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The scholarly work you put out in the first years is truly astounding. Few men like yourself, and women, can do such a thing these days.

I can't help to notice that Mars is looking awfully bright and orange these days to the point I had to download Stellarium to find out what it was. I've loved astrology since I was young but had always been so shit when it came to identifying the objects just never had the will to study it seriously the same way the girl next door did into crystals and all that. I was more of the boots on the ground with astrology in the back of my mind type outside of recognizing it's a giant clock. I can swear David Lynch even used the sounds of the solar system as the backdrop in the show creating an out of this world audio sensation.

I do find it interesting though that Mars, Aldebaran, Pleiades, and Uranus are creating a semi dipper formation, or more like a spatula. Perhaps ready to flip this shit upside down.

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So much to contemplate from this chapter of the story...

I wonder where are the 'El Coatl' now, in our hour of need?

The stars are speaking to many presently, and the centaurs (at least the three most associated with Hercules - the named ones who were different) are approaching their farthest points and connecting with the trans-saturnian planets they each conduit with saturn through - their story needs sharing for our times.

Thank you again Jack, when first I read this I was not ready to absorb... Time is a great healer and teacher.


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I would like to know if John Caprpenter's "The Fog" has any connection to wormholes/black holes and the re-turn of entities? This could be predictive programming

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Hello Jack, I would like to thank you and your team for doing the real work of putting this information together and keeping them on the internet. I remember when they first came out 9 years ago. 9 years wholly shit. I would read through the first time and then spend the next few days going through the articles and looking up everything I didn't know. Which led to rabbit holes and on and on. Then I would impatiently wait for the next one. I always appreciated the work that was put into this and I had to work just to try and follow along. I learned so much from you and Orage, and your team. Rereading them now helps me to understand what I learned and what I missed.

If you are ever asking the question was it worth it and did it make a difference. It was and you did.

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