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Doing the Time Warp in Pine Gap and Arapawa Island

Doing the Time Warp in Pine Gap and Arapawa Island

Your own five senses leave you blind, deaf and dum as in dummy...

It was so long ago and so much has happened since then that I can hardly remember. It’s like trying to access the memories of another person, I am not the same person anymore. In fact technically I am no longer even a person. Gordon Duff was claiming that Lee Wanta was going to change the world with all the money siphoned from bankrupting the Soviet Union. It wasn’t yet 2014 and Veterans Today was still more or less a subsidiary of Adamus. The future looked bright both for my writing career and the human race but there was talk. Rightwing zealot Tom Heneghan had already written The Adamus Group Exposed: It’s Nazi Paperclip, and nobody at VT was denying it... - Jack


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Arapawa Island situated in the Marlborough sounds at the tip of the South Island, New Zealand has long been considered a place of mystery. Along with the general Marlborough area, including Blenheim which has an exceptionally high percentage of NZs UFO sightings. Arapawa Island lies directly on Harmonic 41188837. Betty Rowe has lived on the island with her family since emigrating here from the US in 1972. She has written a book about life on the island (Arapwa once upon an island). Tragically from 2000 the area has fallen victim to disease (plant and animal) directly resulting from Bettys first sighting of persistent contrails being observed in the area. This has been documented and reported in the excellent website Mysterious New Zealand. I urge anyone who is not already familiar with it to read it. Arapawa (Arapaoa being the traditional name meaning path, Ara Paoa, mist) has long been associated with strange bobbing lights, disembodied voices and appearing and disappearing islands. The following is a recollection of a friend of the Roves who had witnessed firsthand the mysterious disappearing Island.

Rex, a frequent visitor to Aotea, was a bit skeptical about all these stories of bobbing lights and mysterious voices until he had his own unusual experience. Returning from a walk, he came into the woolshed where Mitch and Walt were shearing. The usually calm, cool and collected Rex was in a state of high excitement for, while he had long ago learned, like the rest of us, that the unexpected is often the norm at Aotea, he had not been prepared for the events that had sent him scurrying home from his morning walk. `You'll never guess what I've just seen!' The accent was on the `never' and Rex took a physical step backward in disbelief when Mitch, without missing a stroke, answered calmly: `The disappearing island.' accent `How did you know?' Now the accent was on every word. Straightening up, Mitch exchanged puzzled looks with Rex. “I don't really know why I said that. It just came into my mind.”

No stranger to Arapawa, Rex had followed a route to the tops that he had taken many times before. Reaching the summit, he was confronted by a strange and unfamiliar sight, and his first reaction was to assume he had somehow taken a wrong turn and emerged further north than he had thought. On closer examination, he found he was indeed exactly where he had first assumed he was, but there in the water stood a body of land separated from Arapawa by a narrow neck of sea. The island was fairly large and bush-clad and Rex was aware of bird life among the trees. Not one to be easily startled and frightened, Rex had surveyed his surroundings and studied the little island for some time before deciding to retrace his steps and return for another look. This he did, only to find the island was no longer where it had been ten minutes before. Rex was able to produce a clear and concise drawing of the island and its relationship to Arapawa. Unfortunately, he did not have his camera with him to capture it on film, but I wondered if it would have shown up even if he had managed to photograph it. The disappearing island has been seen by several by people who report similar stories of coming upon a land mass in a place where nothing before had been seen and the accompanying feeling that they were in a strange place.

Could it be possible that an Inter-dimensional gateway possibly exists in the vicinity?

Below is an abridged reproduction (missing a few pictures) of 2190350-World-GridBruce-Cathie-Chemtrails-UFOs-secret-bases-New-Zealand- (2).pdf and World Grid 4118837 PART II (1).pdf




© secondfield 2007


 The following is a report detailing initial findings and speculation resulting from an ongoing investigation conducted in the Wellington / upper South Island region of New Zealand in the year 2007. The object of focus is HARMONIC 41188837, a line of latitude with harmonic relationships to Bruce Cathie’s unified equation set. This clue was presented in his last publication ‘the harmonic conquest of space’ 1997. A reproduction of the page (the epilogue) is shown below.

It is recommended that the reader of this report should have a firm grounding in the theories/research and work of Capt Bruce Cathie, who first posited the existence of this ‘network’.

 Some of the relationships concerning this area which have come to light are:

-        Detailed witness accounts of UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon occurring close to the vicinity of this geographic.

-        The possibility of ancient archaeological sites being present, close to this harmonic.

-        Various establishments of a highly technical nature located on or around this harmonic.

-        Historic representation of anomalous activities in the area.

-        The possibility of artificially created interdimensional windows and power tap’s relating to Bruce Cathie’s harmonic grid research.

-        A proposition as to why Persistent aircraft contrails are observed frequently in the surrounding areas.

-        The possibility of an underground installation

This paper is presented as very basic intuitive research, of which much more thorough work and investigation is required. This is ongoing and findings will be presented when uncovered. The reader is encouraged to post all comments to second.field@gmail.com  



Carlos Castaneda         


The following pages contain a series of UAP sightings investigated by the author. These are from the official archives of the UFOCUS NZ group of which the author is a member.

Classification: NL, Type I d, Type III b, c, Type V a

Date: Sunday 21 May 2006

Time: 5-6.30 am

Place: Rimutaka Ranges, Waiarapa, North Island, New Zealand Duration: Approx. 1 hour

Description: The sighting took place when the witness and his companion were travelling to Lake Waiarapa early Sunday morning to go duck shooting. The reporting witness has over 30 years’ experience hunting and tramping in the Rimutaka Ranges.  The companions travelled out through Upper Hutt, over the Rimutaka Ranges, and then proceeded through Featherstone into the Martinborough area. Their final destination was to be a 'maimai' (camouflaged duck shooting shelter) located near Kahutara, Lake Waiarapa. 

It was early morning; the conditions were clear at the time, with no wind or moon. 

The witnesses first spotted the unusual light between 5 and 5.30 am, when driving through Kaitoke, north of Upper Hutt on the approach to the Rimutaka Ranges. It was directly ahead of them over the hills; a large, bright purple\blue light, which changed to yellow and then white. The light initially appeared to be oval in shape, but its shape then became distorted or fuzzy. As the witnesses drew closer to the hills, the light moved and suddenly appeared very close to them, almost over them at one stage, before returning back to its original position at approximately 30-35 degrees above the ranges. They noticed that there was no sound accompanying the movement of the light close to them. The witnesses described the light as having soft hues that appeared to glow. They described the size of the light as 'substantial'. 

The light remained in view for approximately another 20-25 minutes until the men drove over the ranges and down the other side towards Featherstone. At this stage they lost sight of the light because of the close proximity of hill ridgelines (see Map 1). The men continued on their way discussing what they had seen. (The reporting witness had observed a similar unusual light on the West Coast of the South Island many years ago).

Upon arriving at the maimai, located at the northeastern end of Lake Waiarapa, the men busied themselves preparing for the mornings shooting. Once settled in the maimai, the witnesses were facing in a south-westerly direction overlooking the lake, waiting for ducks to show up! The sun had not yet risen.

Shortly after 6 pm, the men noticed a glow behind a hill some 12 kms distant (an estimate). (The hill is called Maunganui; see Map 2). Near the hill was a flat plateau along Western Lake Road. The witnesses observed this whole area - and the surrounding hills also - light up as if in daylight, and they saw a glowing light visible above Maunganui. This brilliant expanse of light remained constant for approx. 10 minutes before suddenly extinguishing, leaving the area in semi-darkness again before sunrise. The area that was lit up is sparsely populated, with only a few farms in the area. Both men were left baffled by this strange spectacle

Zoom of the above area

At the time of this sighting the investigator (myself) had no idea of the proximity of the sighting location to harmonic 41188837. It was not until much later that I discovered the significance of this and began to make a more detailed study of the surrounding area. Pending contact with the witness again, I have a sneaking suspicion that the sighting was 3-4 kms further north than first realized. The witnesses have yet to be contacted again to confirm the exact location of the ‘lit up valley’. The reason for this will become more apparent as we move further on into the investigation. 

 The original reproduction of Bruce’s grid is shown below. Note how close to the sighting area the harmonic grid is placed. It almost runs straight through the area we are investigating (lake Waiarapa). Generally according to his theories these lines are part of an electromagnetic / geomagnetic-ley / scalar energy type grid for the use of these manifestations / craft. It is presupposed to be artificial, but this may not be entirely the case. It seems to have been changed and maintained over a very long time period indeed. Please take the time to study all of Capt Cathie’s Books to grasp the reasoning behind this research. Without a reasonable understanding of his research and findings the proposals presented here will appear unfounded. 

Sighting 2

Classification: NL, Type III a, b, c, e

Date: Tuesday 1st August 2006

Time: 8.50 pm

Place: Maungaraki, Lower Hutt, North Island, New Zealand

Description: A witness was standing on his back doorstep, when he noticed a beam of light extending over a hill approx. 1.2 kms from his house (looking in a northerly direction over bush-clad hills). Suddenly the beam disappeared and a large, bright yellowish light appeared and hovered soundlessly over the hill around 300-400ft above the summit. The witness watched it briefly and then called another witness from inside the house to video the light (captured on digital camera). After 30 seconds or so, the light began to move around above the hill, changing direction frequently. Two other lights began to flash forming a triangular shape in the sky, two bright yellowish/white and one orange. The lights flashed on and off randomly, although they all moved about in unison or formation, as the light/object moved about. The witnesses believed the lights were all on one object, rather than a group of three objects. They considered the initial sudden appearance and the 'behaviour' of the light/object very strange.  The video footage shows a 'falling leaf' or 'swaying' type of movement, with sudden changes of direction, followed by a rotation of the three bright lights in triangular formation, executing a flat, angular turn on a plane (not banking like an aircraft), bluntend-forward, as the light/object began to move off. The light configuration appeared to be on a large, flattish object, possibly triangular. The sighting lasted around 2 minutes and ceased when the lights "just flicked off like a light switching off". Air Traffic Control has established that it was not an aircraft. The possibility that it may have been a police helicopter was ruled out when ATC viewed the footage, as the light configuration did not resemble that of a helicopter. The entire sighting captured on video shows 9 out of the 15 main characteristics of 'black triangle' craft, sightings of which are increasing worldwide. At the time of this sighting, reports were made of unusual lights in the night sky all over the southern North Island.

This case is still under investigation and research.

 In progressing research into this case, and while awaiting further witnesses to come forward, I chose to examine the immediate electromagnetic environment in which the sightings took place. Although not physically obvious, since 1947 (the year of mass UFO sightings) our planet has become a veritable electromagnetic hedgehog, which has woven a highly complex, technologically driven, invisible web around our physical environment. It is interesting to observe the first mass deployment of high frequency / high-powered radar devices were commissioned around 1947. The planet had not previously seen such mega-watt high frequency devices focused into the ether. On a hunch and following the clues of Bruce Cathie I decided to focus my initial research in this direction

Figure 5: Belmont hill and repeater site. The object appeared to be moving over and around the top of the hill.

