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Oct 15, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

Love a good rant jack that microphone got a good mauling this week that Harry vox or a rottweiler would be proud of . Not a fan of bond movies!!!! I love the jokes in the scripts ,like when diamonds are forever was filmed then released and the Apollo program, and in the Spectre one where Blofeld looks up at the balcony and says coo-coo and how he was supposed to die in a skiing accident in 1967 the same year Dr Donald ewin Cameron died , Skyfall is loaded with bits about Alister Crowley and how a child came out of a priest hole with a highland estate lol , I remember Donald ewin Cameron putting cotton wool in my gums in the 70s vaguely! I never forget a face , 11 story blocks falling into their own footprint like they were made of sand with no internal structure of steel, just like in Maui where aluminium engine blocks and wheels run like in a foundry and the plastic near them was untouched I take it all the missing kids 2000 or so all turned up there then as there is fa on the news about it

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