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Black Sun Rising I By Jack Heart & Orage

Black Sun Rising I By Jack Heart & Orage

First published Tuesday, February 11, 2014, in Veterans Today
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We now have 660 subscribers, no doubt it would be a lot more but obviously there are idiots in high places who still feel I’m in need of some restraint. Those of you have not been following our writings since 2014 may wonder how we have gotten to where we are now. Therefore, because I am obligated to deliver the message to whomever has ears to hear it, I will be reproducing them, starting from the beginning, with an additional audio reading and, eventually, commentary. - Jack (11/26/2022)

"We shall see them again at the epoch of the Revolution." - Abbé Louis Constant (Éliphas Lévi)

Just what made comet ISON go poof? What can be seen looking up through the looking glass? What sprang forth in Göbekli Tepe 12,000 years ago? Just where did the Templar get their silver from? We delve into the sweltering Amazon jungle to find traces of hidden origins. — Orage

Comet Ison was discovered on September 21, 2012 by astronomers Artyom Novichonok and Vitali Nevski. Where the 2-kilometer-wide projectile came from was a mystery to scientists then and still is to this day. There was speculation that the comet was seen before in 1680 by a German astronomer but due to the comets trajectory which would hurl it out of the solar system after it passed the earth that speculation is nothing but the wishful thinking of intellectual eunuchs trying to inject “scientific” continuity where there is none. 

Almost two thousand astronomical observations were used to calculate a light curve that would make Ison brighter than the full moon when it passed the earth in late December. Socially challenged egg heads from around the world rejoiced that they could spend the holidays imbibing fermented apple cider and squinting through their telescopes. 

But the more pragmatic scientists worried that the comet might actually collide with earth. Those apprehensions were dispelled when Ison was inexplicably disintegrated while rounding the sun before its final approach to earth in late November. On December 18 NASA brought the Hubble Space Telescope to bear on what should have been left of the comet and found nothing down to magnitude 25. Comet Ison is now galactic dust.

On the thirtieth of October 2013 noted political commentator and renowned international intelligence analyst Gordon Duff ran a very strange article titled What Can Be Told in his flagship publication; Veterans Today. The short piece warned his readers in no uncertain terms of a possible impending calamity of biblical proportions. VT readers, many of whom are soldiers, veterans and intelligence operatives were warned to stay in “prepper mode.” Dark allusions were made to comet Ison and Mr. Duff quoted an unnamed source reassuring those observing it that “they aren’t crazy there is really something very wrong going on.” A photo purporting to be from the Chinese Space Agency showing “anomalies near comet Ison” accompanied the article. The anomalies appear to be two very large artificial structures shaped like right angles or L’s suspended in space.

From October first to the seventeenth NASA was shut down with fewer than six hundred of its eighteen thousand employees being allowed to work. The agency's social media accounts, profiles dedicated to mission updates and spacecraft all went dark. 

The work stoppage was part of a government shutdown in America with 800,000 out of the federal government’s 3,300,000 employees being told not to report to work. The reasons given for the partial shutdown by Americas lobotomized media was infighting by the Democrats and the Republicans over the spending budget. 

In the article Mr. Duff hinted that those reasons were ostensible at best and that the approaching Ison was the real reason for both the shutdown, the systematic arming of law enforcement agencies like they were a branch of the military, erection of FEMA camps, disappearing nuclear inventories and removal of top nuclear force commanders. He goes on to ominously tell his readers “weapons systems have already been launched” in a cooperative operation with the rest of the world’s nations “just as President Reagan had predicted in his UN speech.”

On October twentieth, 2013 the quickly growing alternative news source secureteam10 posted a video on YouTube purporting to be a clandestine interview with a NASA whistle blower. The informant using the pseudonym Dr. Norton said he was an outside consultant currently working with NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office

Dr. Norton began by cryptically alluding to knowledge within NASA that would change the very foundation of mans belief system. There was then what is called on the video a “mysterious disconnection” which perhaps in reality was just a theatrical pregnant pause. The interview resumes with Dr. Norton saying that on January 22, 2012 he was called to the McDonald Observatory in Texas, the second largest optical telescope on the continent. 

