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This was first published in February 21 of 2014, in the Human and reedited for Veterans Today, July 13, 2021.
Camacotz or Camalotz, said to have killed most of the denizens of man’s second creation by ripping off their heads.

In the Book of the Jaguar Priests or Chilam Balam it is written that the road from the stars will descend from the sky and the 13 Gods of Heaven, and 9 Gods of Hell will come to earth. The Maya believed that the end was the beginning and the beginning the end, in destruction would come creation and creation destruction. It would happen at the black hole. At the crossroads, an image would appear in the sky.

The dark kingdom of Xibalba would manifest upon the earth. Xibalba is inhabited by winged creatures with the body of men and the heads and wings of bats. These creatures are blood drinkers and hostile to man. Most fierce among them is Camacotz or Camalotz which means “Sudden-Bloodletter.” Camalotz, depicted as the figurine above with an erect penus, killed most of the denizens of man’s second creation by ripping off their heads.

The Cthulhu mythos is the nightmarish legacy of H. P. Lovecraft. He wrote the old ones were sleeping in the bottomless depths of the oceans until the time when the right astral alignment will awaken them, and they will once again walk the earth reigning over an unspeakable kingdom of darkness. Their return is awaited by a priesthood of bat winged humanoids who bide their time concealed by darkness in the unknown recesses of the earth’s forgotten caves.

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The Mayans themselves are a people shrouded in darkness. Somewhere in the ninth century Maya civilization suddenly ceased to exist with the city Cancuén, their center of trade in what is now Guatemala, abandoned in an orgy of violence. The aristocracy of Cancuén; thirty-one men, woman and children were recently discovered hacked to pieces and tossed in what was their palace cistern. Eighty yards away in an unmarked shallow grave was buried their great king Kan Maax. The massacre took place around 800 CE. (1)

The Mayan calendar — just like the story of Akakor and the true names of Yahweh — is based on the number 13. The calendar is divided into 13 Baktuns. Each Baktun equals 144,000 days. When all 13 Baktuns are completed the calendar resets to zero and the Mayan doomsday scenario takes place. Mainstream archaeologists say the Mayan calendar began on August 11, 3114 BCE.

Using this genesis date, the destruction of earth should have taken place on December 21, 2012. But in the epilogue of Chronicles of Akakor Karl Brugger states “According to the Chilam Balam, the books of the jaguar priests of the Maya, history begins in 3113 B.C. The German Maya scholar Wolfgang Cordan connects this date with a mysterious historic event of great importance.” (2)

By moving the beginning up one year, the ending is moved up one year and the destruction of earth should have taken place on December 21, 2013. It doesn’t get any more historically important than that; and that is why authorities elected not to share that information with the ignorant masses. They were told Comet Ison was approaching…*

Brugger doesn’t say what the historic event was, but Wolfgang Cordan was the foremost expert on Mayan hieroglyphics. Historical records indicate that he died in 1966 at the age of fifty-six while in the field doing research. They also indicate that his friend and closest colleague was killed six months later. The index cards to Cordan’s until then academically definitive work on Mayan hieroglyphics; a comparative dictionary of Mayan writings, have never been found. It’s as if they never even existed…

Cordan was the lead linguist in a huge expedition composed of some ninety archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of William D. Coe. The dig began in 1956 and finally ended in 1969. The effort, unprecedented to this day in Mesoamerican archeology, unearthed ten square miles of the enigmatic Mayan city: Tikal, with its most imposing structure being Temple 1, the temple of the giant Jaguar.

Tikal Temple

Almost all but the most superficial information about Cordan seems to have been purged from academic records. Secondary sources are nonexistent and there are no available comparisons of Cordon’s work to the current state of research on Mayan hieroglyphics. Predictably no one has been able to find anything about the circumstances of Cordan’s death, only that his colleague was murdered shortly thereafter.

The Tikal expedition unearthed five step pyramids, three hundred and fifty houses and enough artifacts to stock a museum. Temple 1 rises a hundred and fifty-four feet above the plaza and Tikal itself is situated in the middle of an impenetrable jungle canopied by trees up to a hundred and eighty feet tall. Although the interior of the Tikal temple complex is connected by a finely cobbled network of walkways, there are no roads into the surrounding jungle.

