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Angelica archangelica - The flower was supposedly given the name Angelica in the 14th century by Matthaues Sylvaticus who was visited by the Holy Spirit or an Archangel telling him to use the properties of the flower to ward off the plague or pestilence. He was most certainly visited by a spirit but that was the spirit of the flower 'The White hooded Maiden of the Mountain'.

The flower is called fjällkvanne in Sweden. Fjäll means mountain. The definition of Kvanne is a bit more obscure, the Proto-Indo-European word is 'kwenHd'. No known translation is found but the word for 'Woman' in Swedish is Kvinna. 'Kvan' in old Norse and 'kwenq' in Proto-Indo-European. Incidentally where the word Queen originated.

The spirit of fjällkvanne, the White Hooded Maiden of the Mountain, precariously balanced between two realms as if on a wave. She has dedicated herself to the task of sanctifying human existence, assisting the humans in anchoring our soul to this earthly plane, so that we might learn the path of service, dedication and sacrifice.

She offers light when in darkness, purpose when attachments or distractions seduce you away from the divine light. She is a warrior and strengthens your spirit so that you can persist. Offers clarity of your senses so you can recognize your calling while inhabiting this earthly plane.

You can taste the essence of her spirit in water. Go to a mountain in the north on the summer solstice, cut her flowers and set in a bowl of spring water. Leave it out during the midnight sun. Her memories are now downloaded in the water. Only a drop of the potion is needed then meditate to commune with her spirit. Her magick is strong and one need not fear the bacterial pestilence that has been let loose upon this earth.

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I was reading in the middle of the night and stumbled upon these gems of comments....welcome Sweden!

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