When he arrived by plane in Texas he was met at the airport and escorted to the observatory by agents of Homeland Security. There he met with four other scientists who worked for the observatory. They invited him to peer through the telescope. When he did what he saw caused him to have to sit down for a minute. 

In the lens was “an array of massive three-dimensional black structures; in space, in straight line formation, advancing in the direction of planet earth.” Dr. Norton said the objects had been observed three months before, but they had moved millions upon millions of miles closer in just months. The structures were now close enough to examine by using what the listeners are told is sophisticated detection equipment provided by NASA. 

The listeners are then told the structures are composed of an artificial metallic carbon reinforced material estimated to be several thousand times the structural hardness of what can be produced by known science. The objects appear to be protected from space particles by a deflection device similar to the magnetic field around the earth. Dr. Norton describes the objects shape as being a three-dimensional L, exactly like the objects pictured in Gordon Duff’s Veterans Today piece published seven days prior to the videos release.

By January of 2013 the objects had been tracked to about 200,000 thousand miles past Mars. Once they reached that point they instantaneously vanished and were undetectable to NASA’s instrumentation. Dr. Norton said he was told by a colleague that at the beginning of October 2013 the objects reappeared, aligned themselves in circular formation and docked on the dark side of the moon concealing them from observation by earthbound eyes. Dr. Norton’s colleague maintained that the shutting down of NASA’s observational apparatuses was essential in keeping these events secret.

Nobody but the most avid readers of the Huffington Post needs General Michael Hayden to tell them that Ison is a very thin anagram of the word Sion, as in Zionist. Astronomical bodies are usually named after their discoverers but not in this case. 

Ison is the acronym for International Scientific Optical Network; Novichonok and Nevski’s employer, a night survey program with twenty observatory’s and thirty telescopes all around the world. But ISON is primarily based around the Black and Caspian Seas, an area known to have gifted the world with the Ashkenazi Jew, the quintessential Zionist.

As I have said before; the authorized version of history is designed to keep you stupid. It starts in ancient Greece with “The Father of Lies” Herodotus and ends with that vile convicted criminal Dr. Zahi Hawass making it up as he goes along on your television. 

The deception called history is examined in depth in my aborted nine-part essay Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon. The fact that the series was halted at six by Veterans Today at the height of its popularity speaks for itself. The fulcrum of the lie is that the Abrahamic religions, which are the very foundation of western civilization, are the product of a tiny tribe of nomadic goat herders of Semitic descent. What they are in actuality is the most current reactive agent of a malice that has ruled over this earth for twelve thousand years. 

The pestilence began in Asia Minor in a place called Göbekli Tepe and spread like a malignant cancer enveloping the Caucasus and Middle East, then swallowing up the noble civilizations of Egypt and India, laying waste to the ancient citadels of the gods in the Americas. The Veda’s and the Avesta tell the tale of woe; battles fought and lost by the noble tribes of earth against the progeny of hell and their demon king whom his servants now call Yahweh in the Jews case and god the father by the Christians. 

These army’s of darkness were huge and before the time when their scribes rewrote history; invincible. When the tides of war finally turned against them and they were defeated on the battlefields they resorted to cunning and guile to maintain their malevolent hegemony. For thousands of years they have relied on secrecy and deception. As the great French poet Charles Baudelaire, a man who truly knew evil, once said; “La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu'il n'existe pas.” The devil’s greatest trick is to convince you that he does not exist.

Columbus’s theatrical “discovery” of the New World would remain as the greatest Psy Op in history for over half a millennium till the Bush’s incinerated three thousand people and demolished half the world’s financial center, then blamed it on a terminally ill family friend to start WWIII. 