The fresco and artwork found on the site depict only priests in acts ranging from fertility ceremonies to human sacrifice. Craftsman and agricultural workers are conspicuous by their absence of representation. William Coe is on record as remarking how it seemed unfathomable that such an advanced culture could be developed in such an inhospitable place that seemed to be unable to support more than just a few huts. Wolfgang Cordan speculates that although Tikal’s inhabitants made children’s toys with wheels, they must have transported their goods on sleds because no working wheels were found on the site. (3)

Estela 6 el Tortuguero

About two hundred miles to the west of Tikal is Villahermosa, the capital of the Mexican state of Tabasco. Four of the pieces of the now infamous monument 6 are displayed there in the Carlos Pellicer Museum. Monument 6 is in actuality a well preserved carved wooden box commemorating the death of Tortuguero ruler Bahlam Ajaw or Lord Jaguar.

It consists of seven pieces all together. Another of the pieces is in Metropolitan Museum of New York, but the whereabouts of the other two is unknown. The box was salvaged from Tortuguero, a Mayan site discovered in 1915 not far from the city. Another German Mayan scholar — Professor Berthold Riese of the field-leading Bonn University — describes Tortuguero as the western most emblem province of Palenque.

Emblem Glyphs denote Mayan city states. Dr. Riese goes on to say that although short lived the site was one of the most important for Palenque. He published two scientific papers on the interpretation of monument 6, one in 1978 the other in 1980. They have never been translated from German. In 1981 a cement factory was built on top of Tortuguero destroying the rest of the site...

In the shadow of the cement factory the disciples of Michael D. Coe; White Supremacist, CIA asset since the Korean War and acknowledged by academia as the foremost expert on Mayan hieroglyphs since the untimely death of Wolfgang Cordan, work feverishly to interpret monument 6. Their incoherent products run the gamut, but they all seem to agree that Bolon Yokte “may ‘descend’ ye-ma, y-emal.” Bolon Yokte is a Mayan God usually associated with war and discord but also creation. In Mayan, Bolon means nine, and it is said he will come to crush the nine lords of the night. His calling card is blinding light.

In 2004 yet another of those meddling German Mayan scholars wrote a master thesis Tortuguero, Tabasco, Mexico – History of a Mayan City, depicted by their glyphs. Sven Gronemeyer’s work was however published in English, “updated” of course, in 2006. He translated the monument in six parts.

The first part pays homage to Balham Ajaw’s ascent to the throne. The second describes the Star Wars that the Mayans, particularly Tikal, incessantly waged on each other. Star Wars could only be initiated with the rising of Venus as the Morning Star. Mayan wars would be held in abeyance until this happened. As noted in the monument, these wars were usually culminated with the decapitation of the prisoners taken in them.

In 2013 in Uxal a few hundred miles northeast of Tortuguero on the Yucatan Peninsula, like ants that won’t go away at the picnic, German archeologists unearthed a mass grave of twenty-four Mayans who had been beheaded and dismembered. The always annoying Germans suspect the remains to be that of royalty because many of the skulls have jade inserts for teeth. (4)

Comalcalco brick

The third part says that this Star War was waged by Tortuguero against the neighboring town of Comalcalco, making a mysterious allusion to a “harvest of white flower souls.” In late 2011 the Seattle Times ran an article claiming that Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History had revealed that there was a reference to the Mayan doomsday scenario on a glyph found at the Comalcalco ruin site. The inscription is carved or molded onto the face of a brick called the “Comalcalco Brick.” It has the same Calendar Round as the completion of the thirteenth Baktun. (5)

No worries but for our intrepid hero Michael D. Coe and his army of sellout zombie archaeologists. The brick has been sequestered, presumably with the two missing pieces of monument 6. The glyphs are so badly damaged on the fourth part of monument 6 that it is doubtful whether even Wolfgang Cordan himself could have made anything out of them. Dr. Gronemeyer passes on that one.

The fifth part describes the ceremonial burning of a house, the erection of images of Balham Ajar and the Mayan ritual of ruler binding.

