), but I'm FREE!

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Exelent,real jurnalism...

Second thing..you think you can talk, and make deals with Macron like abominations?

I don't hate anyone, I learned a long time ago a few things and one of them is the following: it is better to respect your enemies than to hate them.

Hate clouds judgment and you do stupid things, be ready for every move.

Nothing is ever optimal (100 percent), you can't prepare for all variables, but you can prepare and you should prepare for a few possible events that could unfold, Main thing, is always to know and look for an exit strategy.

Third: there is just one thing here that will cleanse this homo brigade...This is an open post, I think it is, so let your imagination do the rest.

You can talk to these people, you cant vote them out of office, these " people" are manifestations of evil...you don't tame evil, you don't dance around it..you make sure they crawl back in the hole from they came in the first place.

About police, this is now a known fact for maybe even a decade that these people are not there to make sure you are safe...

How anyone can come home after he hit some old lady and put her in the Hospital...How do you come home to your kids and wife after you do these faul acts?

It is not possible, even these let us call them radio-controlled drones are not that evil.

Thanks, Romain for this very detailed and accurate,honest report...and thanks to Jack for posting this ungodly affair.

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Bravo Romain! A coruscating and erudite situation report Sir!

Please remember that when you don 'le chapeau investigateur', you are leagues ahead of the 'brown hats' of presstitutionism. We are all enriched by your endeavours, and more power to you for it!

Here in dear old Blighty, we have ol' 'Buncha Fyffes' declaring 'Horseface' in some way an immaculate transformation to (barely) legal regal. The entire public sector in revolt. And lots of people are seriously pissed off. Seraphim hits the nail fair and square, as per...The good people at Aintree tried, but lacking any real panache, missed the opportunity to parachute in, dressed in Flecktarn, not pink pooftah garms! Some awful drunk trainer tried to blame the death of his unfortunate gee-gee on the actions of these committed, I'm sure well-meaning, but ultimately ineffectual protestors. Ahh well, better luck next time folks. It is an utterly Roman spectacle, sponsored by Randox Health, Covid profiteers, and all-round Tory bastards. Speaking of horses, I'm sure many readers are aware of the questions surrounding the 'cisgender' of Mme Macron.

She sure has a strong face! I struggle to unthink the image of P'tit Emmanuel fighting for breath as he bites the pillow, the wife's unwavering prehensile organ violating him mercilessly..

Ahh, but enough of such things. I think that Marine was compromised, and as such was offered as controlled opposition. Shame, I quite liked her. Her dad was a hard fella of course.

Closer to home, I think that political parties should be made obsolete by people power, and independent candidates connected to their communities by birth and in most cases race, are our best option.

In my constituency, our MP is a Labour Blairite snake. An intellectual vacuum, yet availed of a low cunning.. A cypher, a simulacrum of a politician. Somebody busily feathering their nest, whilst wiping the reproductive mucus of her political and ideological handlers from her eyes and matted hair, deep in the catacombs of Westminster. She has to go! I'm glad that I got that off of my chest, anyway....I hope you are all getting some sunshine and some happy times, my friends. Salutations!

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Greatest one day race in the World!

The French know how to put on a bicycle race!

Notice how one day bike racers got some muscle as its a very different game than the grand Tours.

Viva La France!!!

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An absolutely stunning piece, thank you Jack & Romain. Never in recorded history have the nations of the West been administered to by such a bunch of craven, boot-licking, criminal, perverted, sock-puppet slimebags. They wouldn't even make good fertilizer. When the Adolph Hitler and the National Socialists took over the reigns of state power in Germany, legitimately and democratically by a majority never enjoyed by any political party or person in the countries that so hypocritically denounced them, their first order of business was to clean out the Augean stables of Judaic Wiemar. The word was quickly passed down. Take out the sodomites. Flying squads of NS troopers raided the homo bath houses, book stores, and other institutions of Talmudic depravity and arrested the fagots while destroying their domiciles. All of their publications showing and endorsing fagotry, bestiality, and other unspeakable perversions were subjected to mass immolation. This is the "evil" "Nazi" book burning that the Jews and their Goyim sycophants so ardently bewail. These swine should be tossed into the flames with the debauched printed matter they so vehemently adore and defend.

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There is one thing that is also interesting to broaden the discussion, in relation to the name Fabius.

The name echoes the famous Roman commander Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, known as the Cunctator (the Temporizer) because of the attritional techniques employed by his armies, notably against Hannibal. There are some nice examples in "33 Strategies of War" by Robert Greene.

What is even more interesting is that this general inspired the creation of the famous Fabian Society in 1884 certainly inspired by these usury practices, but this time in a long term social engineering perspective, and which included several characters such as Herbert Georges Wells.

Hence the coat of arms of the said society showing a wolf in sheep's clothing...

Perhaps another nod to the commander given his other nickname of Ovicula or "the little sheep".

In the same spirit, there is a logo with an aggressive turtle and the words "when I strike, I strike hard".

But also the Fabian Society window created by George Bernard Shaw which depicts Sidney Webb and Edward R. Pease hammering the earth on an anvil beneath the Fabian Society emblem. At the top of the window are the words "Remould it nearer to the heart's desire."

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The revolution of the casseroles

"Le pouvoir n'a aucune considération, il le montre. C'est une hypocrisie qui est démentielle. (...) Ce soir, on fait un concert de casserole parce qu'on a notre monarque républicain qui est en train de parler", affirme Iter, 22 ans, membre du syndicat Sud Solidaires à BFM Normandie.

Des manifestants étaient également réunis à Lille, Nantes ou encore Rennes. Dès samedi soir, l'association Attac a appelé à boycotter l'allocution télévisée du président de la République qui aura lieu ce lundi soir à 20 heures et à se rassembler devant les mairies de toute la France pour organiser des concerts de casseroles.

"Macron ne nous écoute pas? Nous ne l'écouterons pas!", écrivait l'association sur son compte Twitter.

"The power has no consideration, it shows it. It is a hypocrisy which is insane. (...) Tonight, we are making a concert of pans because we have our republican monarch who is speaking," said Iter, 22, a member of the Sud Solidaires union to BFM Normandie.

Demonstrators were also gathered in Lille, Nantes and Rennes. From Saturday evening, the Attac association called for a boycott of the televised address of the President of the Republic, which will take place this Monday evening at 8 pm, and to gather in front of town halls throughout France to organize concerts of pans.

"Macron does not listen to us? We won't listen to him!" the association wrote on its Twitter account.

The demonstration planned in Marseille this Monday evening had been forbidden by the prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône but that did not prevent the demonstrators to be present on the Old Port, to sing and to dance. Between 500 and 1000 people were there and six people were arrested.

"This concert of pans is an opportunity to show our opposition, to demand the repeal" of the pension reform, she added.

"The pots and pans, it is a form like another, it is symbolic. It's to be audible, visible, keep the motivation intact."

For Youlie Yamamoto, it is not the French people participating in these concerts of pans who refuse to listen to the president but rather Emmanuel Macron "who does not listen to the majority of the population, (...) and who acts as if the millions of French men and women who spoke out did not exist."

Lots of memes with casseroles



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