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Jesus Jack! (pun intended). You had me in stitches. Like good wine, you keep getting better with age. I could never understand why fundamentalist Christians wail about how satanic pagans are for indulging in blood sacrifices when their faith is based on the very same fucking thing. Oh well, the demon god of the Yids must have his loosh. Further, I've found that fundamentalist, bible thumpers are among the most hypocritical, unforgiving, and malicious specimens of homo sapiens on the planet. Like Master Serrano said, with the advent of Christianity, Europe lost its memory. Along with much help from the Tribe on that issue of course.

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Should we really expect anything less from a Jesuit (although speaking truthful elements comes as a surprise)?

I feel fortunate living in the UK, where the religious nut jobs are largely confined to the fringe, unlike in America. Sure, we have our issues with the scourge of multi culturism, ghettos of different faiths, and the habitually stupid, but by and large these days most people are either atheist or agnostic...

That is most have lost all faith and hope in the face of reality. Apathy is the norm.

It is clear that the poisonous self proclaimed lords of earth are in high gear at the moment pushing through their agenda. Is that because they are loosing some traction? Or are things speeding up for the end game?

We have all been straight-jacketed into servile compliance for far too long. Be it church, state, society, even family life. Everything has been sterilised and neatly labelled and boxed (for its own safety of course), but the prisons are shaking right now.

More and more individuals are realising the cage they have been trapped inside is made of paper, a thin veneer that only provides the illusion of entrapment (at least physically, yeah the cops and state apparatus are a formibale obstacle, but nothing compared to Saturn and the forces we truly face - but then, one life at a time).

The people are reaching the ends of their tethers, and most are on the brink of having nothing to loose anymore, and as we all know - once you have lost everything and have no reason for restraint then the beast arises, and as we are all cornered dogs right now, there is only one way to go...

The abrahamic faiths will not be missed, however the thought of a one world religion is even more terrifying, history shows what happens when faith and superiority/sole authority raise their ugly heads...

Thank you for sharing Jack, but if lead always cancels gold - then the only recourse left is to cancel lead in its entirety - which is I suppose the divine plan anyway...

Maybe we really do have the ringside seats to the Chinese curse of living in interesting times...

It certainly feels like things have been getting stranger and stranger in recent times.

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Excellent, short but sweet read...

What I like about you: BRUTAL honesty.

Honesty, loyalty, and empathy is what really resonate with me...

If you don't have these three traits for me you could be a robot and I really dont wanna waste my time on you...

I was once convinced maybe we can reason with them, no they what to kneel on their knees and worship this and that deity,it is like visiting the therapist and all your works/deeds that are highly questionable and have no place in the true world can be embursed and blame shifted on other members of your "Tribe"

Religion is life without responsibility, without conscience, without SOUL.

If you don't have SOUL (OWL-You can see in the "DARK", you can recognize the DARK/EVIL) what are you then? a DERO... autonomously engineered created bastard who thrives on other people's misery and suffering, it has no responsibility or loyalty to no ONE.

Put your feet together and spread your hands, and you will find out you already have the Cross you don't need another. If you do ...you will be double-crossed and my friend this is a fate I don't wish to put even on my enemies.

If you lead your life right you are already are SON(SUN) of the GOD it is that simple and you will shine and glow even when this world turns into darkness.

"You Will Know Them by Their Fruits" NO- They will know you by your deeds", you will be worthy, you will be seen...You will deserve your place to walk among the gods, it is all an inversion as always.

If you take the cross, you will be an obedient DOG/GOD.

This is where the "DOg eats DOG" mantra comes from and people are proud of that...

You could be GOD but you chose to lie, steal betray another GOD if you do that you will be just another junkyard DOG and your MASTERS will be known.

This fact above represents why existence in Cities is more miserable right now than in Rural areas.

I hope this will gave you some insight if not all good,

and I am sorry if I made any writing mistakes, I have no time to run this essay through any spelling engine.

I speak many languages but English is probably my Achilles heel in the world of languages, so don't get grammar Nazy on me, thank you.🙃

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Come on Jack 100,000. Plywood nativity scenes can’t be wrong.

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... in despite of all that perhaps there are some very lovely eskimo ladies, who could wear a bikini in some igloo (in the south of France at this moment, that wouldn't at all be bothersome, but unfortunately there's only rain & no snow! ... must be quite a sexy thing! The best looking eskimos girls look like japanese beauties. Without bikinis if they're pretty, it's even a better bargain!!!!!

& BEWARE to all Satanists! Even upside down Peter looks like Francis right side up!

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A compelling chastisement.

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Your Loki's readers are a little thick.

I am discussing this very subject with them on the human but all they can do is quote VT the same faggots you are talking about here.

First as I mention briefly, in NS Germany, Adolph Hitler was the leader of the Church and that leader first cleaned up the Church by getting rid of the jew and once that was done he cleaned up Berlin and made that into a proper German city.

Next he removed the jew from the labor union and dared to say that money was not the source of German power but her people.

You see the Church is dead since the jew removed its best leader Adoloh Hitler and put in his place a homo transgendered clergy.

There is no more Church.

I explained this over on the Human to Loki`s thick readers.

This is the jew world order and we all are behind enemy lines.

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Yes Jack, the demented Bible belt Christians. Me and my Hitler pal now openly share Kaminski's "The Hitler test" with our dear demented thumpers.

Some are coming around but not many since the church is dead and Adolph Hitler was her best and last leader.

The only purpose of his Church was to reign in the jew. Now the jews that murdered Jesus and hung him on a stick will do the same thing to America and they will have not a clue.

Remember Dresden as my German father would not let me forget.

If they had any sense they would take those empty sticks and beat the jews to death with them. But that will never happen.

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One of the most astounding things that I have ever read Jack.

I will never put down or say anything bad about the Jesuits Jack.

Who am I? Nobody with an internet connection.

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Nice work, Jack.

The Flavian dynasty devised a Psy Op to pacify some slaves who were continually causing problems in a certain area that the Empire ruled. The Psy Op designers understood a slave's incessant need to search for strength in something other than themself and to abdicate their inherent creative power for the sake of the empowerment and prosperity of their 'master.' A religion was born. As artificial as a wax apple. The etymology of the word religion is the Latin 'religare' -- to bind. Interestingly, there is a similar meaning to the origin of the word Fascism; the fasces are 'bound together.'

One system for the Earth, today.

One system for the Heavens, tomorrow.

Both systems are deriving strength from the nullification of individuality, and the conformity of thought, of its slaves/followers.

The Psy Op has spread like a malignant fungus. Neutralizing the instinctive need to create in its followers. Allowing them to become blank canvases for their Slavemaster's paintbrush.

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