The only RF (radio frequency) device in the immediate vicinity of the sighting is an amateur radio repeater that is situated on top of Belmont hill. This is looked after by the Wellington VHF group. It’s operational functions are as follows:

-        Amateur 2m repeater. 147.100Mhz in, 147.700Mhz out

-        Amateur 70cm repeater. 434.875Mhz in,439.875Mhz out

-        Amateur TV repeater. 431.250Mhz in, 615.250Mhz out

 There are possibly amateur beacons operating on 32cm (925.2750Mhz) and 5cm (5760Mhz) also co located. The site draws power from the 500kv DC trunk line crossing cook straight on its way to Hayward’s hill. A 15kw transformer is utilised to step the voltage down for equipment power requirements. This trunk line in itself would create a huge static field. It is interesting to note that the frequencies 430Mhz-450Mhz have received coverage in UFO/MK ultra literature (Preston Nichols, Wilhelm Reich, Nick Begich and Tom Rifat). Legend has it etheric radiosondes working to Reich’s principals and operating on these frequencies were utilised during the 50’s. A specific frequency of 435Mhz has been related to the appearance of UFO’s, Preston Nicols mentions this information came from Dr Wilhelm Reich’s research. This frequency is regarded in some circles as also the seat of our consciousness. Extensive MK ultra behavioural modification type experiments (Dr Ross Adey, CIA) were conducted utilising this part of the spectrum. According to some this is the base frequency of our ‘reality’. It is also interesting to note that a range of satellites called ‘earth exploration satellites’ operate in the frequency range 432-438Mhz. If this is multiplied by 2.88 (harmonic of twice the speed of light, to which Capt Cathie’s ‘grid’ is tuned) then 1244-1261Mhz becomes apparent. This part of the spectrum again is allocated to ‘earth exploration satellites’ along with ‘space research satellites’. These bands stretch from 1215Mhz to 1427Mhz. Converted to frequency in ‘grid time’ the following amateur radio bands show affinity with the Harmonic circumference of all atoms. It is interesting to note that the 2m ham band (144Mhz), the 70 cm ham band (432Mhz) and 23cm ham band (1296Mhz) are all multiples of 3. Converted to Bruce Cathie’s ‘Grid time’ (8/9ths normal time) the following correlations become apparent:

144000000 hertz / 9 x 8 / 1 = 128000000 grid hertz

 384000000 hertz / 9 x 8 / 1 = 384000000 grid hertz

 1296000000 hertz / 9 x 8 / 1 = 1152000000 grid hertz

 The figure 1152 immediately is recognised as the harmonic circumference of all   Atomic structures. 

The reader is encouraged to study Bruce Cathie’s books and explore all the harmonic relationships for themselves. I have found going back over Bruce’s Books time and time again never fails to unlock some new insight into the structure of our ‘reality’. His book ‘The Bridge to Infinity’ gave me staggering revelations into the nature of dimensional ‘networking’ (for want of a better term ;-).    


 The science of ‘Cymatics’ demonstrates sound affecting physical matter by the interaction of acoustic vibrations to produce geometric form in sand or water. Mathematicians studied the patterns discovered by the intersection of two sound wave curves and from these complex lattice/geometric arrangements were produced called ‘interference patterns’ emerging from the colliding waveforms. These are called Bowditch /

Lissajous curves. The patterns arose from frequencies (or oscillations / vibrations per second), which had simple whole number ratios to each other. The ratios themselves are of great significance, and according to John Michell, the international cosmologist, identified ‘harmonic 1152’ as Plato’s ‘moving finger of eternity’.

  The reference here to a Plato number is most appropriate as many of the Bowditch/ Lissajous curves appear as ‘polygons’ (many sided figures) directly related to the ‘five regular Solids of Plato’, including pentagons (5-sided) and hexagons (6-sided), now identifiable in the helical structure of DNA (see: John’s Crooked Soley compendium). At certain frequencies anti gravity effects are observed within particles undergoing cymatic influence.

 The collision of waveforms utilising very high frequencies produces geometric shapes in 3(4?) dimensions invisible to us!. Again, It is interesting to note the modern era of ufology began in 1947 when there was a proliferation of high power, high frequency radar deployed around the world (400-450Mhz!).

 In Bruce Cathie’s book ‘Harmonic 695’ He describes finding antenna installations, which have significant geometric relationships with his UFO grid. Many of these antennae belonged to Ham radio operators at the time, and were identified as such. Perhaps the operating frequencies allocated to the amateur radio community may serve a double purpose to those ‘in the know’ so to say. Although to be fair back in the old days any home built radio equipment required crystal oscillators tuned to specific frequencies, but also radiated (or vibrated) at multiples of the fundamental frequency. These were called ‘harmonics’ and for any given fundamental frequency a crystal oscillator would also create ‘harmonics’ that were were strongest at odd multiples of the fundamental (3rd,5th,7th). Even order harmonics (2nd,4th,6th) are about 6db down on the odd multiples. This translates to ¼ the effective power of the odd order harmonics. That is a clue in itself. This made it a bit easier to build oscillators tuned for the ham bands when they were at odd multiples of the fundamental frequency. It would be a simple case of isolating the chosen harmonic through filtering and amplifying it to workable levels. RF is a form of energy that has many uses today. Before electronics became a popular word the term for radio and electronic work was ‘applied physics’. 

The possibility of a network of terrestrial radio and satellites being set up with parallel operational capabilities in not unfeasible. They possibly could serve the purpose of dimensional experimentation utilising key frequencies to manipulate matter, space and time.

An Example of a geometric pattern in water illuminated by a laser beam produced through Cymatic’s.    

Both the previously detailed sightings occurred in 2006 very close to Harmonic 41188837. The map shown in figure 4 shows this relationship and also Arapawa Island, which will be discussed further on into the report.


Harmonic 41188837 is a line of latitude expressed in degrees only (41.188837). This converted to degrees, minutes and seconds of arc is 41deg 11’ 19.8132”. When working with Harmonic math decimal points and zeros are ignored. Certain areas of latitude and longitude have been found to have direct co-relations with gravity, mass of the atomic structure, the speed of light and all their reciprocals. As stated before, the reader is expected to have a familiar understanding of the work done by Bruce Cathie to be able to delve into this area of thought, and no comprehension will occur until this is so.

Harmonic 41188837 has a direct relationship with the reciprocal of the speed of light   

Figure 6: HARMONIC 41188837, New Zealand.

Figure 6: HARMONIC 41188837, New Zealand.

Technical Installations associated with HARMONIC 41188837 

 Often, Installations of a technical nature are prominently associated with harmonic/geometric sites. Bruce’s books give examples of these. With this particular harmonic it is interesting to note that Avalon TV and Broadcast studio sits not 100 meters away from this particular harmonic line. It can be seen for miles and looks out of place in the surrounding suburbs which are primarily residential. Avalon also sits bang in the middle of a grid square. Not far from this building is the department of nuclear and geological sciences, another hi-tech organisation. 

The possibility of ancient archaeological sites being present along HARMONIC 41188837

 Early on in my investigation, whilst studying google earth renderings of the Harmonic line, I stumbled across an area very close to the Waiarapa UFO sighting which apparently seemed to consist of geometric formations buried in the hills. After scrutinising the surrounding areas I could find no similar features. It may have been the work of an overactive imagination at the time but I include these in this document for purely interests sake should the reader decide to look into this themselves. Please take the time to look closely at the maps below. There has been word on the WWW lately of pyramids discovered in Bosnia, which at some stage were buried during the course of history. An excavation of the area has recently begun. There is also evidence emerging of many more ancient structures found scattered around the globe, although mainstream media and traditional archaeological representatives are loath to acknowledge these discoveries lest they upset the orthodox, historical ‘applecart’. I do not profess to have discovered anything here, but use this as an example of keeping our perception and awareness open to the possibility of new discoveries.

 Items A, B and C may require closer scrutiny. They appear to be circular depressions or raised areas evenly spaced apart. One is obviously a pond. They each appear to have a concentric ring around the outside. This could be the result of early European settlers or previous Maori habitation of the area. They seem man made at first glance. The copse of trees forming a perfect right-angled triangle is interesting also. Maybe a subtle hint perhaps by persons who have a full understanding of the area? The main feature appears to be a three-sided pyramid. A 90deg icosoles form’s the front face (closest to the lake). The length of the sides of the face appear to be approx 300meters long. A faint line can be seen running off the back of the feature roughly where one could expect this to be if it were indeed a three sided pyramid. Photographs of the area have yet to be taken and further investigation around the area.   

Figure 7: Waiarapa features and the proximity to harmonic 41188837
Figure 8: Lake Waiarapa and anomalous feature

Another area which has had UFO activity reported in is in the west Waikato. The sighting, which involved a tubular type craft with stubby wings on it, was seen twice in the vicinity several years apart. What seemed interesting to me was the ‘hill’ that it flew by. The first thing that struck me was its slightly symmetrical shape, it could possibly be a very ancient mound or buried structure. The pictures below detail the area and the hill can be seen in the background. I have yet to travel to the area to see this for myself. 

37deg 48’32” S / 175deg 02’ 10” E

Strange Aerial phenomenon witnessed in the vicinity

Over the past few years an unusual occurrence has been taking place in our sky’s commonly referred to as ‘chemtrails’. They are the cause of much consternation and concern in alternative media and environmental groups. Basically speaking these are the persistent contrails left by high altitude aircraft during their passage. Persistent contrails were not a common occurrence in the past and much alarm has been raised by the overwhelming appearance of these trails. Some theories are they are noxious poisons sprayed to weaken the immune system of populations, Weather modification operations and / or electro magnetic experimentation / manipulation of the atmosphere. The United States is inundated with this occurrence, and to anyone who cares to notice the extent and impact these things have are unlikely to remain ambivalent about it for long. There are many theories and speculations as to the nature of these occurrences, but in some cases, the inconsistent and strange nature of this phenomenon and associated disruption of the sky may point toward more esoteric technological reason(s). There may be many purposes to these trails, what sky watchers are fairly certain of is they are having a profound effect on our living atmosphere and it’s environs. 

 Throughout the history of ufology unusual cloud formations / trails have been a recurring theme which deserves closer scrutiny. Indeed, many people are beginning to view our sky as a living, breathing organism complete with mysterious creatures barely perceptible to our limited senses. 

When one observes the sky for a prolonged period of time completely different outlooks and patterns emerge stirring a sense of wonder. Practical observation confirms the unusual nature of what be the greatest mystery of all. What goes on in the etheric world.  Trevor James Constable, a native New Zealander wrote extensively and carried out practical scientific work into the nature of the etheric world. Infrared photographs taken by him and several others confirm that birds are not the only things which inhabit the sky. The theory that UFO’s travel here across vast distances via conventional propulsion may be well off the mark when one considers the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum and the limitations we have when perceiving this. Sylphs, cloud ships, materialisations of barely organic forms seem to be occurring more frequently and in certain areas of our planet. The whole atmosphere possibly could be undergoing a vibrational (frequency) change in its basic makeup. This could be naturally or artificially induced by the means of technology. A reaction may be happening in our sky’s causing slight dimensional rifts to appear and a proliferation of anomalous, perceivable displays to become apparent. A group of friends and myself have been avidly documenting and observing this development for some time. Below are some photographs taken from regular vantage points around the Wellington region stretching into the lower south island. This is the realm of ‘fantastic reality’. Prolonged observation enables one to utilise subtle feats of perception to pick out inconsistencies to an otherwise normal occurrence when viewed with an untrained eye. Whitish, floating Orb’s have recently been photographed (and filmed) regularly around the area, especially with persistent trails present. ’Awakekiwi’ has posted an excellent video of one above Wellington airport on ‘youtube’.

