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Well Jack, My Hitler pal cannot be reasoned with on the Borman faction, you see he is an expert on the Third Reich because of youtube and now bitchute. I can plainly see the effects of the internet as a weapon and yes you are correct about the craven American gun owner however, giving up guns with the era of forced vaccination?

The best case scenario would be a full out economic collapse and that 5g switch to get pulled to eliminate the marxist vaxxed hoards. It would be hard but with them gone the society could be fixed but I don't see that in the cards.

They will send the vaxxed hoards to do every evil that Schwab and his ilk can dream up.

My Jewish pals? They are all for transgender issues to be forced on children to be "inclusive" and how dare anyone question the concept?

That vaxxine is clearly a mind control weapon as why would that be eliminated? The morons believe and follow every order the TV tells them to follow.

We shall see how this plays out however, as an unconnected individual all I Can do is look out for my family and guide them through the storm.

I personally am not worried as a way will be created to survive since it's the nature of the universe and that wave function and that is the creative Spirit of the universe.

Just an observation based opinion.

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Too bad that nice old Ukrainian lady down the road who always wants to share home made perogies wasn't involved in politics. Instead we get this in Canada...

Canada and the Banderites


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Here is a quiet some extensive research on the Pilgrims Society


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We are standing at the edge, taking one last look around before the plunge.

This is the demand for consecration of Fatima.

Who is Mother, Sister, Lover Child.

The dark of the divine feminine.

The misuse of power.

The deranged rejection of gender.

The terror of endless illness.

In the moving image of eternity, everything has it's day, even the Goddess, the second of the dyad, that the people see as the first, whose emanation is distorted through a looking glass bringing mockery and devastation.

The genius is jailed, she dismisses his plight.

Angry men acting like apes, raging up at genius, sneering at him as he gets ready to leave the dream.

The distortion of the divine feminine.

The standing on the edge.

No mere rite of passage, for mankind.

We will see who wants to be human.

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Speaking of gender bending cyclists, I saw a pair dressed alike, riding during the day with blinding headlights on a bicycle trail.

I was sitting on a bench drinking an illeagle beer when they approached I said "young man loose the lights" as they passed I noticed that they were two women with short cropped hair with tight suits for aerodynamics.

To ride on a gravel bike trail?

Well Jack, one of your great commenters posted that once all the over 60 whites pass all bets will be off for America's republic with the browning and gaying of the mass demographic.

The question begs to be asked as why not just party and watch it all swirl the drain?

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Jack, here is an example of evangelicals and why Chuck Baldwin calls for sending them to camps.

The Stanly family? Been grifters for decades like Graham.

They are all for Israel and the vaxxine Jack and they support trump however, the support of tRump affects the grift revenue hence Andy, the son is moderating the position a bit to be more "inclusive" as most of these grifters are in the closet queers.

Then their are the small local churches that don't dwell on the issues like Israel since they all know that Jews are a major problem as they look at family economics and basic survival.

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Banned comment on the Human as please be advised that my content could potentially offensive. You have been warned as read at your peril:

Let us go to the Church of "Vox" for an informational on our dear Jews that some say killed Christ however, that's debatable as the dear .gov of the time sure had a reason to get rid of him.

Mr. Vox is advising all of us in abusive relationships to call the hot line for abusive relationships most likely staffed by an African American princess reading a Jewish script. Let us listen as our dearest Harry preaches truth to the choir.


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I am beginning to think that white people are seriously retarded. Why do they vote for Democratic politicians? Look at all American cities that they control now they want to turn the LGBTQ+ people loose to finish the job as trust me tyranny will come from that bunch of faggots those democrat politicians support.

Well, lets look at my home town of Milwaukee whom just elected its first black Democratic mayor. Milwaukee is suffering from record black crime and please call me a fucking racist for telling the truth.

Young armed black males roam the streets of Milwaukee mostly shooting each other but also hitting our new trendy cool sports district that follows the Milwaukee bucks basketball team. Many whites travel down to that district to be part of one of the best basketball teams in America of course bought and paid for by our local billionairs. No one seems to ask the questions as to why the tax payers have to pay for the facilities that the Bucks use? Perhaps I am a racist.

With the 1.5 billion dollars it took to build that bucks facility the city could have rebuilt every house in the city many times over yet the city has an old out dated water system with lead pipes that poisons most of the city especially targeting our African American community. Yet no one says one thing about it as long as we get to see our very tallented players shoot up our dear basketball court.

We have young black men shooting up the basket ball court and young black men shooting up the community outside the vaunted "dear district" as I have to say well done to our dear African american community.

However, our tRump supporting white community? Me thinks that 5 dollar gas might fix their retardation. But of course when you are retarded one can never ever get what is going on. LOL

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This may be a little off topic but I'm angry. I'm angry that everyone isn't angry. I'll try to stay on topic. Nazis in our cheerios? Fucking rights! Feels like we haven't seen the sun here in the PNW Canada in a fucking year. Any glimpse of blue is instantly trailed over. Can count five jets leaving expanding trails in eye sight at any given time when the sky is clear. Just jets mind you, trails everywhere. Seen three side by side today. Even if these jerks are just joy riding on our dime without the chem/contrail conversation I'd still be pissed.

The plants and trees seem to be in stasis not knowing what to do waiting for summer. It's retarded. When Covid was the bling term the jets seemed to slow down, when the war started the jets went nuts not to mention whatever the hell is going on to cause these weather patterns around us. Massive vortex sitting in the Pacific Ocean for months now that no one seems to talk about to explain why all we get is rain. El Nino or whatever gets coverage but we get as much rain as in 90 years? Crickets. Tomorrow will be 7 degrees Celsius below average temp. Raindrops the size of nickels, elsewhere in the world drought. Biolabs ringing the world and Monsanto crops that nothing natural can survive near. Wish "science" could just back off and leave us be right now.

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