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Been interested in pine gap Australia since I saw a documentary about the mim mim lights shooting up from the desert yet few people know about them

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Hey Jack, the PDF links don't seem to work. I tried a couple of times just to make sure. Do they work on your end? Anyone else having trouble getting them to work?

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Because the PDF's that Jack has posted on my behalf are not picture intense as they were in publication, many will find the reading hard going. I'm going to pick out a couple of interesting points my friend has highlighted when he wrote up this report. Please remember this is not my work, but that of a young friend, although the term young is relevant to my age with is historic.

Many of you are probably familiar with the picture on the cover of

Pink Floyds ' Dark side of the Moon ' which depicts the classic

Light / Prism (Pyramid – meaning'fire in the middle') / Rainbow


Well, when you think about that and observe closely at what

happens – you can see the transformation of light into its

relative spectra. A similar thing may occur with matter.

Interestingly 42 is the number with which god creates the universe

– in the Kabbalistic tradition, a mystical science which has its

roots in antiquity. Girona, Spain – Home of the Kabbalistic

tradition lies at Latitude 42 degrees North. Many fathers of

modern Physics, such as Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer (architect

of the atomic bomb) had an intimate and working understanding of

Kabalistic sciences which described the sub - atomic and macro

universes (now called quantum). The implications of these early

studies were later applied and used to devastating effect.

The connection with our research of latitude 42deg here is that

41.18837 deg is not far 'displaced' from this seemingly

significant latitude – and that there seems to be a fair bit of

effort going into energising or 'charging' this new area

electrically for whatever reasons

The Quartz hill / Terawhiti station site had a long and

prestigious association with radio communications. The nature of

the area lent itself very well to enhanced reception of radio

signals, not in part to it being located in a removed and elevated

geographic location away from potential radio noise sources.

Possibly the existence of large amounts of underground quartz,

which in previous times had been mined for small quantities of

gold, had something to do with creating favourable conditions to

work with electromagnetic energy.

Aside from the quartz Hill radio location there are also several

other interesting areas not far separated which possibly indicate

other areas for clandestine activity. Lets look at these one by


Please note the relevance of all these areas is that they are very

near to or directly on Harmonic 4118837 – the major 'Ley' line – with a direct mathematical connection to the fundamental 'speed of

light' reciprocal which is under investigation here.

Makara radio station / Quartz hill





The previous quotation (penned by Rudyard Kipling) was inscribed

on a plaque which sat below the winged footed figure of Mercury,

sitting atop a globe and placed in the foyer of Makara 'Radio

receiving' station 28 June 1945. It seems very apt and leaves a

tantalising clue as to the actual purpose and possible nature of

the installation.

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I remember the admissions by Mr. D. that he was Adamus.

Adamus, of course is the vengeful light of the Gnostic creation myth, he who ensures that Noreia is held down, after her fall to become Sophia, the mother of the Archons.

Yet it is her spark that ignites the divinity in man.

I never asked anyone about it, that name.

If anyone is truly interested, it should be noted that the Ioten and the Archons are cut from the same cloth, but with a perspective unique unto themselves. Both are forces of both organization and chaos, and in both cases they are involved in the creation of the world.

There was a famous Gnostic saying, that this world is a dead man, a corpse, and of course it was the slain Great Ioten whose body became the world.

Then again Adamus also has Jewish overtones, and by now most should know that Jews feature heavily wherever Nazis arise. It's in the name, of course, Ashkenazi. National Socialism is not Nazism, but of course that distinction is conveniently blurred today, because a blurry picture serves entrenched interests.

Yggdrassil lives through the end of the world, into the next. Life, and Longing for life reside within the tree.

Keep in mind that it was a Christian invention, to place the corpse carrying Dragon into the new world. Christians are seldom a lot who can stand anyone else's joy.

I will end by simply pointing out that the destruction of the way between heaven and earth dooms the cut off land. This is true personally as well.


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Just a reminder my friend is open to correspondence of any aspect of this report as he suggests here.

This paper is presented as very basic intuitive research,

of which much more thorough work and investigation is

required. This is on going and findings will be presented

when uncovered. The reader is encouraged to post all

comments to second.field@gmail.com

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Jack and Phil, the video links don't work.

Just so you know.

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