Of the many flights that overfly Wellington each day, this is the one of the few that leaves a persistent trail. It formed in one minute and ended as abruptly as it began Observation through binoculars proved difficult to even identify an aircraft at its front, although what I would term an ‘object’ could just be seen. The entire length would have been a couple of miles at the most. I have seen these incredibly short trails form in exactly the same place in the sky time after time. Sometimes they will form perpendicular to ‘regular’ persistent contrails within a very short period of time. I stress this was the only trail visible during the day over Titahi bay / Porirua. It appears to be over/ or in the vicinity of Arapawa Island. Other trails form across the city and spread out completely obscuring the sky and rendering it into nothingness. The effect is quite severe and some days you can tell when it will occur by viewing the sky during the early morning. July 26th 2006, may 14th 2007 were an example of two days of extreme activity in the etheric domain. A you tube mini doco was produced on the former day showing this unusual atmospheric activity.  

Shortly after the trail had formed (approx 1-2 minutes) the surrounding cloud took on unusual appearances and forms (see oval shape in the darker cloud below)
Some other pictures from different days around the same vicinity exhibit the same striking effects.

This sequence of photographs was taken in 2003 over the suburb of tawa looking west toward Titahi bay / Porirua they show an anomalous object leaving a persistent contrail:

The photographs below were taken by a friend over the Marlborough region in 2004 and show a similar object leaving a persistent contrail:

Below are the enlargements which definitely are not those of a conventional aircraft…

Another, more recent example comes from an area of the far north of New Zealand called Ahipara, where a UAP had been spotted a week or so previously. A strange bright persistent contrail was seen and the people who witnessed and photographed it were quite taken aback by its presence. They stated in all the years they had visited the area and lived locally, they had not seen anything resembling this particular trail.

The ‘Ahipara’ UAP sighting close-ups reported in the ‘Northern news’ Aug 29th 2007 strange contrails never observed in the area before were seen after the incident. Below is a picture of a contrail in the area one week after the incident and below that is an enlargement of the trail. The person’s who photographed it had never witnessed a contrail in the area before. They commented on its unusual reflective and ‘bright’ appearance.  

There is something uncanny about certain types of persistent contrail. If observed over long periods of time, they can take on a life and meaning of their own, perhaps indicating the presence of a greater mystery.  


Surrounding cloud formations look ‘stressed’ and agitated by some unknown force or frequency signature. 

These are often an indication that something is ‘up’ in the etheric world. Scalar or Radio frequency influenced weather engineering is a possibility. This technology is know and was in fact banned by the UN as far back as 1977. 


-Sylph is a mythological creature in the Western tradition. The term originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, his elementals of air. There is no substantial mythos associated with them

Sylphs are beings of wide-open spaces and the air. Sometimes they are depicted as cloud beings. Sylphs are responsible for the myths of "angels", the winged protectors of the Garden of Eden. Their attitudes embody the extremes of nature, mercurial and intense. Most of all, they defend the high peaks and wilderness mountains that are their home.  

 An example of ‘Sylphs’ or etheric sky elementals is shown below. These were taken by a friend of mine over the hills surrounding Wellington. There are many examples globally of these beings; even efforts of communication with and summary of this phenomenon have begun. They are generally viewed as benevolent, even angelic. These pictures are courtesy of my friend Jeremy. 

 Utilizing intuition, one can quite readily differentiate between normal cloud formations and these etheric manifestations. Once completely comprehended a person experiences a sense of beauty, wonder and awe. A strange feeling of distant loss often accompanies the sightings. They seem like allies found in times of turmoil and questionable existence, manifested by a purer form of consciousness. Often on days of heavy trail activity they flock to affected areas, clearing the sky of negative influence. Personally to me, who was once very sceptical indeed about such manifestations, I am now starting to look at the world through different eyes. Some days it appears as if a battle is raging above our very heads. Friends and myself have witnessed these manifestations clearing sections of the sky when heavy trail activity is present. Classically trained scientists and meteorologists no doubt will scoff at such assumptions viewing things with cold scientific pragmatism and institutionalised thought patterns.

 Personally, I feel it will be tragic day if we ever lose our sense of wonder and mystery to utilise the power of imagination to ‘tune in’ and describe our physical reality. Modern day science has a bad habit of ‘freezing’ the subject it is studying and breaking it down to its base, in-animate components for analysis. Hollywood blockbusters and simplistic, over emotive, dramatic TV fill the gap where our imaginations used to dwell. The broad and diverse human capacity for culture is slowly being eroded into a mindless ‘one size fits all’ manic pop culture. The beauty of living language is degenerated and narrowed to a few words describing polarised emotional states….

Assembling us and our reactions like binary machines.

 Overleaf can be seen some more examples of strange objects manifesting during periods of persistent contrail activity. Pictures from 2006 in the Wellington region.  The pictures shown are taken from one frame with zoomed in sections. It pays to scrutinize any photographs you have taken closely after observation of the sky… At first glance, nothing seemed apparent, but a sharp-eyed friend pointed out the small object(s)? just visible in the enlarged frame. 

Below is the second sequence…. Again from 2006

 The passage of anomalous aircraft traversing our skies is not that difficult a theory to accept when one considers the nature of modern CAA radar operation. Unlike active radar where all radar reflective airborne objects are detected, passive radar operates and gathers returns from aircraft only with a installed transponder operating on the receive frequency of the ground station. This transponder sends out the identification details of the aircraft. Any aircraft not fitted with a transponder will not register a return at the ground station. The following sequence of pictures reflects the visual impact of persistent contrails left along non regular flight vectors in the Wellington region.

A cross hatch pattern immediately becomes apparent. Advanced weather modification technology? Etheric Engineering operations? Bio warfare? UV Sunscreen No one knows for sure or maybe all of the above. It is happening in all the UN countries of the planet.

Low altitude persistent contrails off regular flight vectors. Perpendicular ‘grid’ type pattern. This activity was most intense in the years 2003 – 2006. They would continue throughout the day to eventually completely obscure the sky. For a video record of a heavy spray day complete with bizarre footage see the following link..

The end result: an inside out sky…. Make no mistake that cloud cover pictured you see is NOT natural.

The concentrations are most apparent in NZ around the Marlborough sounds / Nelson Bays area.


With the onset of the evening the sky was completely woven with this artificial cover. It extended out over cook straight and into Marlborough. It did not resemble anything remotely natural. A hazy, discoloured sunset was the result. While observing the sky in this state all sense of perspective is lost, a very disorientating state of affairs. As of this writing a you tube mini doco will be made covering the days happenings.



Arapawa Island situated in the Marlborough sounds at the tip of the south island, New Zealand has long been considered a place of mystery. Along with the general Marlborough area, including Blenheim which has an exceptionally high percentage of NZ’s UFO sightings. Arapawa Island lies directly on Harmonic 41188837. Betty Rowe, has lived on the island with her family since emigrating here from the US in 1972. She has written a book about life on the island (Arapwa – once upon an island). Tragically from 2000 the area has fallen victim to disease (plant and animal) directly resulting from Betty’s first sighting of persistent contrails being observed in the area. This has been documented and reported in the excellent website ‘Mysterious New Zealand’. I urge anyone who is not already familiar with it to read it.

 Arapawa (Arapaoa being the traditional name meaning path, Ara –  Paoa, mist) has long been associated with strange bobbing lights, disembodied voices and appearing and disappearing islands. The following is a recollection of a friend of the Rove’s who had witnessed first hand the mysterious disappearing Island….

“Rex, a frequent visitor to Aotea, was a bit sceptical about all these stories of bobbing lights and mysterious voices until he had his own unusual experience.

Returning from a walk, he came into the woolshed where Mitch and Walt were shearing. The usually calm, cool and collected Rex was in a state of high excitement for, while he had long ago learned, like the rest of us, that the unexpected is often the norm at Aotea, he had not been prepared for the events that had sent him scurrying home from his morning walk.

`You'll never guess what I've just seen!'

The accent was on the `never' and Rex took a physical step backward in disbelief when Mitch, without missing a stroke, answered calmly: `The disappearing island.' `How did you know?' Now the accent was on every word.

Straightening up, Mitch exchanged puzzled looks with Rex. `I don't really know why I said that. It just came into my mind.'

No stranger to Arapawa, Rex had followed a route to the tops that he had taken many times before. Reaching the summit, he was confronted by a strange and unfamiliar sight, and his first reaction was to assume he had somehow taken a wrong turn and emerged further north than he had thought.

On closer examination, he found he was indeed exactly where he had first assumed he was, but there in the water stood a body of land separated from 

Arapawa by a narrow neck of sea. The island was fairly large and bush-clad and Rex was aware of bird life among the trees.

Not one to be easily startled and frightened, Rex had surveyed his surroundings and studied the little island for some time before deciding to retrace his steps and return for another look. This he did, only to find the island was no longer where it had been ten minutes before. Rex was able to produce a clear and concise drawing of the island and its relationship to Arapawa. Unfortunately, he did not have his camera with him to capture it on film, but I wondered if it would have shown up even if he had managed to photograph it. The disappearing island has been seen by several people who report similar stories of coming upon a land mass in a place where nothing before had been seen and the accompanying feeling that they were in a strange place.”

Could it be possible that an Inter-dimensional gateway possibly exists in the vicinity? Bruce Cathie and another pilot, in 1956, both witnessed a UFO disappear in a flash of light in the area around D’urville island, but before it did so an object detached itself from it and plunged straight downward in the area of cook straight. A shockwave broke windows in the Nelson area.

Another UFO on the 26th March 1965 tracked down the west coast of New Zealand and was seen to disappear in the vicinity of D’urville Island, Cook Straight. People in Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wanganui,

Fielding, Otaki forks, Nelson coast road, Blenheim and Westport all reported sightings. This is what led Bruce to his clue for his first ‘Trackline’ he plotted which led him to discover the world Grid.


 The following research presented may be a clue with which to tie the elements of this investigation together with. Perhaps certain types of electromagnetic apparatus when placed on areas of the earth’s surface with relation to the grid, may cause effects in other areas. This could be in part due to the nature of complex electromagnetic or scalar field interaction at harmonically sensitive or significant points. Consider the following…      

 John Hutchison, an amateur scientist from Vancouver Canada, claims to have conducted experiments utilising the interaction of complex electromagnetic fields to produce physical effects on material. Levitation, distortion and disruption of matter the creation of ‘null zones’ where the normal laws of physics do not apply. He has combined dissimilar materials and jellified metal objects.

John utilises a combination of static field generating equipment (i.e. Van de Graff generators),high voltage high frequency field generating devices (Tesla coils) and an assortment of RF transmitting equipment operating on frequencies from the VLF range ~150kilohertz up to through the microwave range 2000 Megahertz.

 He basically switches it all on at once, determines where the fields intersect and then tunes the equipment through ranges of frequencies that he thinks will cause the effects detailed. One theory is that the powerful electromagnetic field interaction disrupts the electron orbits and causes the atomic properties to alter of the sample under scrutiny…. He has also caused a phenomenon likened to an electronic fog, reported in the Bermuda triangle, which possibly could be a portal to another dimension. The experiments are notoriously hard to replicate and determine.

An Excerpt from his website;

The phrase "Hutchison effect" is used except about John's levitation experiments also about these weird pieces of metal.

John tells that the deformations have taken place in room temperature as a result of a complex combination of electromagnetic fields.  

