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I'm not going to comment on Putin, the man has lost any respect I had for him...

As for the coronation, the whole thing was a farse, a comedic pantomime.

He knows he was never supposed to be king, and everyday since I have journied to work driving past Sandringham where he has been in residence and there is a perpetual storm with biblical rain and thunder and lightening over that area of Norfolk, England. It's freaky, you have beautiful sunshine and clear skies then darkeness and rain for a six mile stretch before returning to blue skies. Every morning and every evening all week so far...

Not sure if this will work in America, but was aired last night here in the UK...


Gotta laugh about how staged this all was as if a joke was being played on the man who should never be king.


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What did they see??? - AC popping out of a bottle. Let's do a Top 10 of conjured things

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Like I said in another blog's comment section, Jack, clearly the Russians have been pulling their punches against the Ukraine from the beginning. Certain commentators have a plethora of reasons for this but to me they don't wash. An all out, no holds barred offensive from the get-go would have produced more casualties initially, but far less than a protracted conflict is doing by attrition and it would have been over quickly while the gargantuan show of force would have intimidated the pussy NATO nations and their little daddy, Uncle Saul. Like Mob bosses surreptitiously fixing a championship fight to go so many rounds for gambling windfalls when one fighter could easily take out the other in short order. Master Miguel Serrano was correct. The Hidden Hand is ubiquitous, permeating the nations of both the East and the West. That is why their saber rattling notwithstanding, they gleefully cooperate with each other on terraforming the planet with climate engineering preparing it for a habitation of those malevolent entities they take their marching orders from. Those fagots, bulldykes, trannys, Jews, crypto-Jews, and other assorted featherless bipeds at the coronation of "King" Charles (king of perverted scum) were gawking at Charles shape-shifting into a reptile while the crown on his lizard head transmuted into a yarmulke.

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Delusions? Like the ones internet national socialists see.

I listened to your expat amero trash talking about Russian politics. Slavequat? He pontificated two years ago about the vaxx pushed upon Russian peoples along with lockdowns. I posted links to his blog then.

They are all in on it as slavequat and the other dueshbag pontificates about the corruption of all world government leaders. And these two dueshbags thinking that the likes of Pepe Escobar will save the world?

This world is not worth saving however, as it burns all of you shall learn the power of Spirit as she gently guides us into it.

I see one of your dueshbags has a stunning woman at his side.

Much hope for him as he should seek and value her consul.

You show me I will comment and simply do not give a fuck what you think.

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They owe you Jack, that's all I have to say and perhaps why they pissed me off listening to them. One of those expats did joke about maybe a shape shifting alien does run the planet judging by how it's run.

Good to know that the gatekeepers of news from Russia are controlled by the Kremlin.

And the homo brigade of McGregor and Ritter. Always thought those boys were "funny"!

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A war of attrition is the best way to implement the most insane obsessions:


What a sadness, all these men fighting heroically...

I hope that the majority fight for those who are next to them rather than for all the pretexts of these vampires.

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