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The boxer you mentionned during the Yellow Jackets uprising : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=649toUuqz7Y

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A little off topic - Warner's RESTRICT Act is yet another attack on the 1st amendment - going after VPN's now

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Thanks Jack,

I am watching jews take over my cycling community using the transgender Movement.

Sorry for my outburst on the human as it clearly shows my mental illness that jews are at any way at fault here.

Let Orage continue, as a cyclist was exposed to the gayboy network, you know invite the straight goy to an overnite cycling trip, no women allowed.

Right there I should have known.

Well gay men are vindictive when rebuked. So they whispered to each other and a campaign against me was started.

I left the ride at the Crack of dawn because the Evangelical Queen needed the car.

Made the mistake of riding to camp with one of "them" but my escape from "them" the humble bicycle.

130 miles to meet the queen and her princess, princess drove to the rescue.

Now they want your children and recruit them in your schools.

My Evangelical princess fills me in.

Degree in Education from University of Wisconsin.

Will avenge Frank Olson.

Tells me the vaxx is not enough.

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What is sad about today is that the British, German, and Russian people's are naturally, culturally, and spiritually allies of the highest order.

But we have been prevented by the usual suspects from being such for hundreds of years, despite brief moments of unity.

Sure the elite degenerates, like the British royal family, retained alliances and friendship with the elites of Germany and Russia, but imagine what a different world it would have been if Britain maintained a special relationship with Russia and Germany instead of America and Israel.

Likewise, despite centuries of animosity between the British and French, we too are one people, the celtic blood runs deep on both sides of the channel.

Vive la France, vive la revolution...

It is heart warming to see the bravery and action by our French compatriots, and it is long past due for such passion to be roused in the hearts of the people of Britain and Germany (in fact the whole of Europe - for I did not see any chance for Americans until its far too late. We may be apathetic in Britain, but we at least know what's happening and choose to not care, Americans are largely clueless and easily led - apologies to my American compatriots here, no offense intended, as you here are certainly and exception to the rule).

But, you make a salient point HP.

Throughout my life I have watched, and partaken in, protests, demonstrations, and civil disobedience which often ends up being infiltrated and directed away from the true target. We see it time and time again...

So, we need a change of tactics.

Mass protest, general strikes, and most importantly protecting each other is priority number one, whilst identifying and targeting specifically the architects of our displeasure and slavery, the banks, the lodges, the politicians, the media companies, and (at least here in the UK) the Lords and Royalty.

My brother in law is a cop, nearly completed his 30 year service and due to retire in a couple of years.

The other week whilst chatting about putting the world to rights he disclosed how a large number of police in the UK have had enough. It's illegal for them to strike or be unionised in the UK, whilst nearly every profession in the UK at the moment are partaking in rolling strikes.

What with the unfolding collapse of the integrity of the police, particulalry the Met (which really is old news), a lot of police are starting to change their opinions and my brother in law stated that the powers that be hace already drawn up plans for deploying the army under martial law should the police start to falter in their beliefs.

I asked him if a large enough number of police would side with the population in a uprising, and his answer was in the affirmative.

His actual words were:

'We've all been screwed over, those working in and those working without the system, are all played by the system. It's all rigged to keep us distracted and hating each other. The Empire is being maintained and expanded through the cover of immigration. Bring the people's of the empire to Britain and drive the British out to the colonies to develop business and enterprise that will still be beholden to paying taxes back in the UK.'

I don't necessarily agree with the last part, but it is clear that native Brits are being driven out of London, and ultimately the country, in favour of immigrants that are provided housing, work, and necessities when native Brits and freezing and starving to death with nothing.

When a Muslim can take the leadership position of the Scottish National Party, you know the oxymoronic reality we call life has reached the surreal point of no return.

The perps get away with it time and again, decade after decade, because we never truly cut the cancer root and branch from our individual countries...

That is what is needed today, for each country under the thumb of freemasonry and chosen people control, to take inspiration and heart from the French, and become lions...

If enough in each country can target the real enemy on their home soil and drive it out or drive it six feet under, then together we may stand a chance against the global parasites.

The tide is turning, and as always the French are on the breast of the wave, whilst the rest of us are still on the beach watching the sea...

P.S. Great word Romain, good to be able to read your work, thank you.

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What should Americans do? Vote with their feet and move to a like minded County minimum.

I live in Wisconsin which has two horrible counties controlled by the Democrat party, being Dane and Milwaukee counties.

These counties openly talk about the evil whites being the cause of America`s problems and further they push transgenderism as the goal for that perfect society as they talk of inclusivity as the goal. We include all but the evil white people.

Milwaukee city is 80% black surrounded by 19 suburbs which are 90% white with that number dropping by the day as anyone with two eyes can see that the Democrat party is anti white and pro homosexual culture. They are first anti white following a close second anti Christian.

In a nutshell blacks have been weaponized by jews and the Democrat party to hate white people.

Sorry Jack, but urban blacks when in the majority ruin any community with crime and violance since that crime and violance aids the Democrat party to take charge of these cities and counties.

I give you the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County which per capita for crime and murder is far worse than Chicago.

Next is Madison a woke liberal stronghold up until about 5 years ago was majority white.

Now? That city is 40% black brought in by land lords taking section 8 housing vouchers flooding Madison with Chicago gang bangers.

The liberal response? They simply moved to the small towns surrounding Madison driving up the prices and invading town boards setting up very exclusive housing rules.

Like home size, lot size, concentration of rental property.

All of course to bennifit themselves as they pontificate how inclusive they all are in their glaring liberal hipocracy.

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Are the French people willing to rebel against/reject the 500 billion that the French government extracts from their west African colonies, in the name of freedom, despite the fact that it would severely contract the French economy and their lifestyle or will they wish to continue their government's colonialism policy into war like the Portugese in Mozambique and Angola until they decided, like the French earlier and Americans over Vietnam, that the dead bodies of their sons is not worth the 500 billion?

Let's see how much liberty, equality, and fraternity the French have in their souls.

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