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Their "Playbook" is on the net so not too many will be fooled and ya.. black/black I get it. IF they want black/white easy peasy lots of mind controlled automatons.

Bigger question is when will the "illegal alien" standing army that has walked across your borders show its hand? Be a very interesting next few months.

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I was a taxi driver in L.A. in the 70's; was 19, 20 years old. I even taught others to learn how to do in the suburbs. Especially one very young black teenager, just out of high school. Who was really a wonderful young man. I was barely older than him, 2 years +! Believe me at that time it was really rough for the cops in black & white. There was absolutely no racism!!!! Blacks & whites worked together to keep the peace. Pasadena, Altadena, Encinatas, Alhambra & Motown West L.A.. A lot of awful poverty! But people in spite of all that were clean, kind & polite. It was incredible. In the city buses, people were HUMAN! I mean they had compassion for others!!! What ever their mortal skin colour!!!!

There were dead men hanging on trees at the time. Because of some gangster deal not honored! You'd go to work at Seven 30 in the morning and they were swinging from some tree by the road side. At the gates of DOWNTOWN L.A. ! Examples of Cholo Merci.

Children chopped to pieces , put into plastic bags, in the Chicano barrios: at the time;..... had been counted at least 26 dead little kids, found in black plastic bags, in the Mexican area!!!! And that's where I drove old beat up taxis, for Checker Cab at tha time. 80 dollars a day for them, and what was over the top was for me, taxes included. Couldn't drive the next day if I didn't pay the 80 bucks.

Yet the police were good hard working fellows, honorable men. Family men. They were tired, really really tired, but in spite of all that they were polite and considerate!

But that was the 70's.

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Well Jack, like I have said before get out of any American city.

Everything seems to be unraveling for them and urban unrest is surely coming along with war on America's outside the country.

They want war with Russia and they want war on America's streets. In America your lucky if you got a few friends and family as I will join no cause or fight for anybody other than family or friends.

America never was America anyway ever its always been for the rich.

BLM and calling all whites privileged? Perfect divide and conquer routine for the powers that be.

Most whites can't pay rent if you haven't noticed rent has doubled since covid.

All this by design.

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Chaos is the natural state of ignorance.

Ignorance causes us to grab for straws that we believe are strong enough to hold up our world, but they never are. So our worlds are falling all the time.

Globalism is the selling of straws, the deception that their straws are so much better.

Ignorance is best served by their pathological declaration that we all need more straws.


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Not good bike trail up here to the north of where Mother Earth gives birth to the Father of Waters. Maybe 500 miles as crow flies to Lake Michigan. Might be possible to canoe or kayak from Fon du Lac in the St.Louis river basin along the south shore of Gitchee Gumi over to Mackinac island and then down passage of Lake Michigan. Long trip. Bring fishing lures and plenty food. Water is clean and free through most of Gitchee Gumi, but not so sure about Michigan Lake. Plenty pollution maybe.

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