The Jews had been coming to the New World for thousands upon thousands of years. There are biblical accounts referring to it as Ophir the land where Solomon looted his gold. Its discovery and settlement is recounted by no less authorities than Aristotle and Didorus of Sicily. There is a vast preponderance of archeological evidence. All this is in part 2 of my Behind the Bush series. There is also genetic evidence which is presented in part 3. The Knights Templar began frequenting the New World as early as the twelfth century which is the subject of part 4 and 5.

There is a seal documenting the Templar presence in the new world in the French national Archive. It is shown as a partial picture in Colon Llego Despues; a book coauthored by Jacques De Mahieu and Martinz Roca. The seal bears the inscription SECRETUM TEMPLI. At its center is an Amerindian figure; dressed in a loincloth and wearing a head-dress of feathers. In his right hand the figure carries a bow below it is a swastika with curved arms and beside it an "Othala," the rune of Odin:

Othala - “Oh-thall-ah” – Literally: “Homeland” or “Ancestral Lot” Esoteric: Inheritance, estate, noble Governs: Rightful inheritance from ancestral holdings Collection of numinous power and knowledge from past generations Acquisitions of wealth and property Right understanding of global unity Security, safety, protection, the walls of Asgard Ascension to King amongst men Realization of Paradise “… It refers to a transcendence of geography, both planetary and cosmic… One is at home everywhere. We are simply the human tribe.” Or you can take the ADL's word for it, which lists the Othala as a hate symbol. You decide.

In 1536 the conquistador Don Mendoza reported a well-maintained roadway running from the Brazilian seashore through the Cerro Cora Mountains in Paraguay and into Potosi in Bolivia. Potosí was founded as a mining town for Spain in 1546. Over the next 200 years, more than 40,000 tons of silver were shipped out of the town, making the Spanish Empire one of the richest the world had ever seen. 

But before that starting in the twelfth century the Templar’s had flooded Europe with quantities of silver such as the western world had never seen. Cero Cora is a range of small mountains extending 50 kilometers west and 250 kilometers south. 

Evidence of pre–Columbian Viking habitation have been found throughout the range such as a ruined fortress, sunken temple, oversized steps and thousands of runic inscriptions. Many of the runic inscriptions have been deciphered and correspond to Schleswig dialect spoken in Northern Germany and Denmark. There is evidence of a silver smelting plant on a mountain known as Cerro Kyse about twenty miles south of Cero Cora National Park. Inscriptions found on Cerro Kyse resemble those found on Templar edifices in Spain illustrated in El Misterio de los Templarios a book authored by Martin Walker. 

Conquistadors reported the early oral traditions of the Indians inhabiting the Cero Cora range as attesting to the existence of a White king they called Ipir. About two hundred miles to the south of Cerro Kyse is a mountain named Cerro Ipir. There is a subterranean vault within Cerro Ipir that extends about three hundred yards and appears to be a burial chamber. But to date all efforts to confirm this have failed because the vault is constructed of an impenetrable concrete that resists both drills and explosives.

The Templars flooded Europe with these coins during the 13th. century

Since Francisco Pizarro and one hundred and eighty-three Conquistadors first strode amongst the Incan Empire like savage gods there have been rumors. Tales told by Indians of a vast underground tunnel system networking the South American continent, subterranean cities inhabited by godlike beings. David Hatcher Childress gives a credible account of these tales and his explorations in search of them in Subterranean Tunnels and the Hollow Earth. The world lost an intrepid and erudite explorer when he took the shekels to become the straight man to the orange guy with the pompadour hair in National Geographic’s comedy duet television show, Ancient Aliens.