Burial Chorcha

Dr. Gronemeyer’s translation of the critical sixth part reads like this from German to English:

previously it happened, it was completed for re-birthing, It was 2 days, 9 Uinals, 3 Tuns, 8 Katuns and 3 Baktuns before the 13th Baktun is
completed on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin. Then it will happen – darkness, and Bolon-Yokte will descend to the…

Image 391-0-2

In part 6 of Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti-Christ & Armageddon I spit in the face of both Free Masonry and Talmudic Judaism by publishing the thirteen letter formulae for how to derive the true names of their God whom their Magi call Vav Heh Yod Heh and Vav Yod Heh Heh. “Two names of the Tetragrammaton for the first is indeed a perfect name, but the latter is thoroughly and completely perfect.” “The living creatures rush forth and return.”

These quotes are from the Zohar which instructs the Qabalist on how to use them. One is for conjuring and the other banishing. They are Yahweh’s proper names and as far as I know nobody’s ever published them before. When Rabbi Moses de León published the Zohar he would die the next year. A couple of years later the Knights Templar would be rounded up, charged with heresy, and burned at the stake. Less than a generation later the Black Plague would lay waste to Europe.

No doubt when I published part six of that series I made powerful enemies but as they should understand by now; they also have powerful enemies. The more astute readers of Black Sun Rising should be starting to see why.

The Mayans were not savages. It is you that are the savage; “The White Barbarians” of the Chronicles of Akakor. The creation, what is for now the world of the living, is based on thirteen. The Mayans understood how to use this. The Germans, at least their leadership, knew exactly who the Mayans were, because they broke with Empire at the beginning of the twentieth century, working together with the historical Ordo Bucintoro, which will be explained in later parts.

Amazon, German researchers, 1935

They have the Dresden Codex and have had it since it was first sent to Europe by Hernán Cortés. That is why they were traipsing through the malaria infested jungles of South America in the Jary Expedition * two years after National Socialism assumed power in Germany.

Revelations, which is a Qabalistic book that brands the Christian religion as a creation of Judaism, tells its goyim that 144,000 thousand shall be saved. The 144,000 is the number of days in a Baktun, and the Germans had the good sense to want to prolong those days for humanity.

Human existence, as it is known now, is cyclic. When a cycle is over it goes back to reset with almost everyone dying, and a Star Wars is fought over the souls to be harvested. The Mayan priesthood, who were master Qabalists, knew this and had the exact calculations for when this cycle, the current cycle, began and ended.

In part 1 of this essay, I said the fulcrum of the lie was that Judeo Christianity was founded by simple goat herders. Now I will reveal the purpose of the lie. The purpose of the lie is to keep from you the abyssal horror of the truth. You are the goat. You are livestock farmed by soulless alien races that exist in a temporal ether and derive their sustenance by what is permanent in you, your soul.

None will be saved by a dead man nailed to a stick, and few will be saved by denying your physical senses, fewer still by a pantheon of gods who are among their tormentors. Only man can save man, which is why the one thing the king of these alien races fears is the Son of Man. He is close now, poised at the doorway of time nursing an insatiable hunger for vengeance. That is why you are all still here and Bolon Yokte is not. Let me introduce you to reality. Morgan Freeman is not a scientist; he is a Hollywood actor.

Einstein’s vaunted theory of relativity is wrong. Einstein was a misogynistic amorphous blob of a fraud whose only real talent was a talent typical to most frauds, plagiarism. Ironically enough —and these “gods” do love irony— the most brilliant human alive today is a rather engaging woman named Lisa Randall. Einstein would have loved that. He could have humped her leg while stealing her notebooks.

Bell’s theorem synthesized from experiments based on John Stewart Bell’s 1964 paper titled On the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox, in which he tried to prove Einstein’s theory of relativity correct but instead —just like Charles Otis Whitman before him proving the theory of evolution wrong while trying to prove it correct— proved once and for all the non-locality of matter, invalidating Einstein’s speed limit.

Objects and events can and do interact though they are to close in time and separated by to vast a distance in space to be manipulated even by something traveling at the speed of light. Everyone who has ever had a premonition should already know that. As the old saying goes the fastest of all things that fly is thought.

In Quantum entanglement, electrons can be emitted in pairs with their spins dependent and opposite from each other. If one is negative, the other will adjust to positive. When the electrons are separated the adjustment continues even in experiments where the electrons were separated by over a hundred kilometers. As soon as these particles are examined with instrumentation, the adjustment ceases, and the electrons go back to random spins. This is called wave function collapse.

