On the rich diet, and probably he is herded around using aerosol traps like everyone else. Reagan had to sleep 18 hrs a day there. Maybe they all have look alikes, There is a book back in late eighties proving Trump died in a helicopter shuttle crash along with some high rollers. So they all must have doubles and more look alike fill ins. Around half of men over a certain age all have some amounts of protate cancer, which is best left untreated if you want a fairly normal life. But yeah, this targeting by the internationalist khazar, phoenician, caanites or whatever they are called, The houses of the hurl, nebulizer houses, there being eight i can count here, i can watch them hurl it over the fence lines, from my IR night cameras, invisible by day but leaves tiny almost imperceptable tiny sticking up clear gel pin point size dots on everything. Switching places with 911 operators. ptech bunch. they feel they have the right to gas anyone or everyone. So it morphed in their terms would be a parley to global flu, very powerful bio supremecists, bent on revenge of their cut weenies IMO.

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Well Jack, just love your show however, that the whole family, Queen included. Will watch the continued circus of what i post

American Nukes? Will never go off.

Please pay attention as their I s a plan

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In 1969, a Dr. Richard Day, crony of the Rockefeller empire, gave a speech at a private symposium. All attendees were told that tape recorders, cameras, and note taking was strictly forbidden. One doctor in the audience managed to surreptitiously take notes anyway. Dr. Day predicted what is going on today. Never let it be said that the Controllers don't plan for the long term. Regarding Cancer, he said they have cures for any cancer but they are under lock & key. Why? Because there are too many people in the world, they're going to die anyway, so let them die sooner with cancer to help reduce the global population. Who knows what else these demons have under lock & key? With all respect, Jack, Joe Biden hasn't done anything. That senile, perverted, demented cocksucker can barely read simple phrases on the cue cards and the teleprompters the Jews put in front of him. I doubt he could find the White House bathroom unless an aide led him there by the hand. Everything that has transpired under "his" administration has been perpetrated by the criminal scum who put him in office.

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"not for nothin" but here goes and this is just my observation. No way, no how anyone could or can be as incompetent as JB. Let alone have the bagman crack head son in the media everyday. Dont even get me going of "legs up word salad" KHarris! People running the show are not that stupid neither is the A.I.

I really think JB is just an avatar and a fake construct and "its" job was to wake up the last of the "viable" sleeping salvageable beings here in the west. Alternatively JB's role also is to mock the sheeple (aggulations?) that believed in all the Gov't BS... Fair and free elections, Gov't is not corrupt FBA/CIA etc are there for the people and are beacons of trust.. Land of the free home of the brave (land of the thief home of the slave) the vaccine will save you! Church can do no wrong.. etc etc etc.

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Whomever, or whatever Joe Biden is doesn't matter any longer, because the goal of irreparable damage to the USA, and the empire it identifies with has been achieved.

The question that should be looming in the minds of those who are being lined up to feed the parasite is a simple, but profound one. What happens when your government, which today is literally everything in society, commits suicide?

Are you going to climb aboard the over the cliff express?

Are you going to follow their orders, to destroy yourself?

This is hardly hypothetical. It is right now, the central mission statement to the last of the people in self inflicted disaster called the west.


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Let us not forget the lessons of Steven Hawkins who seemed to live far beyond the shelf life of MS only to begin to grow entirely new lower teeth. Every government has its stand in, look a-likes to continue the political ruse.

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