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All those pre payment meters this side of the pond jack use magnetism to figure out usage 7.47 am I hear mine draw back and anyone with half a brain can figure out a way round them not a problem here paying my bill lol 30 year veteran in shoving it back in their faces , they try commando raids on mine to see if they can catch me out and to see if they can stop their faults getting known you get hit harder than kiddie fiddlers playing with the gas and electricity meters here , but it was nice of them to place me with a street light at the front and back of my property which is 240volts like our house supply lol. Nobody who comes to mine ever moans of the cold it's more like Bermuda in here lol 28 centigrade and the heating is not even on

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Well, our NSA perhaps is still loyal to the constitution if producing brother Nathaniel since his prescription for a treatment for America`s sickness would work.

The patient is on life support with their doctors all graduates of American affirmative action schools with the worst of the worst put in charge.

However, our dear vaxxine program is a true blessing in disguise and it truly is with the enemies of that constitution the most vaxxed as I certainly laugh out loud now.

I laugh at them even more as they double down on one failed policy after the other and I simply wait out my local vaxxed Bulshevik enemies Jack.

As that great Irishman Tip O`Neil once said "all politics is local" and that is where the game is played.

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