Many modern technologies are beginning to rely on Quantum entanglement, state of the art technologies like Quantum computing, Quantum cryptography, and Quantum teleportation. Scientists have already succeeded in teleporting complex sets of information using the rules of Quantum entanglement.

In the slit experiment, subatomic particles up to the size of buckyball molecules exhibit the characteristics of both waves and particles when according to Morgan Freeman science they should behave only like particles. When equipment delicate enough to observe them is added to the experiment the wave function collapses and they will behave only like particles.    

Since the very first days of relativity, science was aware of the probability of Einstein Rosen bridges; wormholes that could act as bridges through both time and space and violate the limitations imposed by the theory of relativity. For many years it was believed that travel through these wormholes would be impossible because in the center was a black hole whose own center was a singularity which would rend anything passing through to its smallest possible particles.

In 1988 this scientific maxim was proven mathematically incorrect when using the equations of the real discoverer of relativity, Hendrik Lorentz. Lorentz published the Theory of Relativity in 1904, a year before the plagiarizer Einstein. In 1988 Lorentzian Traversable Wormholes became a probability. In 2009 over the frigid night skies of Norway one of these wormholes was caught on video.

The priesthood of Tikal did not need roads or wheels to travel through the jungle. Many people have reported an anomalous atmospheric condition called electronic fog. Bruce Gernon gives the best-known account in his book The Fog. While piloting a plane to Miami he was engulfed by a fog that was penetrated by a spiral tunnel. He flew through the tunnel for a period of what felt like a few minutes. When he emerged the plane was already over Miami and 40 minutes had gone by.

In every far-flung corner of the earth, spiral petroglyphs testify to prehistoric man’s awareness of these portals. During significant astrological alignments, sun daggers pierce the center of some of these petroglyphs as if marking periods of time when they will open up or take travelers through them to desired destinations.

There is a Mayan ball field in Chaco Canyon and forensic archeologist; Dr. Christy Turner has found a skull with its teeth filed into points like some demonic carnivore; a practice seen before only in the Mexican valley. In any court of law on earth, the evidence given in part 3 of my Behind the Bush series would put a Semitic presence in America’s Southwest at the same time the Mayan priesthood was abandoning Tikal.

It is a scientific fact that the Dene carry markers for Haplo Group X, Hebrew mitochondrial DNA, in their blood. The Dene sequences suggest that they acquired the Haplogroup X relatively recently, about 1000 years ago. Unfortunately, there is no capital punishment yet for teaching zombie archeology to school children, so academia drones on without facing the much-deserved consequences.

In part six of Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti-Christ & Armageddon, I presented overwhelming circumstantial evidence that the Sepher Yetzirah, the Qabalistic book of creation, is Quantum physics. There is an incorporeal eleventh dimension called Da’at in the ancient Hebrew schematics of the universe, and to this very day the existence of an eleventh dimension is hotly debated in Quantum mechanics. When that eleventh dimension is added to the equations, particle physicists call it M theory. With the addition of the eleventh dimension, what the egg heads call elegant equations are made possible and they do not blow up into infinity. Infinity is the criterion for what is false in subatomic physics. One cannot have infinity in an “elegant equation.”

In M theory, also known as String Theory, the smallest particles are in actuality two-dimensional dancing filaments of energy that interact in ten dimensions plus time. The oscillation of these string-like filaments produces all the different particles that constitute the universe. The oscillation of the strings themselves is contingent on the geometry of each of the dimensions they interact with. String Theory was seen from its inception as the potential Holy Grail of science, unifying the gravitational forces of relativity with quantum mechanics and the behavior of electromagnetism.

Pythagoras has been called the father of String Theory because he taught his followers that existence was produced from harmonic vibrations like the string of a lyre being plucked from different positions. His theory about the music of the spheres and their ratios anticipates the discovery 2700 years later of Orbital resonances which guide the planets through their methodical orbits. Many legends and stories were spawned by Pythagoras’ legendary intellect. But in a story very similar to the birth of Jesus, Manly Hall asserts that Pythagoras was born in Syria some 2800 years ago and schooled by Rabbis.

In part 3 of Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti-Christ & Armageddon, I wrote about the Skinwalker Ranch and the National Institute of Discovery Science; a front for the Department of Defense. The DoD has little interest in ghost busting.

