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Well Jack, thanks its all true every word. Fritz betrayed Adolph Hitler and then aligned with Schlomo for the post war world we have today.

The zombiefication? I witnessed that the other day while riding my bicycle as a guy got pissed off at me for not having a brightly-colored clown suit on. He even stopped before an intersection to block the road to get out and yell at me.

I told him to mind his own fucking business.

Crazy clown world Jack.

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The vaxxinated? Once I find out your vaxxed I think very differently about you to the point of avoidance.

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I dunno Jack.

I've tried to listen to this five times, and every time something happens to cut the recording. I'll try again later, but what I can say is that for anyone who follows my writing, I've pretty much stated the case for the injections leading to a cognitive decline for a while now, certainly long before anyone else said it.

I still find no reason to retract anything I wrote on this topic. If anything, it should be added to, but I don't like horror stories.


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When WW 2 was over they counted up how many jews were left after the war as I believe there were more jews in the world after the war?

Perhaps we could get that lovely Jewish princess Naomi Wolf on Jack Heart to fill us in on how that happened since jews claim the Nazis killed 6 million jews?

Well, our man Kaminski covered that fact really well however I just turned 65 and I have so little tolerance for bullshit as I can't imagine how Mr Kaminski feels at 78.

And so our dear young Loki facing prison on some sort of trumped up charge or other but of course Loki is a horrible young criminal because he is unvaxxed the horror how dare he not obey that fine Canadian establishment called a government!

And so our dear vaxx works in mysterious ways as it destroys human beings right in front of you and in time they will outnumber us and vote for laws criminalizing non vaxxination as its best to prepare accordingly.

So we look at Loki up in Cunukistan to see what is comming for the rest of us.

Just like in every zombie flick the zombies always out number the uninfected so our dear elites at least had the decency to warn us.

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For Kaminski`s last article.

The schlomosexuals over on the human won't let me post.

"Well heritic, we goy? All we have to do is wait them out and prepare accordingly like basic food and other preparations. Our little war will be won by being prepared for the right time and place to act the authorities? All vaxxed and will have plenty to do in the chaos so be ready to zig and zag in this world. Many are doomed and the rest that survive will be golems so get away from the vaxxed and have like minded people to hang with since all is not lost."

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