You know Jack, I don't give a fuck for those who write for the NYT or Playmyass ! But without pretending to kiss yours; I do have a great deal of respect for you my distant friend !!! An honest fucken smart bastard like you has all my reverence ! Salut et Ciao.

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That explains why we've been followed since birth. You & me & all those worth stalking. Baited since before George take a nap.

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Before we knew, they knew who were the trouble makers.

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Well Jack, those .gov types and the media types and even the makers of the film are douche bags.

From the super arrogant tattooed skinny jeans wearing bearded duche bag hipster spouting off about the mystery of the universe and his assorted bullshit.

Why would any entity want to have anything to do with people like that and the entity isn't hiding its avoiding them like I retired from that grand .gov simply because they are scum of the highest order.

The .gov? It's first characteristic is insufferable arrogance. It's second? Absolute cruelty. And it's third? It lies and when caught lying will lie to cover the previous lies it tells.

Just an observation.

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I suggest they develop a vaxxine for the phenomenon and force all intel agents get injected first followed by all law enforcement personal no exceptions or waivers.

Once their all properly marked the entity can deal with them so that we can get humanity back to something of normal peaceful truthful living.

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So, we finally found something worth watching on YT...I have this in my library but never got the chance to actually watch the damn thing...maybe now is the time... I will watch the

movie/documentary during the week probably.

Thank you for posting. Cheers!

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Shopping at Walmart and driving in Rotaries….

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So Jack, I propose an experiment.

Loyalty test of sorts.

Did I ever email you Jack? Email is like a Jesuit confession chamber.

On the human who will crucify me first?

I am now Public Enemy

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