There is a war going on right now between gods and gargoyles, demons and angels, men, and machines. Those of you who do not have access to the underground sanctuaries just narrowly missed becoming casualties of that war, no thanks to the DoD either.

A Skinwalker is just what it sounds like; you may be sleeping with one tonight, watching TV with it and sitting down to meals to discuss the latest absurdity of what it and its kind have pawned off on you as your culture. You are at a distinct disadvantage. It knows who you are. You have no idea. These are the hidden masters of the Abrahamic religions, the malevolent shape shifting reptilians of David Icke, the “ultra-terrestrials” of John Keel and the “control mechanism” of Jacques Vallée. They are The Gods of Eden from William Bramley’s book, and they live through human pain and sorrow.

Jacques Vallée and John Keel — the two most brilliant men to ever study the UFO phenomenon — both came to almost identical conclusions. In Passport to Magonia Vallée theorized that the very same entities man once saw as angels, fairies, and leprechauns he now sees as aliens and UFOs. Because the entities have no true form, they appear as man expects them too. They are control mechanisms; consciousness’s that operate within the parameters of man’s perception. Keel went one step further when he postulated that these beings live “conterminously” with the human race in dimensions that are beyond the periphery of man’s perception.

Vallée was vehemently accused by the UFO community of falsifying information in one of his later books, when he referenced a flying refrigerator like object terrorizing peasants in South America by draining their blood with a light beam while they hunted overnight from blinds in the jungle and slept in their village huts. Realizing that the whole UFO phenomenon was a new religion for fools, Vallée stopped writing about it after that and put his prodigious intellect to better uses.

Fools may believe as they wish to the peril of their own souls, but from Göbekli Tepi to Ollantaytambo, to the rites of Baal and Moloch, which means king in Hebrew, on to the Maya, Anasazi and Aztec, these entities are all blood drinkers. And it is Yahweh; Moloch of the Jews and Christians, that demands that the blood of animal’s men slaughter for meat be reserved for him in the kosher rites of Orthodox Judaism.


The “Chupacabras” reputedly draining the blood of livestock in the Mexican valley bear an uncanny resemblance to the Gargoyles that were festooned all over European architecture during and after the Templar’s period of preeminence. Something has been carving up livestock in Americas Southwest since the late sixties. Cattle mutilations have been documented since Skippy the horse in 1967. Scientists at the Skin Walker Ranch ascertained with forensics that the mutilations on the ranch were done with a long blade and shorter scissor-like instrument. Just like the elongated claw and teeth that once graced the anatomy of certain dinosaurs.

At this moment flying majestically into the Dark Rift in the northern night sky is the constellation of Cygnus which is a latinized version of the ancient Greek word for Swan. Many claims have been made for Cygnus aligning with ancient architecture including the pyramids but there are 2 striking things about Cygnus that are facts. Close to Deneb, the brightest star in the constellation, an emission nebula duplicates the shape of North America right down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Moon and NGC7000

Cygnus is also one of the major sources of cosmic rays bombarding earth. The other is the Crab Nebula whose birth was recorded by the Anasazi. Aside from neutrinos, which don’t interact with anything, cosmic rays are the only particles that can penetrate the earth’s surface down to a half a mile or more and they have been proven by American geneticist H. J. Muller to alter the DNA in fruit flies.

Cosmic rays interact with the earth’s magnetic field which in turn interacts with the Schumann Resonance. Some scientists have postulated that the Schumann Resonance is the very life breath of the Earth herself, governing all the forces of nature. It effects human behavior and has been linked in scientific papers to suicide rates. There is also a growing awareness that it affects sunspot activity and human health.

But the most striking thing of all about the Schumann Resonance is the man who discovered it, Winfried Otto Schumann. In 1937 the occult Vril — now organized in an armaments factory called Antriebstechnische Werkstätten OHG, Munich — began its continued flying disc development program with official Nazi Party backing under Professor W.O. Schumann of the Technical University of Munich. Dr. Schumann had worked with The All-German Society for Metaphysics on the Jenseitsflugmachine from 1922-1924. Jenseitsflugmachine is German for “Other-World Flight Machine” or “Afterlife Flying Machine...”

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* Comet Ison, the strange tale of the Chronicles of Akakor, the stunning machine gun murder on Ipanema Beach of the German Walter Cronkite; Karl Brugger who was breaking the story, and the Jary Expedition, are all covered respectively in:

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