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Thanks Jack, a good read, as an foreigner to all things American, this gave me an insight as how things are run in the US.

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Jack, I was cooking on the grill with the TV on when the story broke in Highland Park IL. They said that they got the man, who was black and he was shot dead, and they cut to an interview of the cousin who said why was he shot while unarmed.

Then they went to a doctor who talked about horrific injuries caused by high powered rifles. Then they went to a comercial and when back another breaking story on how the shooter evaded the police and was on the run. Minutes later they flashed a picture of the current perp on the screen and declaired a man hunt was in progress.

All of this I saw in person in about 15 minutes as the narrative was flipped right on the fly and then went to lockstep on to the current story.

And the current perp.

Happy fourth of July.

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I do agree with the article. I've always thought the "Pledge of Allegiance" was a state sponsored mantra that is full of untruths! One Nation Under God, Indivisible! Rubbish! Each state according to the Constitution is it's own sovereign country. Indivisible? Well I guess Lincoln proved that to be true being he became a complete dictator with the southern aggression of when the states exercised their legal options according to the constitution.

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The mainstream media should be the first to be targeted because, as you say, they are the mortal enemies of the people. What is being generated around this Supreme Court decision is a perfect example of how the real issues are being hidden, purposely camouflaged to bring to the forefront a controversy around a secondary issue whose only purpose is for emotionally manipulable people to beat their chests, divide and then kill each other to better amuse the vampires - all the while advancing the agenda.

So-called federalism is really just a way of drowning individual expression and genius in neutralizing groupthink. People are then swept along in a powerfull current that is beyond them, that robotizes them, and that was not generated by them.

This is exactly what has been speeding up here in Europe for the last few years to reach the peak of the last 2 years with that bitch von der Leyen, who hides less and less well the fact that she looks like a ghoul.

The awful cold and dull steel statue of Europa and Zeus in his animal form next to the European Parliament in Strasbourg where I live is a subtle way to humiliate us as Europe ends up being raped. It is also in a dead end that leads to the "Winston Churchill" entrance to better point out where the rape comes from on a geopolitical scale. The maids of Europe were afraid of this white bull, but not her, and this is the result.

It's probably the same menacing animal disguise that is depicted in front of Wall Street, a former slave market place, to better emphasize that your country has also been screwed to death by parasites. But since it's golden, that's reason enough to worship it and for the untermensch to sell their neighbors before they end up prostituting themselves in the end.

Sadly, it is no longer the fertilizing symbol of the Goddess but a ruthless trampling beast, as we should be to solve this problem.

Anyway, it's a positive thing that there are so many uninjected people in America. That's 10 million more than all the people living in my country. That's more than enough. The whole challenge is to get together and organize now. The last few years have shown us the need to regroup and abandon those empty shells we lived with. Small, decentralized, autonomous communities will be formed more and more. This is probably the only way to deal with a centralizing machine and its human waste. It is very good at killing itself already. We just have to stay away and focus on survival and helping each other.

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