"Getting the effects is like opening an electromagnetic combination lock. I was actually so busy with adjusting the controls that I had no time to observe how the test pieces behaved in the combination of fields."  About his

levitation and cold melting H-effects John likes to think their origin connected with external dimensions. This explanation is fascinating. Now one may be manipulating with some Inter-dimensional wormholes within matter and it's basic particles. 

Afterwards, an alternative way of explaining the cold melting appears in visitor's mind. When exposing the object to a combination of electromagnetic fields with many frequencies simultaneously one actually may be trying to hit as many of the atom's orbital or nuclear resonances as possible. 

Now as the atom is busy oscillating by itself and trying to stay in one piece under the strain of excess energy, it has other things to worry about than

trying to keep tight bonds with neighbouring atoms. While experimenter turns more power and hits more of it's resonances, the outer electrons responsible

for metallic bonds start to shake themselves loose from other atoms and they start to slide past each other. The result is a soft, trembling jelly of metal.

Immediately the ‘Philadelphia experiment’ springs to mind. A USN destroyer while trailing experimental radar invisibility devices, completely disappeared from view and into the electromagnetic spectrum for a period of time. Unfortunately, it was reported the crew suffered bizarre and disturbing side effects and the project was quickly hushed up. Apparently, huge magnetic fields were generated around the vessel and then phase shifted. Possibly research into this continues under black budget operations. If you don’t think this is possible consider the Pentagon ‘lost’ track of approximately 12 TRILLION dollars a recently. This is farcical. We have a right to know what is really going on.  The Montauk allegations and project ‘phoenix’ were considered extensions to the primary experimentation carried out in this field. It just went ‘underground’. Possibly literally.

Some of the observations I have made in this basic report are based on intuitive leads but all material contained within has been sourced and based upon research which others have initially conducted. In my opinion, The possible validation of Bruce Cathie’s findings being factual are almost certain. When one takes the time for themselves to explore the principles behind his reasoning, the integrity of his research, then you will be rewarded with an insight into this marvellous universe and the humble tenacity of an individual who bothered to look a bit deeper. Every day is a beautiful mystery and we are quite removed in our day-to-day business of even beginning to impinge upon this realisation. I urge everyone reading this document to actively participate in the wonder and thrill of carrying out this particular branch of research. This introduction paper is here merely to whet the appetite.

 I feel what we have started to uncover here is but the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps there is a group operating upon the face of our planet with the know-how and capability to manipulate space – time itself. Artificial windows may be created to coincide with geometric alignments that cause a shift in reality or matter transference to another realm. Quantum physics almost states this is achievable. I can’t help thinking of the New Zealand movie ‘The Quiet Earth’ when these considerations are postulated. I pray those in the know are dedicated to furthering the goodwill of humankind and have the noblest of intentions. Again, as caretakers of this planet we have the right to know the truth of what is going on.

The Possibility of an underground complex near Waihopai base

With the advent of google earth I have spent many hours looking at harmonically related areas in the hope some unknown anomaly or structure may show itself. Whilst looking at the Waihopai echelon base (when it was constructed it was labelled as a ‘transit circle observing station’, space research). Pine gap in central Australia was also designated as a ‘space research facility when it was first commissioned. I noticed a feature on the ground behind the station, which was worthy of closer scrutiny. These seemed to comprise of three circles, two with a diameter of very close to 1 nautical mile across. On a river that is not supposed to be used for irrigation purposes lies a ‘flue’ or inlet where it looks like water can be re directed into an area close to these circular impressions. There possibly could be a large underground complex of a technical/scientific nature located there. When looking at the circles the first thing that sprang into my mind was a particle accelerator. These devices can be utilised to generate vast amounts of energy. The type of energy that could be used in conducting large scale space/time experiments. I am quietly hoping this is completely wrong and just the product of an overactive imagination…  

It is noteworthy to be aware that this complex is located directly over a grid intersection point with relation to Bruce Cathie’s research. Also, in 2005, a rural mother and her daughter had an astounding UFO experience in the area early one morning. This is documented on the UFOCUS NZ website and should be of interest to all serious researchers. I re-iterate again the Bernheim/Marlborough area has long been a hotbed of UFO activity. As long ago as 1909 ‘airships’ and cylindrical craft have been observed. Later on in the century, the world famous ‘Kaikoura’ sightings occurred in the vicinity. Those sightings, in 1978, were the first officially filmed UFO/UAP footage by a network camera crew in the world. There were numerous credible witnesses and a satisfactory explanation is not forthcoming to this day. The US govt has also had a strong presence in the area with hi-tech bases. In the late 60’s an area of Woodbourne air force base was cordoned off and a considerable amount of high tech radio equipment was brought in by the US air force and installed there. It was considered ‘off limits’ to NZ personnel and little knowledge of the unit’s true purpose ever reached the public. It was dismantled a few years later but Waihopai was established in the 80’s. Could these bases be serving a double purpose? For those that care to investigate further, Bruce Cathie has found irrefutable evidence of the harmonic/geometric linking of such bases.



 The ‘Gist’ of this report details the possibility of utilising the electromagnetic spectrum to precipitate a change in the structure of matter, space and time. Of course, there may be many natural spots on the face of our planet where the geometrics of space/time can be unstable given the right conditions. The ‘Ley lines’ of old are exactly what this grid business is all about. The ancient art of geomancy is basically where this springs from.

 There may be secret research, utilising technology, being conducted which can control or enhance these effects. Indeed, being able to produce them at will would be a major goal of those involved in such endeavours. During my research into this particular area I have been focusing on radio transmission sites and their associated wavefront collision areas at harmonically significant distances from the transmission site. In the Cook straight area it has become apparent that several major RF transmitters sited in the north and south islands have wavefronts that collide over roughly the same area. These distances from the transmitters are based on Bruce’s Harmonic grid. Intersecting or colliding wavefronts above these sensitive areas may form extremely complex standing waves. This in turn, if the frequencies involved are harmonically ‘tuned’ could possibly produce 4 dimensional ‘cymatic’ patterns. Opening doorways into the world of the micro (or macro) cosm. Some of the transmitting stations could have been placed on the ground in established broadcast/utility roles. To activate the cymatic field all that need happen would be one isolated transmitter operating on the correct frequency to be ‘keyed’ when the desired effect is required and the pattern forms. Of course, this transmitter would have to be located in a geometrically positioned area. To unlock the science behind the waveforms would take a tremendous amount of analysis. Fourier transforms and Lissajous analysis would have to be conducted on all the frequencies involved. Highly sophisticated test and monitoring plus processing equipment would be required to even begin to paint a picture of these complex field interactions. Modulation schemes, power factors, field strengths would all have to be looked at. Even the position of other solar bodies may have something to do with this all. This paper has but been very limited look at the phenomonen involved. I intend to continue my research and investigations into this field, and will post my observations and findings as they come to hand. I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavours and would like to thank my main inspiration behind this research.. Mr Bruce Cathie.

Kind regards,

Secondfield 2007 






The following is a secondary report detailing new findings and associations following a cursory investigation into a geographic point of interest (Latitude / Longitude) first identified by

Harmonic World Grid pioneer Bruce Leonard Cathie. Bruce (1930 –

2013, Flight Captain in the New Zealand Airways) left clues in the epilogue of his last published book 'The Harmonic Conquest of

Space' which indicated a particular line of latitude which had key ties to a unified field equation set which, by Bruce's own account, was verified as correct from various scientific sources connected with the Government of the time (off the record).

As with the previous report, the reader is expected to have a reasonable degree of familiarity with the many years of dedicated work and research published by Bruce Cathie. Much of the commentary stated within this paper will not be clear unless there is a basic  knowledge of Cathie's Grid mathematics.

Harmonic 41188837 relates to Latitude 41.188837 deg (South and

North). Within a unified equation set (Cathie) this figure represents 'bridging point' - a matter plus antimatter earth field harmonic which is intimately tied to the earth’s magnetic field, gravity acceleration and the speed of light at that point. This a sensitive area where a very specific harmonic resonance is set up. The relationships are demonstrated in 'The Harmonic Conquest of Space' Pub 1998.

Bruce's eloquent and precise interpretation of the universe, entails the precipitation of matter from pure light in accordance with precise mathematical progressions set amongst the relative motions of the universe, and its associated forces, around us. The material realm as we know it is woven into being as we spiral our way into into existence – guided by the external, suns, planets and radiating galactic resonances.

For a small clue as to how this can be interpreted the reader is encouraged to look at the motions of the planet Venus in relation to our own. Its Orbits around Earth over time seem stamped into our physical reality when one sees the unfolding of a physical flower in this realm. Like the age-old adage; As above so below

These concepts were clearly understood, documented and encoded in sacred works and scientifically applied - by the ancients. Modern science has deliberately obscured some fundamental facts that are now beginning to emerge again, the light of truth and clear perception emerging once more. The planets of our solar system, and the universe at large, far from being distant and detached are now beginning to be again described in purely energetic terms. With the recent unfolding of the Electric universe models a more evolved, delicate, beautiful and powerful cosmos appears to surround us.

If you take each of the Platonic Solids and encase each perfectly within a sphere, and then nest them all inside of each other, they produce six layers that correspond to the relative planetary orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Here are drawings representing the path of planets coupled together over several year periods, illustrating their geometric dance relationship in patterns that look very similar to those made in Cymatics.

What sparked Bruce’s subsequent discovery, investigation and pursuit into understanding this Grid was the witnessing, as a professional pilot, of several Unidentified objects. As a trained observer and concerned professional, Bruce sought to understand and make sense of the phenomenon he was witnessing. I'm sure he never would have even begun to fathom how far this research would lead him. As fate would have it, the rest of us were blessed with the ability to learn and study from Bruce's pioneering work and spirit.

As a rational and intelligent man, with engineering leanings,

Bruce did the the only thing he could to rationalise what he was seeing. He tracked them. Taking precise measurements between their sightings garnered by reports gathered across the country. He began seeing a pattern form and compared his findings with those of other researches (Aime Michel, one French researcher of note). He then set about finding mathematical connections between and within the appearance and travel routes the craft took.

I had the good fortune to meet with Bruce on several occasions, at that time well into his seventies, and found him to be one of the most Lucid and clear individuals I had ever met. I was struck by his graciousness, candour and warm demeanour.

In a typically cryptic fashion he indicated there was something significant to be revealed on or around Latitude 41.188837 degrees. Although by far the majority of his later research deals with harmonic connections on global scale, this conclusion to his writings could be interpreted as a new beginning. There was only thing left to do – go and take a look.

During my investigations and after studying his books for some time I felt that there was clandestine work underway, and had been ongoing for some time, at this line of latitude. What Bruce alluded to in his epilogue (shown in the 2007 report) may show a connection to an artificial Ley Grid being constructed. The word displaced always bothered me - and likening the construction of this 'artificial' grid to the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar may be in order. Disconnecting us from our natural rhythms and cycles - but the purpose of this displaced energy Grid may be going way further - to alter time / space and reality as we know it, and to support the introduction of an artificial 5 sense reality imposed over our native one, beginning with atmospheric modification as the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  

One of BC's major discoveries is that to achieve detonation of atomic weapons certain harmonic resonances have to be set up, which includes the positions of relative bodies such as the sun itself, to create a gravitational effect that would cause the atom to fly apart – releasing vast amounts of energy in the process. It seems that there are many combinations and permutations able to be accessed and set up to cause this to happen and his initial observations, including accurately predicting French atomic test detonations during the 80's all served to back up his findings.

