More theatrical idiocy from the Cryptocracy. The gooks don't need a balloon to spy on the U.S. They have 300 satellites constantly in orbit and a good one third of those have military applications. They can read car license plates and the lettering on a pedestrian's T-shirt. They can eavesdrop on inner White House conversations and hear Puppet-in-Chief Joe struggle to read the simple phrases on the cue cards the Jews put in front of his vegetable face. Further, there are millions of Chinese in Soviet America. Many are in very high level positions in the government, finance, and the military establishment. How many of these do you surmise are Red Chinese communist cadre sleeper agents? I would say more than a few. And the slants have to dispatch a stupid, slow moving balloon that even the featherless bipeds on the ground notice, to spy on the U.S.? Please Mr. Jew, try something else. That is so pathetic it's not even funny.

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What a farse...

I wonder, what exactly are they trying to prep the American public for?

Or are the American military so rattled by recent experiences that they're hunting stray balloons from birthday parties?

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In the South land where are the men? Are you going to let a homosexual base comander and a local police chief bully a woman who opposes transgenderism taught to her children in the NJ public school system?

If so you are not men but cowards.

So, your pension and pay checks are more important? Seems so.

Police and military are enemies of we the people and its best to prepare accordingly.

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