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I think it was in the 1980s that a man in New York City was mugged by two slimebags and two NYC cops ("New York's Finest") just stood there watching it and did nothing. The victim got their names and badge numbers and proceeded to sue the NYPD and the City of New York. The case eventually wound up in the New York State Supreme Court wherein it was ruled that the police have no lawful obligation to protect the citizenry and the court then tanked the lawsuit. A search on this issue will reveal many courts in Scumerica ruling likewise. This posits the obvious question. Joe & Mary Sixpack believe the cops are there to protect them but it has been amply demonstrated they are not. So what are they there for? To control them at the behest of the ruling class or shadow government. The patch that cops wear on their arm reads, "To Protect and Serve". Adroitly it leaves out the most important part. It should read, "To Protect and Serve the Oligarchs." That is the raison d' etre of the police.

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The earliest forms of law enforcement in the UK date back to the Middle Ages, where it was expected that all subjects of the crown helped to maintain law and order within their communities based on the ancient laws of Great Britain.

This originated from the ‘Posse Comitatus’ formed during the 9th century coupled with the establishment of the Sherriff’s Office which committed all freemen of the country to bear arms to protect and maintain the laws of Great Britain and deliver offenders to the Sherriff’s office (oh if only this was still the case).

By the 1200s, these (early) law enforcement officials were given the title of Watchmen, later followed by Constables.

They were governed by individual town authorities (which is when they stopped serving the people through the crown, instead serving the crown through the nobility/wealthy).

Watchmen and Constables were unpaid roles and each man took the post for a period of one year. However, all subjects of the crown were still responsible for reporting crime. If someone witnessed a crime, it was their duty to advise the watchmen/constable of the offence and it was then the duty of all men to assist to catch the offender and bring them to justice, this was called ‘Hue and Cry’ which was later abolished in the 1800s.

In England by the early to mid 1700s due to an increase in crime during the night hours, town authorities’ local improvement acts authorised for watchmen and constables to be paid to patrol the streets at night to combat increasing crimes rates.

In 1737, a further parliament act was passed which improved and organised the night watch (and from them the police force and so we have what we have today, the Corporation of London's private legal bully boys in blue, who serve anything but the interest of the people).

And woe betide anyone raising a 'Hue and Cry' in the name of justice today... If they dared, the boys in blue would serve them their comeuppance...

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Biggest street gangs in the world are the Police. Basically a "standing army" on the take.

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To think in my youth I wanted to grow up and become a police officer to actually protect and serve. Had it not been for that mysterious friend I had behind me unraveling what would become of them. Even the military wasn't safe in my time. Nothing has been safe and everything shown was proven true in time leaving so many stupefied with little guidance on where to begin to unravel the knot we find ourselves in.

Funny enough I was playing Deutschland Uber Alles in the car the day before this happened thinking of better times and times that someday can still be. Nearly two score have passed me by and my heart still bleeds from the treasonous blade between my shoulders protruding from my chest. They can have the blood dripping on the ground. What I need is the fires of vengeance in its place.

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Good work, Jack. Halfway through Leviathan which reads like Mickey Spillane meets Stephen King on Meth. And LSD.

I'm in awe of so-called 'awake' people who still seek any kind of satisfaction in the Left/Right paradigm. The true rulers of this world have it sewn up. They supply the forums, the candidates, and the propaganda. Democracy wouldn't work even if it were a real option. We have too many idiots who believe what they see on TV and have nothing better to do than stand in a long line waiting to push a meaningless button.

The 'raid' in Germany seems like their version of 1/6/21 in a slightly different package. Your opinion of Putin is correct. There is no savior coming from the outside. People will have to look inward for their salvation. Unfortunately, that is the last place many will look.

Keep up the excellent writing, Jack. I enjoy your cousin's work, too.

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