Numerical measurement systems (degrees, minutes of arc) were also not deemed to 'arbitrary' or plucked from nowhere, but rather the associations between numbers and the world we see around us is closely related. Very closely. Units of measurement and our core mathematical functions such as Pi, The Golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence all beautifully describe the formation of our physical universe around us. 

Bruce's primary discoveries pointed to a 'steady state' theory of the universe, where (which many scientists adhere to) matter is continuously being created and destroyed, maintaining a constant supply of material in the physical universe. Bruce discovered matter is manifested or precipitated into being via resonant harmonic interactions from several light (electromagnetic included) fields. Recent discoveries isolating so called

'antimatter' (matter from another universe so to speak) point to this as carrying validity. As light waves streamed from a source they were slowed down and rotated by magnetic lines of force and from this energy released and matter precipitated creating our 'density'.

Recent mainstream scientific discoveries appear to support his initial theories:


Any artificial or technological interference of this at a nano or even quantum scale may be construed as an attempt to 'hijack' our base reality, with the possibility of entraining malevolent forces to guide the direction of this.

Bruce Cathie could be considered one of the modern founding

‘fathers’ of the earth’s natural grid or ley energy system. Modern in the sense that he began a re-discovery of an ancient and enduring science, one which stretches back into antiquity and was practised back in the times of the great temple architects – those that worked with the energies and structures which make up complexes such as Stonehenge, the great pyramids, Angkor Wat and other such monuments scattered around the globe.

Bruce's research took him right to the core of the structure of matter and the physical universe. Layers of resonating and interlocked frequencies, bound together by magnetic lines of force, 'captured' pure photonic light and caused it to release energy which was bound by the minute spiralling magnetic energies.

From this state, the matter we see was precipitated and amalgamated into the elements, which coalesced into matter. The continuation of this process animated life.

 A modern conclusion which has been reached about these sites is that far from just being places of worship and veneration or burial chambers etc – was that they served a definite TECHNICAL purpose, much like the components on a computer circuit board - employing principles of physics which certainly can be considered non Newtonian and Einsteinian, and linking us to the greater cosmos. This is today being clearly discovered today by academics and researches such as Michael Tellinger and many others.

It is crucial to note that further discoveries Cathie made about this grid bought him to suggest that a second artificial grid, similar to the earth’s own ‘natural’ electromagnetic grid but displaced from our own, was being constructed by an unknown faction, possibly not working in the best interests of humanity or our Mother earth.

As digital technology sweeps the planet, moving away from the system which ourselves and the natural world is based on – An Analogue, Organic firmament - they way we see and interact with our natural world appears to be under threat.

Various researches are of the opinion that digital waveforms and their associated information and broadcast systems may be a direct threat to our sense based world, one one that some researches consider to be a 'trojan horse' technology. One which leaves our realm open to intrusion from a foreign energetic conciousness.

Civilisations of the past have mysteriously vanished. Very recently, Angkor Wat, an ancient city located in Cambodia was found to be part of a massive ancient civilisation whose cities extended far from the centre. The notion that an invasion of

Thailand, which prompted the evacuation of these high centres of ancient knowledge has now all but been discounted. Like the Toltec and Mayan empires, the builders of these monuments have just deserted these locations or simply vanished.  

Perhaps this ‘artificial’ grid was being constructed and tuned, like a radio set would be, to achieve certain resonances which would directly influence the way we interface with our reality and ‘natural’ world.

This artificial Grid would be displaced from the earth’s natural,

Analogue grid, and look to control and interface with consensus reality as we understand it – influencing time and eventually invading our senses to perpetrate a takeover of our conciousness, via physical 'misrepresentation' of the 'formerly' natural world.

Understanding that recently very significant and exponential scientific advances have been made in the world of both Genetics and Quantum/ AI computing – our own technology might be overtaking us to the point of no return.

What I am attempting to demonstrate here are the findings from direct field investigation and observation over extended periods of time in specific locations of incidents, similar research and corroborative evidence that such a secondary ‘grid’ may be under construction. One which is slightly displaced from our 'native' one – that of the planet earth’s – our home.

As the information age drives forth and the internet connects humanity at a never before seen level of intimacy, sharing and caring makes even more sense. As perception is everything, I have also attempted to draw parallels with the findings of other researches globally.

Continuing from the previous work titled ‘Investigation into harmonic 41188837’ much more has come to light since the initial findings back in 2007. This paper will explore the following topics:

–       The history and examination of technical installations and locations with a possible 'dual purpose' – that is primarily an overt orthodox and legitimate purpose which covers a secondary, more esoteric application of the site.

–       A continuation of the accumulation of direct evidence of anomalous activity in these areas,including, unidentified flying object sightings, time and space dilation and localised,unknown, frequency emissions.

–       The curious and unsettling observation of Constant and persistent aircraft trail activity in very specific and localised areas.

–       The application of advanced digital transmission practices combined with active nano technology to transform the planet to the point where consensus reality may be assimilated.

–       Observed wide scale experimentation with advanced technology.

–       Dimensional interlacing from a parallel realm? Prater Intelligences interfacing with our reality.

–       The Dual purpose of wind generation farms.

–       The construction of computers in the Sky and the digitisation      of the weather.

–       Quantum and planetary communication modes

The significance of Latitude 42 degrees

Sunlight refracts off a water-drop at 42 deg to produce the visible colour spectrum. A water drop generally is spherical in shape. The light entering at this specific angle is 'transduced' or its energetic state is changed and a 'rainbow' is produced.

Many of you are probably familiar with the picture on the cover of

Pink Floyds ' Dark side of the Moon ' which depicts the classic Light / Prism (Pyramid – meaning'fire in the middle') / Rainbow association.

Well, when you think about that and observe closely at what happens – you can see the transformation of light into its relative spectra. A similar thing may occur with matter.

Interestingly 42 is the number with which god creates the universe

– in the Kabbalistic tradition, a mystical science which has its roots in antiquity. Girona, Spain – Home of the Kabbalistic tradition lies at Latitude 42 degrees North. Many fathers of modern Physics, such as Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer (architect of the atomic bomb) had an intimate and working understanding of Kabalistic sciences which described the sub - atomic and macro universes (now called quantum). The implications of these early studies were later applied and used to devastating effect.

The connection with our research of latitude 42deg here is that

41.18837 deg is not far 'displaced' from this seemingly significant latitude – and that there seems to be a fair bit of effort going into energising or 'charging' this new area electrically for whatever reasons. The Discovery

During the later part of 2007 our group of researches continued to scour the rugged and windswept countryside around Southern

Latitude 41188837, on the South West coast of Wellington, for clues which would give us direct evidence of hidden technology sites. During one particular afternoon / evening sojourn to investigate and observe a remote radio transmission site, we stumbled across something which none of us has been able to explain to this day. The site in question is located atop 'Quartz hill', Terawhiti station, and at the time was managed by the

Wellington VHF group (Amateur radio operators – they also manage the Belmont repeater site mentioned in part one of this investigation). We found parts of the area to be 'alive' with audible resonant activity emanating from wooden guy poles, those used to support a low frequency 'Rhombic' RF antenna system for amateur radio use. The audible resonance could not have been an artefact of any wind activity blowing through the extensive array of antenna elements and guy wires, as the night was perfectly still. At a later date a couple of us made the long journey back to the site and captured an audio recording of this phenomenon

(you can hear sheep bleating in the background as they were grazing in the same area). The audio doesn't really come clear until around the .46 mark as we were hastily finding a a position to hold the small voice recorder up against the pole from which the sound was emanating. Here is a link to the audio recording from that evening:

The full version:

There is no doubt in my mind that the sound we recorded did not have a natural origin. Once the audio was run through a spectrum analyser it's combined frequency peaks became obvious and were clearly defined. What emerged from the analysis was very interesting and proved beyond doubt that the 'signal' was artificially and precisely generated. It consisted of 24 sub tones, and was something I could readily recreate an approximation of using multi channel audio tone generation software.

The signal seemed to 'pulse' and reached a crescendo during which time more tones were activated for a period of time. Being familiar with traditional modem signalling and data tones I could not prescribe to be unlike any sort of analogue or digital information transfer sequence I had ever heard. A much more detailed study is being carried out on the audio one which can determine if it is being used as any sort of information carrier or similar (which conventional communications engineers are familiar with).

It should be noted that this was all audible to the human ear, being in the Low Frequency 'audible' range. No radio frequency measurements were taken at the site that day.

A signal level (dB) Vs Frequency Graph it can clearly be seen that there are approx 4 groups of high signal levels bundled between

200Hz and 1KHz, all within the range of human hearing. A further, detailed and extensive study of the recorded sound is necessary.

Below is a frequency Vs time graph is presented which shows multiple sets of sub tones present. These fluctuate in amplitude and sometimes come off and on as if encoded with a type of signaling.

I encourage anybody who has heard anything similar to this to contact me at second.field@gmail.com thanks.

The Quartz hill / Terawhiti station site had a long and prestigious association with radio communications. The nature of the area lent itself very well to enhanced reception of radio signals, not in part to it being located in a removed and elevated geographic location away from potential radio noise sources. Possibly the existence of large amounts of underground quartz, which in previous times had been mined for small quantities of gold, had something to do with creating favourable conditions to work with electromagnetic energy.

Aside from the quartz Hill radio location there are also several other interesting areas not far separated which possibly indicate other areas for clandestine activity. Lets look at these one by one:

Please note the relevance of all these areas is that they are very near to or directly on Harmonic 4118837 – the major 'Ley' line – with a direct mathematical connection to the fundamental 'speed of light' reciprocal which is under investigation here.

Makara radio station / Quartz hill





The previous quotation (penned by Rudyard Kipling) was inscribed on a plaque which sat below the winged footed figure of Mercury, sitting atop a globe and placed in the foyer of Makara 'Radio receiving' station 28 June 1945. It seems very apt and leaves a tantalising clue as to the actual purpose and possible nature of the installation.

Now the site of a massive wind farm (which will be later discussed), the Makara area was once home to a complex and advanced radio receiving station – the location being chosen for its low noise floor, proving to be an ideal place for the reception of radio signals. Quartz hill (strangely enough a large mountain of quartz crystal which briefly once saw gold mine tunnelling in the area) is where this receiving station was located. The station was established shortly after the WWII and comprised of a plethora of advanced radio receiving equipment designed for the reception of telegraph and telephone traffic globally. Early forms of picture transmission for the press were also received there. A description of the equipment is given below in a newspaper article sourced from the National Library of New Zealand.

Makara Radio Station 1945. Possible site for advanced electromagnetic research.

Avalon Studios Broadcast Centre and the dept of Geological and Nuclear Sciences – Avalon, Lower Hutt.

From the outset, the commissioning and building of the Avalon TV studios was riddled with trouble - mostly due to its bizarre

'robot' like design, baffling architecture and isolated location. The entire building was quite unsuited to its intended purpose and resembled an array of space age looking buildings with a large 'monolith' which is built more like a resonant cavity than a functional studio. Despite 25 cm thick concrete walls and low ceilings the studio was plagued with sound bleed through issues.

'Studios were stacked on top of each other in the tower, despite there being acres of land to build on, creating sound pollution problems'

There were also unused parts of the building which reportedly had ceilings so low no one could comfortably work in them.

