Fantastic diatribe! ...yet I still appreciate the likes of Jamblic & Proclus, & Plato. The Timeus & Critias, supposedly written by him, but otherwise authored by none other then Pléthon or just plain Ficino! The Republic with the undertones of how to get out of this mess, or how to please the demiurge & keep coming back into his delusional psychopathological infernal circle, eternally returning to get mud in the eyes: read the 8th & 10th Books. But I'm sure you know your classics! Plotinus in my yester years but that now at least for I dont read any longer. Perhaps because he didn't like those nasty gnostics?

Was A. Fomenko, another j-w? This realm is the wet dream of evil & misery! Has always been. The Princeps hujus mundi se régale comme on dit, ici...mais si on tue le chien les puces (parasites) meurent. If you kill the dog the fleas will die. If nature's superior soul abandons this "kingdom" of evil, well...we'll be gone to the next with our brothers in the Satya, the light VAJRA illuminating our secret awareness. Yet most likely we'll just come back again into this infernal wheel of time to slaughter once again its remnants. Because even the darkness we'll have to make it ours!

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I haven't seen the video yet, perhaps later! I prefer reading what you write than waisting my time with Joe the rogue!

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Thanks for finding & sharing this and for reinforcing accurate, factual information.

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Nov 4, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

Conway West formerly married to Kim K says its the ewes.

Ye Yea!

middle finger to the Jews.

Ye Yea? Great bumper sticker for the car now watch how the joo media destroys Conye West.

But the seed is planted in the Black Community Jack. West is a good man and we on Jack Heart need to support him.

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