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First of all Jack and Phil, my new son in law is a former Marine and 17 of his buddies have been court marshaled out of the corps for not taking the vaxxine. Before court marshal the Corps gave them the shittist duty and the vaxxed morons harrased them at every turn. So for me I have a huge middle finger held up to the Marine corps.

Further, last year we buried my dearest friend a Marine corps veteran of Vietnam. He died of agent orange poisoning. Funny, I filled out his paper work for him 20 years ago to get compensation for his illnesses caused by agent orange. He got 38000 dollars.

We labored together at USpostal and yet at his wake and his obit there was not one mention of his Military service nor his over 50 years at USpostal by his widow and mind you I was at their wedding.

The US Military? Now pushing the vaxx for covid and court marshaling good men who refuse it.

Fuck the US Military. The only ones I respect are the ones that are out of it.

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Froglegs Jack? LOL

I await the frogs that want to take my legs. Then the war goes hot and local "problems" can be safely eliminated.

Hitler pal says this Need a back hoe

to bury local problems discretely

Just what I see.

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Well, I spent yesterday planting trees.

This was an act of great defiance to a government that created an entire branch of corporate contracting dedicated to burning forests to the ground.

I only spoke with those who wished to speak with me, with good intent.

Could it have been the look in my face?

Or was it the immense pain I felt.

Russia is not my enemy.

Nor Ukraine, for that matter.

Space Alien DC is no friend to anyone.

Yesterday, veterans day, I planted trees.


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A beautiful and meaningful act...

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Since I once liked and loved Americans more than my own people, thinking of them as more cool and much polite, I can understand your grief. Whether it is Russian or American lives, heroes and veterans, they are all somebody's child. BIlly Joel captured a nerve there when visitig the USSR in the eighties, maybe best described in his Leningrad-song.

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I could strongly feel your emotion Phil...

You must have helped a lot of veterans and experienced their distress.

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