The servants of the God of this world are experts at dissembling the facts and destroying the evidence. The Paraíba Stone, proving the early Phoenician colonization of Brazil, was swiped before anyone got to see it. The internet has been flooded by hacks, trained in Jewish pseudoscience’s, sniveling that it was a forgery in spite of the fact that the Phoenicians being in Brazil over three thousand years ago is now as certain as the doctorates of Yahweh’s agents being no more intellectually impressive than used toilet paper. 

No sooner did I write about the Narragansett Runestone over two years ago than it went missing. It was returned though. How were they going to smuggle a waterlogged two-ton boulder inscribed by Cistercian monks to obscurity while every cop in Massachusetts was looking for it? But like I told you about the Jew never giving up, the same applies to all the rest of the “lords” servants. Failure is not an option with their god.

Nowhere is this evil brotherhoods cockroach like pathology to hide from the light more evident than in the case of Father Carlo Crespi a Catholic priest in Cuenca, Ecuador, who befriended the local Quechua Indians. The priest lived in poverty and served their community with saintly devotion. As a token of their gratitude the Indians brought him gifts from the depths of the impenetrable jungle that they call home. 

In father Crespi’s collection there were golden plates bigger than blackboards, depicting unearthly scenes of pyramids, ziggurats and temples, swarming snakes everywhere, Griffiths, elephants and dinosaurs all engraved on gold, silver that did not tarnish and a malleable metal alloy unknown to modern science. Eric von Däniken in his 1973 book Gold of the Gods shows a picture of a stone disk from Crespi’s collection portraying a lion and a snake in accordance with Aleister Crowley’s list of Gnostic saints, the valiant men who have carried the war against the darkness through its own epoch. Crowley calls his saints “Sons of the Lion and the Snake!” 

All of the artifacts are thousands upon thousands of years old. When the Indians were asked where they got them from they told tales of tunnels with walls as smooth as glass, hidden in the eastern jungle, big enough to drive trucks through. Fantastically decorated walls and abandoned cities that still glowed in an eerie blue incandescence. 

The artifacts have a distinctly Egyptian, Sumerian and Phoenician appearance and are inscribed in hieroglyphs and Paleo Hebrew. Wayne Hamby in his 1977 book Voices From The Dust shows a picture of what would be about a cubit long solid gold plate depicting a pyramid flanked by flora, elephants, cats and writhing snakes on each side with a sun over it. Its inscription is in Paleo Hebrew and should have proved once and for all that the Jews were the Phoenicians. 

If you try to Google the book you will find excrement has been smeared all over the search. This time it’s Donnie Osmond; Voices in the Dust. Google apparently feels the third rate singer whom was relegated to obscurity almost a half century ago is more relevant than the most important archeological find ever. It doesn’t just stop there. Father Crespi’s museum in Cuenca was burned to the ground twice; in 1962 and in 1974 destroying much of the priceless collection. Upon his death the Vatican seized the rest and made it disappear but the pictures remain some on the bottom of this link. Still not satisfied Yahweh’s servants have spread the absurd rumor that the diminutive little Italian priest was the escaped Adolph Hitler and the artifacts the lost Nazi treasure.

In 1624 a man named Francis Bacon published a book in Latin titled The New Atlantis. Francis Bacon aside from being widely acknowledged as the father of empirical science is suspected by many to be the real identity of William Shakespeare, the poet laureate of the Rosicrucian. The book is strange and out of character for Bacon, a tale of voyagers lost off the coast of Peru who happen upon an uncharted island peopled by a race of super men.

After first being rebuffed they are shown mercy by the supermen who feed them and allow them a period of grace for convalescence. During that period a spokesman for the supermen teaches them the history of the island and of the past epoch of earth. The spokesman tells them that the islands inhabitants are mostly Christian but they grudgingly tolerate Jews who in turn grudgingly tolerate them.

The spokesman seems to be describing genetic engineering when he says of the animals of the island “We find means to make commixtures and copulations of divers kinds, which have produced many new kinds, and them not barren, as the general opinion is.” 

