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Last night I was mulling over the concept of original sin. I was understanding it as a kind of collective karma, or more precisely as a disempowered remnant of reincarnation.

Death is central to life in this world. If there is no death, then there is only a perpetual state. No death, no original sin, no reincarnation, and certainly there is no exchange and transformation of energy.

Original sin leaves us with a sense of hopelessness, and a justification for a lazy subsidence into the waiting arms of cozy authority. Original sin takes the result of previous actions and collectivizes them into an immovable concept.

We are right now in the midst of complete societal breakdown, death in a certain sense of the word. When we examine the methods and strategies of the self proclaimed leaders of this dying structure, we will only find new avenues for tyranny, punishment, and control.

Nothing here addresses the problem, it simply speeds and spreads the failure.

A pertinent question is how much longer this complex societal structure can absorb the punches from an adrenochrome guzzling psychopathy that believes the only way to run a society is into the ground.

Soon they will be able to contemplate their choices from far less lofty locales.

Death has not been conquered, by Christianity or any other collection of human effort. Death is not averted by devouring children,, and certainly not by accumulating cash. The society is dying, and this death will take with it this entire way of life.

There is no original sin, outside of minds scheming to possess a people, but everything under the sun has it's lifespan, and this iteration of human aspiration is reaching its end.

Tragedy, or breath of fresh air?

You decide.


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Just like 50 years ago Jack, first the event and a few days later the song above hits the radio.

Everything is bullshit.

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