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I had hopes the man hadn't lost it, but oh well. Wonder what the hell happened to him.

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It appears to me that perhaps these Skinwalker entities are ancient and disclosing themselves in a new way? I found it curious that those that disregard them are sickened. Maybe they are conected in some way to what is going on with those that run the planet? My opinion is that without something supernatural nothing is going to change in a positive manor.

MK refers to it as a mind virus and particularly the abrahamic mindset including modern science and maybe their very arrogance about these entities is what makes them ill? I certainly have no clue.

Look at that vaxxine program and in my local community they are doubling down again on it.

I never question people's choices on vaxxines and masks anymore, why bother, and I pretty much ignore everything around me but I do find the ridiculousness about it all amusing at times.

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And the Substack thing and allowing Jack to make a few bucks why do they care? How many people read this stuff? It looks like they have won everywhere I go and with everything going on that I see.

There is literally no resistance whatsoever in any real sense that I am observing.

It looks to me they do as they please and most go along. The best outcome I see is to be left alone but with this new vaxx push how long do we have? They push a frequency button and the Muppets jump.

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Thanks for a thought-provoking conversation, gentlemen. Sage interviewed Kautz once. Mike seemed like he was a tad reluctant with Kautz' Black Goo theory. Could be Kautz has some truth and fiction in his bag of tricks. As a metaphor, it is interesting. Is there literally a conscious goo that, miraculously, has arrived here from a distant place in 'outer space', and, with the help of the ruling so-called elite bloodline clans who own everything, has overtaken the people of Earth's collective psyche? Interesting but unverifiable.

I'll give Kautz this: a movie I remember seeing as a young child, the Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Donald Sutherland version), does seem like it was fairly prophetic. But Jack's transmission agents seem more plausible as the culprit.

The Ukraine conflict -- I don't believe what the western mass media is promoting regarding the true nature of this conflict. I think Zelensky is involved with the dominant minority, what Sage of Quay calls 'the controllers' and the true nature of this interaction is not being revealed to the sleepwalkers who watch television and believe what they see. Putin is interesting, but I have no faith he is anything other than a puppet for much more powerful people. The world is a stage. The players are not the authors of the play. They are the players.

Skinwalkers. Phil, Jack, I am a look under the table for hidden wires and buttons kind of guy. Even the Great Houdini got hoodwinked. Or did he?

I think there is an Otherness that exists in our reality. It's what you guys are referring to. Phil's comments about a lot of the experience of interacting with it being a reflection of, basically, what is in your heart, what your intentions are, resonates. This Otherness can read us on levels of ourselves that we barely comprehend. They may have access to our past present and futures selves all in a glance. Jack's pointing out its basic neutrality rings true.

The Ukraine thing . . . Phil, Jack, have you guys ever noticed in the recorded history of this place, this realm, world, VR Simulation, whatever, there has ALWAYS been a war being waged, somewhere?

Could this, perhaps, be more about ritual sacrifice of vital life essence to something the 'controllers' have made pacts with? All these wars? All that blood. Cthulhu mythos -- I was born in Providence. Lovecraft might have been picking up something in the air, here in New England. Imagine the ocean of blood from every single human being ever killed in a government sanctioned war. The Old Ones have fed well, indeed.

Excellent and enlightening podcast, guys.

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Gotta love the sequence of events that have led to January 6th.

We have the first Full Moon of the year on the 6th (a Wolf Moon - make of that as you will), it occurs with the Sun in Capricorn forming an opposition to the Moon in Cancer.

This Cancer-Capricorn polarity will deal with the balance between private life/domesticity, as well as the need for a home base, and nurturance (represented by Cancer) versus the public life/career, reputation, and accountability (represented by Capricorn). An appropriate polarity for the task at hand...

This Wolf Moon harmonizes with Uranus and the True North Node of the Moon.

It also occurs near to the inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury.

The revelations to come under this moon are pivotal, and will be gently surprising, and possibly growth-oriented, even if the focus will be on the past.

What a sublime choice to choose...

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So much I could say here,the only reason I am here is unlike most " truthseekers" your very much on the right path.yes you have to stop looking at these "aliens" in Hollywood brainwashed mode.Yes it , or some of them are in league with the controllers. My problems started when I was projecting my consciousness at the main man who sits in a pyramid on his estate,right in the heart of crop circl country.Id done all the reading,grew spiritually and was convinced I could change the status quo.Wrong,whatever is here likes it just the way it is.You have to play the game,and thier in control,they manifest in varies ways,not them physically,I've been seeing large star like lights since the "event" in my house in 2007.Got film,got pictures,showed them to people,and nothing,even at the probe,very little Interest.As for the Ukraine,as I told them just after the revolution in 2014,the only way they could change the system was to get rid,take over the banks,which is what those bankers were afraid of.So the bankers gave them zalensky,not straight away,he was voted for by the " media brainwashed people. His job is to genocide as many ukranians as possible,including women up to 60,the whole media coverage,on both sides is mostly bs. 1 utube video I believed showed the ukes complaining about lack of food and arms and being hung out to dry. Some ukes were stating they were going to string the fuka up,here's hoping,there was no way putin was ever going to take him out,as the alt media stayed months ago.How can they state the war will go on 4 years,unless that is the plan.Some people,ie energy companies are making a killing,same old,same old,and yes yawheh likes his sacrifices

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