When looking at it from a geometric / Harmonic perspective, it may have been ideally situated to work with inter dimensional energies associated with a very close ley line (Harmonic 4118837 – the line of latitude which it placed very closely to). The entire building and its transmission systems could possibly be employed as a 'transducer' to set up harmonic resonances to tap into and manipulate the natural energetic structure of the planet

At the very least part of the facility may serve as a control, operations or monitoring centre for some very advanced experimentation that may be taking place in the vicinity. This sort of information would have been privy to very few people.

Looking back at opinions on it's location and architecture support the feelings of puzzled staff who were now required to commute a considerable distance from their previous, perfectly suited studio in the nations capital – Wellington city. To quote the evening post editor Don Churchill in an article penned in 1975:

"Avalon, of course, is a disaster. Everyone, it seems, wants to tell you that. It's too big, half used, incomplete. It's everything that broadcasting shouldn't be."

This Beg's the question, what was the other half used for? A story can be found here:


Avalon studios was built in a remote and puzzling location. Many miles away from the previous hub of broadcasting and quite isolated from local news sources and people who regularly were subjects of media.

It is interesting to note that several people have reported space dilation experiences while walking in the vicinity of the studios – not far from the Hutt River. Distances seem exaggerated to the eye and a strange 'muffled' sensation is felt at times while walking in the area, akin to walking in a tunnel.

Avalon Studio 1980

The name 'Avalon' is derived from ancient Celtic history and is to be said that it is a land which lies beyond the 'veil' and one that remains hidden. It is also said that is where King Arthur's sword was forged and according to history may have actually been located in the Antipodes (quoted from Wikipedia).

To finish off our peek into Avalon studios here is quote from the NZ architecture.org page as a lament to this mysterious building:

'The building was no doubt designed by the Ministry of Works under the watch of government architect Frank Irvine Anderson – but

hopefully someone in the ether knows a little more about the background of this wonderful gem of a building'

….... Someone or something in the 'Ether' Indeed ….

Hawkins Hill CAA Radar site and vicinity

Bordering the Makara wind farm on the east lies a ridgeline which stretches from Brooklyn, Wellington to Hawkins hill, a feature to the south, where the CAA Aviation radar is located. This is a public access road, generally only open to foot and bicycle traffic, as the gate is frequently locked to public vehicle access.

What is intriguing about Hawkin’s hill is that an unusual building is located there known as the 'Peach Castle'. There is no known history to this very secure structure and it is listed as a 'private residence'. It is ideally situated to observe the entire south and west coast of Wellington overlooking the makara wind farm, new site of the former quartz hill radio station in the process. Located right next to the castle is what appears to be a military style bunker built into the side of a hill which sports several antenna systems from the hill into which it is embedded.

Considering the isolated and inhospitable location, heavy security and military style bunkers complete with communications systems, it seems clear that there is the possibility of this being a covert location for clandestine activity. I would even go as far to say is that it would be viewed favourably as a strategic location, capable of harbouring an underground base somewhere in the vicinity.

Some blog commentary and observations on the area:

'The Airways Corporation Radar Station dome was built in 1990 holds both primary and secondary radars, and is part of a network of radar stations.

Hawkins Hill is also home of a weird building known as ‘the peach castle’. It is a private residence, but I think was once intended as a conference venue. I actually think it would be a great conference retreat venue. I looked the GV up online and it is only $1.05 million for the castle and 4,000 sq metres of land.

I think the owners must have got sick of people treating it as a tourist spot as it is surrounded by a barbed wire fence, cameras,

and some very big and scary guard dogs. It’s just another weird

Karori sight.'

The Peach Castle, Hawkins Hill, Wellington South Coast

Back in 2006/7 when we were actively survielling the area around the Peach Castle we were confronted on a couple of occasions by the unfriendly owner or caretaker of the Castle, who did have two dogs patrolling the grounds. Ironically over the last year (2016) the building has become a luxury hotel for dogs … 'Woofingtons' The Puzzle of Persistent aircraft trails

During July, 2006 a sequence of video edits were produced which presented some of this activity, and some unusual observations – such as symmetrical and square / rectangular cloud formations in the area - SW coast of Wellington – and it seems that the continuing activity over a period of more than 10 years is still ongoing.

The question remains  what is this and how this is affecting ourselves and our environment??

Video Link:

The above video is of crucial importance to our investigation as it shows the activities over one day of intense skybound activity – it shows also the Peach Castle, aforementioned, which is positioned directly below the crux of the phenomenon unfolding. There is much shown in this video for those with eyes to see...

Circa 2006, there has appears to have been a concerted effort made to permanently blanket the atmosphere above and beyond Latitude 42 degrees south with what is commonly termed 'Chemtrails'. This operation has been ongoing and is very noticeable, especially for the residents of New Zealand's Nelson / Marlborough districts. It has been extensively documented and begs the question 'WHY' so much activity in this particular spot?. This occurrence was documented in part one of this investigation, it seems that this area is of some significance. So much so that the NSA have had a long presence in the area with primarily the establishment of a VLF type radio base adjacent Woodbourne air-force base in the 60's followed by a more permanent installation deep in the Waihopai Valley – well known for its many documented UFO sightings and strange encounters. And when looking at the significance of the latitude 42 and the local history of 'disappearing' Islands as observed from Arawpawa there may be an attempt at 'blocking' or capitalising on the energies present at specific locations. This is an area of research that needs much more focus – the amount of attention by the 'shadow' forces here indicate that something very significant is afoot.

The Marlborough sounds and surrounding areas have seen very heavy

UFO activity over the years including a very significant event where a TV camera crew, deliberately attempting to capture frequent UFO activity aboard a Argosy cargo plane, famously captured footage in 1977 which was subsequently broadcast globally and became international news. Their story was published in a book titled 'Let's Hope Their Friendly' by Quentin Fogarty.

Chemtrails and Nano Technology

Recent technical research presented by Scientist Harald Kautz

Vella (see Miles Johnston’s 'Bases' series of videos on You tube) have indicated that Chemtrail particulates are nano technology  introduced into aviation fuel as an additive. The manufacture of

JP8 jet fuel and its constituents is tightly controlled and a reasonably obscured industry. It is also this authors opinion that the phenomenon known as ‘Chemtrails’ are not delivered by traditional ‘aerosol’ deployment mechanisms (ie electro-mechanical pump and spray systems) but rather are a JP8 fuel additive that

precipitates into matter when certain atmospheric and electromagnetic conditions are present in the atmosphere where the aircraft is passing. This methodology can explain how such an undertaking can bypass the awareness of the aviation industry at large. The massive logistical problems that would beleaguer an independent ‘aerosol’ deployment method, employing both civil and commercial aircraft across all carriers globally would not go unnoticed by maintenance and ground crews.

Now that we have established a plausible method by which the

'Chemtrails' could be deployed we now must look at one or two of the many purposes that may be behind them.

Geo engineering is a prime consideration and we also must be vigilant in exploring other applications other than simply stating they are here ‘to modify and exact an element of control over the weather'. While this may be a prime consideration, and completely plausible there are many considerations to take in. Advances in the Genetic understanding of the function of living organisms leaves the door wide open for a non organic 'guiding' influence to be introduced into the biosphere and living organisms. Our own RNA and DNA, along with that of the planets lifeforms could also present an area of vulnerability to be exploited by external, and non or inorganic, influences.

Evidence has recently come to light which posits that the

Chemtrail phenomenon is a deliberate attempt to create a digitally driven artificial reality matrix, which includes active DNA modification of all living and organic beings inhabiting this realm. The heavily modified sky and unusual cloud configurations which can be observed during heavy persistent activity appears completely artificial in nature and may consist of nano technology which is stimulated and activated via electromagnetic radiation to create massive computers in the sky. Torsion Tensor Physics is an active science which is tied intimately with research and experimentation into the creation and remote manipulation of 'smart' matter. Those who wish to learn more can research the WWW for plenty of information on this.

We may be starting to see evidence of these experiments and manipulation of matter in the atmosphere above us. These experiments may follow a pattern in time to produce a ripple effect which when coupled to global operations such as

CERN,networked quantum computers and artificial intelligence platforms could be having a very tangible effect on our perceptions and the Gaia conciousness.

The following images (including the recent video) present similar occurrences 10 years apart, and by all accounts - are still ongoing and possibly intensifying. Many more of us are starting to

notice the unusual sky activity within our own natural environment.

Wellington, and stretching out to the Tasman Sea, across Cook straight and into the Marlborough Nelson bays area. Sitting right across Harmonic Ley 41188837 and stretching South.

The beginning of the 'stacked' Lenticular cloud formation. You can see the pancake shaped layers beginning and form.
As persistent aircraft trails appear, the surrounding natural sky becomes 'stressed'. Possible Geometric modulation techniques by employing low frequency longitudinal, standing waves may seen around the edges of the cloud. Directed Electromagnetic / Etheric technologies may be artificially building up specific harmonic resonances within the combined waveforms until a critical geometric lock is achieved. This in turn interacts with the Nano technology dispersed within the 'chem' which activates it.

 The result causes the natural, surrounding sky to appear 'stressed'.

Persistent Contrails continue to build up across a localized area. Trail activity continues to be very apparent across the artificial clouds span.
A view taken from Otaki a different location facing South towards Wellington. Note build-up of what commonly is termed a Lenticular' cloud, typically stacked, this appeared to being 'fed' by the trail activity around, through and across it.
A picture taken from Tawa, during sunrise a different location facing South - West towards Cook straight and the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

While the readers primary attention is drawn to the striking sunrise display on the underside of this 'cloud' it may be prudent to focus on the the close layers immediately above the reflected sun. This cloud was previously built up and manipulated by the appearance of persistent aircraft or 'Chemtrails'. Note it's unusual edge distortion and different texture.

Video Link:

The video is of crucial importance to our investigation as it shows the activities over one day of intense skybound activity – it shows also the Peach Castle, aforementioned, which is positioned directly below the crux of the phenomenon unfolding.

The Video was shot in 2006 and the photographs shown in this section were taken in 2016! this has been going on for some time now.

Looking back at the video footage - the readers attention should be drawn to the still infra red images in the video, photographed on a 35mm camera using Kodak IR film (HIE – no longer available to the public, it has been discontinued since 2007).

Please bear these in mind as further through this research paper an interesting parallel is drawn with research conducted in the

USA. Please see the section titled 'The Montauk Connection'

The Symmetrical cloud issue – Satellite perspective

Photographs all taken in New Zealand 2016

Very recently (2016), some satellite images have surfaced on a weather modification watch facebook page which illustrate perfectly the anomaly of square edged or symmetrical could formations above the greater Wellington region. These were first observed and filmed around 2006 / 7 when this investigation started. The images posted below show that this anomalous activity is continuing, and quite a few people are starting to take note of it. It appears almost as if large amounts of energy are being directed into the area and being 'shored up' or contained in a field structure.

Please note that there is a massive wind generation farm directly underneath the apex of the formation – along with a High Voltage DC connection which has ground return rods capable of carrying up to 3000 ampere of return current – one ground rod (earth return) is positioned directly on Harmonic 4118837 on Makara beach. The other ground rod is approx 288 Nautical Miles to the south near Methven / Bog Roy in Otago, connecting to Lake Benmore Electricity

Generation plant (Hydro). The figure 288 will be of extreme interest to researchers of Bruce Cathies. Bruce demonstrated that the pure Harmonic of the speed of light is 144 (matter and energy

are released which coalesce as light slows down – this precipitates into our world around us).72 is Half of this –

Interestingly, when the Makara wind farm was commissioned it was tagged as generating 72 MW (million Watts) of Electricity. Looking at the figure 288 this represents double the speed light or 2C - It is the harmonic figure which incorporates the complete matter / antimatter cycle. The Pulse Of The Universe.