The spokesman goes on to say “Wherein we find many strange effects: as continuing life in them, though divers parts, which you account vital, be perished and taken forth; resuscitating of some that seem dead in appearance, and the like.” Of the flowering trees and fruits of the island the spokesman says they are made “greater and sweeter, and of differing taste, smell, color, and figure, from their nature. And many of them we so order as that they become of medicinal use.”

The marvels of the island are not limited to the husbandry of its flora and fauna. The spokesman says “We have also fair and large baths, of several mixtures, for the cure of diseases, and the restoring of man's body from putrefaction; and others for the confirming of it in strength of sinews, vital parts, and the very juice and substance of the body.” 

And hundreds of years before planes and submarines were even dreamed of by any but Leonardo da Vinci the spokesman says they have vehicles that “imitate also flights of birds; we have some degrees of flying in the air. We have ships and boats for going under water and brooking of seas,”

The inhabitants of the island also possess the power of illusion and can make the uninitiated see whatever they want them to see. They are administered too by a priesthood called Saloman’s House, named after Solomon whose lost books they possess. They remember times long forgotten by old world history when the Tyrians, Phoenicians and the Chinese navigated the earth with great fleets and the greatest of all the nations was Atlantis. 

A continent now called America which was drowned in a deluge when her rivers and streams overflowed. All the animals who could not dwell in the tree tops for an extended period were drowned along with most the people who slowly starved to death on the top of their buildings. “So as marvel you not at the thin population of America, nor at the rudeness and ignorance of the people; for you must account your inhabitants of America as a young people, younger a thou- sand years at the least than the rest of the world, for that there was so much time between the universal flood and their particular inundation.”

 Peter Wilhelm Lund and Charles Darwin were contemporaries. Lund, the founding father of Brazilian archeology and paleontology, was exploring the province of Rio de Janeiro when Darwin passed through in 1832. It is doubtful whether the brilliant Danish scientist soiled himself by even meeting with the English charlatan although Darwin would idolize Lund throughout his own career. 

Lund found and documented evidence of Viking settlement from the Orinoco River to the Rio de la Plata. This is acknowledged by academia yet no one seems to be able to produce that evidence. Stranger still; during the excavation of a cave uncovered by drought in 1843 Lund, by then the most preeminent archeologist of his day, found evidence of human coexistence with long extinct animals. The implications of his discovery were so disturbing that Lund would retire within the year claiming ill health. He would live another thirty seven years and never again return to Europe.

In a lost letter that has recently been found and published in Danish Lund describes how the bones, undisturbed from their ancient strata, had been sorted out with the skulls in one pile, fingers in another, each body part to its corresponding pile. All of the skulls had been neatly cleaved with one mighty blow from an axe like instrument. The remains have not been properly dated to this very day and you can bet they never will be. 

But nowhere is the desperation to preserve the secrets concealed in South Americas boiling jungles more apparent than in the story of Akakor. It’s hard to say where the story begins. Was it fifteen thousand years ago when the sky was filled with gleaming golden ships that scorched the plains below them with fire and caused the earth to tremble with the thunderous sounds they made? 

Or was it in the darkness of the earliest hours of WWII when SS men and their family’s disembarked from submarines at the mouth of the mighty Amazon River and made their way clandestinely into Brazil’s uncharted interior? There are few pictures to document this and no more eyewitnesses left to talk about it, only story’s handed down to the next generation of Brazilians who make their home on the untamed river. But the German intelligence agency Abwehr had many secrets and the Germans are efficient. The Germans have always been efficient.

Those who swear fealty to the energy of Othala come to know that working toward heaven on earth is heaven on earth. This runes vision of a united world is an inevitable impetus because of the power of ordinary, everyday, peaceful people interacting together in a mundane way, profound in its simplicity…

"Sauroman believes it is only great power that can keep evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folks keeps darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love." - Gandalf in The Hobbit

Treat others as you would like others to treat yourself - The Golden Rule

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