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Well Jack, your women are scary however, I like that cat because it sensed what they are and he was looking after you and for that he got killed?

So, Borman got the magic teapot? Explains a lot along with a private daemon? Then the jews put tRump in the Whitehouse in-service to her? Makes sense.

The thing with cats is their Spiritual creatures that contain a spirit in a hive body. I see this after our oldest cat recently passed on. That cats Spirit is still here watching over the house.

No kidding.

What do I know.

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Moral of the story. Everyone's waiting for two sadistically explosive lovers to bang it out so we can die happily ever after. In a semi-conscious state taking that euphoric stretch with a coffee and cigarette wondering, "What the fuck just happened?" That was one helluva dream. It almost felt real---almost...

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From the Hitler pal. Says Hi.

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