The Etheric connection

Trevor James Constable,another Native New Zealander, was a pioneer in the art of employing infra red photography techniques aimed at the sky to image the invisible – things which are slightly out of the range of our visible sight (lower Infra Red field range – Ultraviolet is the higher field range,just above the visible).

Trevor's photographic work into the unseen and the world of UFOs led him to discover what seemed like 'creatures of the sky' likened to plasmatic lifeforms, circulating around in the atmosphere. He even designed and applied techniques to attract these entities from where he could capture them on IR film.

His discoveries were published in two books titled 'They live in the sky' and 'The Cosmic Pulse of Life'.

During various periods of this life TJC was led to investigate the work of Wilhelm Reich, colleague of Sigmund Freud, and the modern discover of Orgone Energy. Orgone, Prana, Chi, Mana, Ether or the life force is the fine structure of the universe, comprising of the flower of life – it is the cement and glue which form the

'base matrix' or fine construct which scaffolds this reality – it has the attributes of a living, flowing organism from which life blooms.

Trevor’s attention turned toward research on the Ether, and like

Reich (a man of great academic standing who tragically died in a

US Federal Prison in 1952 – silenced by the establishment,BEGAN TO

UNDERSTAND THE FINE STRUCTURE AND MANIPULATE IT via various techniques, including a tuned, resonant device, know commonly as a Cloud-Buster. The sky began to take on a new life when viewed through the eyes of understanding men exploring and rediscovering an ancient science. Trevor Constables books 'The Cosmic Pulse Of Life' and the Borderlands publication 'Loom Of The Future' both into great detail about his empirical research which produced very tangible results and validated Reich's own discoveries.

Physicist Nassim Haramein is a breakthrough scientist who is very well regarded and presents a very lucid academic case for the existence of the fine structure or Ether. Along with many proponents of Nikola Tesla's discoveries and practical applications of Non Hertizan Physics based on Maxwell’s Original field equations (which were later heavily edited by Oliver Heaviside to remove multiple field iterations contained in

Maxwell's Quaternion equations) containing potentials which can be identified with Etheric structure (neither electromagnetic or biological but showing traits of both, often called 'Scalar' potentials).

During Constables Infra red photography work, he happened to notice what seemed to be 'critters' – similar to jellyfish or biological cellular lifeforms, turning up on his celluloid. Similar things are frequently seen through night vision equipment by avid skywatches and Ufologist research.

During heavy episodes of chem or persistent contrail activity there are frequently seen 'Orbs' or unusual craft moving rapidly through photo frames. This has been very well documented by the skywatching community, and points to more than just weather manipulation operations underway.

PART II ENERGIZING THE GRID Makara Wind Generation plant and the dual purpose

HARRP construction engineer Billy Hays, was intimately and directly involved in the construction of the first known HAARP site, located in Gakona Alaska. HAARP is in essence an extremely high powered radio transmission station purposely built to directly interface with and experiment upon the ‘electojet’. This is an area of charged particles which comprise part of the upper atmosphere. A cyclotronic resonance of billions of watts (EIRP) is set up creating a huge RF (Radio Frequency) tornado. This is mainstream science. Billy's engineering qualifications led him to directly understand potential applications of the HARRP.

Looking at the 61 giant wind generators dotting the landscape around Harmonic 41188837 some interesting effects may be produced by these. As well as providing generation platforms employing turbines the rotation of the vanes are improvised to provide a 'pulsing' static discharge into the atmosphere when each blade reaches its apex, charging the air above them. The massive fibreglass blades act as would a comb being rubbed on clothing would and build up a static charge as they move through the air. The discharge phase creates a lightning effect which is extremely rapid and cannot be seen with the human eye, as it occurs much, much more rapidly than our 30 frames a second visual cortex can process. This is much the same process with which 'sprites' plasma discharges observed in the upper atmosphere may be artificially triggered (natural VLF radio emissions are often associated with the sprites).

Billy details that a positive charge is then stored in the air which energizes the Barium and Aluminum (which is the lightest conductive metal known to man) along with activating, possibly Nano components, in the artificial cloud left by the residue of activated JP8 Jet fuel. See Bibliography for a Link to the talk.

As visible Light can be employed to transmit both energy and information it possibly is of no coincidence that strange light formations and emissions have often been reported with Chemtrail activity. The video presented earlier shows evidence of the black line phenomenon, the low resolution of the clip does it no justice.

This has been reported worldwide and much investigation has cleared this phenomenon as being purely 'shadows'  

VLF signals can also be induced into and re-transmitted from the power distribution grid. Interference from common farm machinery such as pumps, alternators and motors can often do this unintentionally

The MONTAUK Connection and the uncloaking

The infamous 'Montauk Project' which stemmed from earlier research aligned with the commonly known Philadelphia experiment during the second world war, has now become legend in esoteric and high technology research circles. The entire complexity of the goings on surrounding the Montauk project is far too much to go into here – it is suggested that the reader do some intensive research into this project - in my opinion the most thorough and well researched accounts, are those presented in the Montauk series of books authored by Peter Moon, Sky books (Please see bibliography).

Where I an drawing a parallel here is to illustrate that HARMONIC 41188837 (Of the Northern Hemisphere Latitude) is also very, very close to Montauks camp hero base.  

This is a very significant area long exploited by occultists and those seeking to manipulate the subtle and not so subtle energies.

Time / space experiments, along with the interfacing of human conciousness with machine / high technology were alleged to have been conducted in this locality. It is situated near Brookhaven laboratories where very advanced research into electromagnetics is conducted. Possibly the right Etheric conditions prevail here to allow the penetration of space and time to more effectively occur.

The binding of entities via electromagnetics

The Genies bottle

This is where this story gets very, very weird.

Douglas Dietrich, Former Presidio Army base chronicler and librarian, is a very compelling individual who gives very clear testimony and offers some very convincing logic for the case of alternative history – focusing on the occult impulse which has essentially driven all historical events at a deeper level. His tenure at Presidio Military base, near San Francisco during the 80's, under the command of on Lt Col Michael Aquino, a very controversial individual, was filled with the sort of intrigue and bizarreness that would defy any sort of common sensibility.

Aquino, a commissioned officer in the US Army, worked as the officer in charge of Psychological warfare strategy. He was heavily involved in the Satanic church and made no effort to obscure this, rather he outwardly promoted his religious leanings and enthusiastically integrated his learnings into the military s operational environment.

Aquino was well versed in all aspects of the satanic religion, including dealing with prater intelligences, otherwise known as demonic entities or extra dimensionals. Douglas Dietrich, and employee of the US Dept Of Defence, was under Aquino's direct command and often engaged in research, archival and document destruction work for him.

Dietrich eventually left his position, joined the Marine Corps as an enlisted man, completed a career within the regular military. Eventually, due to his astute nature and keen memory – began exposing all that he had learned during his time under Aquino.

In an obscure interview give on Revolution radio (05/04/12) with Kerry Cassidy, Dietrich turns to discussion on one of the hidden purposes of HAARP. This begins with a historical account of how, during WWII, American bombers engaging Japan had to fly against the jet-stream travelling there over the North Pacific. This was an incredible obstacle and the head winds encountered resulted in tremendous losses for the US in both aircrew and aircraft, as they had to fly at low altitudes to avoid the head-winds thus exposing them to enemy fire.

Deitric posits that one of the reasons the original HARRP project was implemented (and its specific geographic location in Gakona Alaska) was to find a way of reversing this jet-stream using RF based cyclotronic resonance – effectively reversing the northern jet-streams natural atmospheric flow. Col Aquino had at some stage became involved with the HARRP project in a occulted manner –

HARRP was indirectly controlled by the Dept of Defence, and being an esoteric electromagnetic device it was put to many research departments within the DOD to come up with applications for it.

Aquino states that one of HARRP's darker applications was for the binding (not invoking or evoking – but binding) of 'entities' intra dimensional or otherwise that, through the practice of high magic (modernised by the likes of Crowley etc) had managed to become animated and were guided into this realm.

When exploring this possibility one must remember that the

Tetragrammaton and Enochian magical traditions are very technical and precise in their execution. Protocols, calls and rituals must be followed to the tee for results to be obtained. Combinations of tonalities given at specific times and at specific locations are said to cause rifts in the space time continuum and allow breaches to take place. This may allow intrusion into our dimension of other forces, impulses and intelligences.

Specific formulae and equation sets, applied practically via the field of electromagnetics and the science of physics could possibly be a potentiated and applied in similar endeavours - a modern approach to those initiates following paths as the traditional spirit callers.

The segment from that obscure interview Dietrich gave back in 2012 can be found here (copy and paste into your browser):

The complete interview (over 2 hours)

http://projectcamelotportal.com/files/Revolution%20Radio/RevRad- Douglas-Dietrich-05-04-12.mp3

Every religion on the face of our planet, shamanistic or otherwise has its pantheon of supernatural beings. These beings many benevolent, many not so benevolent have demanded there fair share of worship and sacrifice. Their impulses have captured man's imagination and guided his behaviour over the ages.

Possibly there is actually something of substance to these legends. The first part of this investigation paper (2007) looked at the presence of what is commonly termed 'Sylphs' or Air spirits roaming our skies, in some cases even appearing to actively participate in clearing 'Chemtrails' from the immediate environment.

Some modern channellers have claimed that there is a war going on directly over our heads which we cannot directly sense with our limited visual and audio acuity. It lies outside the range of our vision and hearing.

Looking at the relationship to our current area of focus – that is the investigation of Harmonic Ley Line 41188837 and its environs, one which appears significant and relevant to the manifestation or manipulation of space / time aberrations, a series of photographs was taken over the Peach castle during the recording of the video presented earlier.

The following photographs were taken using Kodak HIE high speed

Infra red 35mm film, employing a daylight filter which removed all of the visible spectrum.

Kodak HIE 35mm Infra-red film was discontinued shortly thereafter in 2007. Only digital techniques remain today. Possibly, these digital IR imaging techniques may fail to capture the deeper parts of the IR spectrum using readily available, albeit modified, digital camera and appropriate lenses.

Two images shot that day, July  2006, are very intriguing – in that they appear to show a 'cloud' entity emerging from the maelstrom that was the sky above. A sky filled with chemtrails, artificial clouds and pumped full of electromagnetic radiation.

Aquino likened the action of HARRP when employed in binding entities – to that of securing a large and aggressive man to a table with a thumb-cuff. The man is content as long as he receives nourishment and will not attempt to break his restraint.

Pre colonisation (European) New Zealand history is rife with the worship of ATUA, the Maori Gods, and much bloodshed was propagated in their name, tribal warfare being almost continuous. Many historical sites or Maori PA as they are called are adorned with carvings and representations of these Atua. Perhaps, like the Aztec culture deities from another space time continuum invaded the lives of the people and took them over, offering power to the priest class in exchange for sacrifice and influence.

Every part of the world has variations of these entities represented through tribal artworks and artefacts.

Traditional representation of a HEI TIKI – or ATUA: Maori Deity

Two Infra Red Photographs of the sky above SW Coast of Wellington during the video Filming in 2006. Kodak HIE IR 35mm Film employed with a total daylight filter.

horo i runga i te kiriata, i te atua o te rangi

Perhaps the generation of this massive artificial 'computer in the sky' is a purpose-built communication / gateway and binding device for prater intelligences and the manipulation of reality?

The local areas Mythology (Owhiro bay) recalls that the area was where the sky gods came down to speak with the Tohunga (Maori priest class). This history it seems has been deliberately obscured and the whole area at one time bore the brunt of some very supernatural occurrences with regards poltergeist activity etc. One such account can be found here:


It is interesting to note also that a prominent Masonic lodge is set back in a secluded Valley off Owhiro Road.

Supporting the Matrix

Looking at some of the electromagnetic or radio emissions in the area directly next to the peach castle then we can cast our attention to a series of radio antennae protruding from a very well secured military style bunker nestled into the side of a hill next to the castle itself.

Close to this sits a series of innocuous folded dipole antennas.

These antenna belong to the Wellington ham radio club – more specifically the VHF branch (Very High Frequency). They are in fact amateur radio 'beacons' broadcasting repetitive telemetry in the form of Morse code call sign identity signalling. They are employed to gauge radio propagation characteristics through monitoring of relative signal strengths at a distance etc.

What is of interest to the Harmonic explorer is their frequency of transmission and duty cycle (ie how often they pulse off and on).

Looking at the Hawkins hill amateur beacons transmission frequency: 144.2750 MHz (f1): 144.2750 x 3 = 432.2750 The difference between these 144.2750 / 432.2750 is 256

432.2750 MHz (f2): 432.2750 x 3 = 1296.2750 The difference between 432.2750 and 1296.2750 is 768 (256 x 3)

1296.2750 MHz (f3)

1296.2750 converted to Bruce Cathie's Grid time measurements (by multiplying with 8 then dividing by 9) give us a figure of 1152.24444 – this figure is associated with the circumference of all atomic structures – a key component of our physical 3D realm.

The carrier transmission frequencies are also separated by steps of 256 MHz (between f1 and f2) and then 768 MHz(between f2 and f3). 768 is 256 x 3

Looking at modern digital platforms the math behind them runs in powers of 2 ie 2,8,16,32,64,128,256 etc. This is because they operate in BINARY mode. Harald Kautz Vella and authors such as Wes Penere have some very interesting things to say with regards this and its direct influence on our conciousness and biological systems.

In digital systems you can only store information encoded by powers of 2.

When integrating digital systems with our analogue environment mathematical progressions and radiated field functions would naturally follow steps which incorporate both multiples. These mathematical functions are translated into electronic transmission platforms which can influence both these environments.

To simplify this extensively - Ratios of 3,6 and 9 represent our natural world and its associated functioning, binary or the digital realm operates at functions to the power of 2. Ones or Zeros – a solid switch state.

What I am presenting here is a considerable over simplification of the possible processes involved so the introductory reader may be able to grasp the concepts involved.

Another consideration is that of wave superposition and interference theory – this is what occurs when two wave fronts collide (similar to two ripples in a pond meeting). Very simply put we have colliding fronts which are in phase, combine and produce a higher output and those out of phase which produce a nullifying effect – constructive and destructive displacement of the Ether perhaps derived from multiple signal sources combining.

It is interesting to note that maximum displacement occurs when the phase difference between the waves is in multiples of 2 and minimum displacement is in multiple of 3's.

Perhaps some transmission systems in employment are not only meant for the transmission and reception of information? Please see the explanation in the first video here:


Does this constant transmission system broadcast a solved equation set into the Ether which supports arcane experimental endeavours? After all, electromagnetics is just applied physic's – which stems from the fulfilment of precise mathematical functions.

Perhaps some electrical and electromagnetic systems in employment are not only meant for the transmission and reception of information or electricity? The complexity of setting up and operating this covertly would be staggering, it would take decades of planning, coordination and careful manipulation of frequency allocations and electrical grids. These systems may even be out of the reach of classical physics – when Maxwell's equations were altered by Oliver Heavyside to remove the field or Scalar potential from transverse EM waves a large chunk of science was hidden or occulted.

The Waihopai Connection and Orion’s Belt / GIZA Plateau

The first investigation paper published in 2007, brings attention to bear on the Waihopai 'Echelon' NSA station, located in Waihopai

Valley, Marlborough, New Zealand. This is not far south from

Harmonic 41118837. A contributor to the Bruce Cathie fb page, decided, on impulse, to compare the layout of the complex and its adjacent fields (under rotary irrigation) to the Giza complex in Egypt. At a cursory examination, some interesting parallels are drawn..

To quote from the sharp group member who posted the comparison:

'The smaller Pyramid physically couldn't be situated as close to the bush / stream so had to be realigned to fit the flat open area, but the OUTLINE AND SIZE IS proportional'

This is an interesting find, as many modern researchers have now recognised that the pyramids, and other similar monuments, appear to have a definite TECHNICAL purpose. I would leave this conjecture open for now, hoping to stimulate the minds and actions of other researches exploring this territory. Much of our true history has been completely obscured and re-written to keep humanity in the dark, so to speak.

Several prominent researchers have also drawn connections between the Orion system and the great Pyramids among others. Random Internet Commentary

'A change in the scalar harmonics within an artificially aligned solar system also affects human perception - the brain being a quantum receiver. The solar system was imprisoned within a a "modified" Birkland current and planets were destroyed and misaligned, artificial moons put in place in order to induct this scalar template from Orion. The human brain and DNA is a product of this Scalar template . All human beings have been trapped in a inter-dimensional prison and "DNA cage" the "Mandela effect" is a product of the change in these harmonics as this solar system is bought back to the correct quantum density. CERN is based on ancient technology. CERN is a small part of a network of ancient technology that are located at significant grid points around the Earth. The purpose of this type of technology is too keep Earth on a scalar level in timing with the disharmonic template of the modified Birkland currents emanating form Orion. This "pushing" and "pulling" effect from the attempt to put this solar system back into the correct alignment with the rest of the actual universe is causing the Mandela effect errors in reality as this code is broken and reworked multiple times by the AI that controls reality and is slowly being broken as each harmonic layer is breached.' Author unknown..

Planetary Kilo-metric Radiation

The Earth's Auroral activity (northern lights etc) produces radio waves which can be detected and translated directly to audio. The radio waves are very long in wavelength and radiate well out into space. In terms of output power the energy radiated runs from about 1 to 10 MW (Million Watts). The Audio which derives from the radio waves is very intriguing and can be vary from birdlike chirps to howling. The other planets which exhibit strong radio emissions are Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus(and of course our Sun. Looking at the broad nature of the emissions, they could possibly looked at 'spread spectrum' transmissions. With multiple sub carriers (information?)placed across a relatively narrow part of the radio spectrum (when referenced against our own radio communication systems).

The radio waves emitted by earth appear to start at 5 Khz and run to approx 500kHz, Other sources have quoted 50 – 500Khz.

 A spectrum capture of one such recording from the Earth’s Auroral


Natural VLF (Very Low Frequency) radio emissions are also caused by what is known as 'sprites' – spectacular plasma type discharges in the upper atmosphere. With our still limited understanding of the electrical nature of the universe these very diverse radio transmissions (each Planet has its own 'signature') may be a form of communication / connection between the bodies in our solar system each broadcasting in unison to produce the 'music of the


Metatrons Cube and the Hexagonal structure of the source field 

One particular planet of note, due to its unusual polar configuration of a hexagon, is Saturn. It is interesting to observe the historical mysticism connected to this planet in relation to geometric structures, the 'cube' (being essentially a 3D Hexagon) is one of them. It is not my intention to go into all the historical evidence which points towards the function and veneration of the cube, but rather would point to the suggestion that the cube / Hexagon forms an integral part of our quantum reality. Ancient history, of which a time when a technology pervaded that was far more refined and superior than that of today shows many depiction of the 'flower of life'. Modern physicists such as Nassim Haramein, have clearly identified and wowed the scientific community with direct associations of this 'field', 'fine structure' with what is know as the Etheric element, that which supports a reality framework upon which the atomic structure is built and matter manifests from.  

Possibly in modern times various transmission structures may have also been purposely built to assist in the retention, alteration and experimentation with the fine field structures. It has been widely recognised in more recent times that geometric monuments, far from being tombs for dead royalty, served a technical purpose.

Please see the antenna layout of one of the largest Low frequency transmitters in the world – based at Exmouth, Australia. Employed primarily for submarine communications there have no doubt been experimental uses for this massive piece of transmission technology - anyone remotely familiar with sacred geometry will immediately see the connection.


There has been much speculation and misunderstanding surrounding the advent of 'Quantum Computing' – the most advanced and powerful machines ever built. These machines are so unlike the computers that we use day to day that they can barely be compared. A Quantum computer operates in a state of non-reality – that is they function outside of our own space time continuum. They operate and manipulate things at a quantum level – the smallest level possible.

It has been theorised that manipulating matter at the quantum level, due to the theory of superposition, will effect the macro level at large, producing effects that can completely change the physical makeup of matter in this universe.

These machines are networked, via the singularity university

(California), Google and NASA to other massive technical devices such as the Large Hadron Collider (CERN) and many other similar establishments around the world.

Now the age of quantum computing is upon us there most definitely

(considering the nature of science and its pursuit) be attempts made to alter this reality at a quantum level via probable manipulation of the fine field structure.

Enter the quantum computer. To give you an idea of its power what would take the most powerful generic supercomputer on the face the planet to solve a particular equation  - lets say 10,000 years – the quantum computer could do in seconds.

The most powerful supercomputers are also involved in weather modelling and prediction interestingly enough. Introduce geo engineering and the weather could possibly be controlled via these supercomputers

A Quantum computer (D-WAVE), millions of times faster than a supercomputer, could map and pinpoint things at the quantum level. Some current theories indicate if the fine structure of our known universe can be altered then everything across the wide field changes. Changes at the micro will affect the macro (cosm)

These quantum computers are so vastly different than what you have sitting in front of you they simply cannot be compared to each other.

Some view the planet Saturn as the current 'reality field generation broadcast platform'. At the very least, and again for those with eyes to see, the Saturnian influence and symbolism carry much weight in this realm.

In closing, this paper is designed to stimulate the inquisitive and creative mind of the borderland researcher. It is an ad hoc stroll along the blurred line between the tangible real and the what can be loosely considered the 'unreal' (by today’s standards, for what is science fiction today could be science truth tomorrow). Spurned from the inquisitive mind of the common esoteric researcher, intuitive hunches based on synchronicity coaxed from the quantum field prevail. The simplistic approach to Bruce Cathies Harmonic Mathematics presented here are primarily

dedicated to introducing curious minds to looking at electromagnetics from an alternate perspective.

In a way I feel like a lot of other people feel – that we as a species are becoming disenfranchised with our home planet. We have become so far removed from a symbiotic connection to her that the madness which surrounds us seems acceptable. Now technology stands on the brink of overtaking us - to maintain our very existence while searching for the truth and meaning gives us back our purpose. Looking forward to the day when we can relax again … Until next time.


Bruce Leonard Cathie – The Harmonic conquest of Space, Harmonic

288 – The Pulse of he Universe, The Bridge to Infinity

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Future (Borderlands Research)

Peter Moon – The Montauk series with Preston Nichols

Lets hope they're Friendly – Quentin Fogarty

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