whoever had power, bullied, tortured and butchered the other in that corner of the world. Galicia changed flags seven times last century. Historical also called the graveyard of armies

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"Some NATO experts call these missiles Russia’s most terrifying weapon, apart from nuclear weapons. Although, “Iskander” can be equipped with a nuclear warhead, and then it really becomes a “sentence” for Europe.

Let’s start with the fact that “Iskander” is not a missile in itself (like “Kinzhal” or “Kalibr“) – it is a whole missile system. That is, in addition to the launcher, it also includes a bunch of other equipment: a loading vehicle, a command post, a repair vehicle, a life support vehicle (barracks on wheels), a reconnaissance vehicle, etc.

At the same time, this missile system is operational and tactical. What does it mean?" https://www.stalkerzone.org/what-iskander-missiles-are-how-they-differ-from-kalibr-kinzhal/

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May 19, 2022Liked by Jack Heart, Orage

Thanks for the accurate info/news on the Ukraine Hellfront!

Check out "The Benders" from 1967 BBC https://youtu.be/Z3LvtiV38X0 "Nothing is real"

Get out my guitar and play! Just like yesterday! and I get on my knees and pray....WE DON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN! NO NO...

HAHA how about the Bush Blunder yesterday....he wasn't wrong! LOL


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That "vaunted" American military if unleashed on the American people will suffer the same fate as attacking Russia.

The shitty equipment vs Americans with better more reliable weapons combined with pissed off rural communities that know the "woke" feds hate them and add the stolen elections plus the shit corprate jobs and forced vaxxines.

Now 5 dollar gas with the Feds first sending 32 billion than 40 billion to the black hole of Ukraine.

Wait till China has their own sanctions in retaliation as there goes that cushy American lifestyle. Best to be far from any American city.

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Something really bothering me today, word is that a small contingent of Azovs have yet to surrender. Apparently their CO released a 17 second video in which he stated they were performing an operation. I hope this doesn't mean what I believe it to mean. I would hope that they might find it far more productive to merely destroy the facilities.

There are protections in place, as we're see with the GMO shots, but this doesn't mitigate all damage.

Anyhow, the day of the official Zelensky surrender draws nearer, despite various American Nellies screaming about the power of the M777 artillery.

Like all things in the west, appearances can be deceiving.

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Jack, was perusing the MM site and that man is a good egg. For real. I mean read the account of his retirement from the .gov. That's pretty much how mine went except his was way worse as it seems who would fall for the sales pitch of the US Military or its intel agencies now? Seriously, those in charge of US .gov would sell their own mothers to be whores if not out right murder them.

Look what they did to MM and now I know why he is an ex pat in China. They treat him way better than America ever did.

MM says we get the sniffles from covid and a forced mRna vaxxine but the Chinese get deadly pathogens from all the laboratories surrounding China as he says America is the war monger and now I see propaganda on the net about how China has millions of men upon cargo ships waiting to invade America well, It would be cheaper for the Chinese to wait for the depop and when the .gov changes simply buy food from that population of farmers that will be left to till the land.

A flipping win win....

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Asovstal surrender story: Vlad reveals, surprisingly, “You know. when this war is over, I would be happy to go out with Dmytro and have a drink with him.”

“You forgive them?”

“No. But I like him. We had a lot of things to talk about.”

“What about him do you like?”

“Well, he was the only one of them who didn’t pretend to be a cook. He was honest with me. He is a worthy adversary.”

“But we defeated them.”

“True. But it was a really tough job.”


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Well Jack, my vaxxed pro forced vaxx cycling pal tested positive for covid last Tuesday. He is on his second booster shot so, I asked him if we skip covid testing like republican counties do won`t covid go away? LOL

He never pays any mind to my sarcasm since I am incapable of following "the science" yet his "science" says that men can be women and race bicycles in women's categories.

I asked him to provide "science" on the helmet issue, you know those dainty helmets cyclists wear? Apparently riding without a helmet puts the other cyclists in the group at risk similar to masks and vaxxines as I have been told the science is absolute on these basic issues.

Well as MM says be the Rufas and so I shall attempt to smile and be kind in the midst of the idiocracy surrounding me


A vaxx observation? An absolute explosion of diabetes in a number of fully vaxxed and boosted friends and I mean type one needing full insulin injections to control blood sugar.

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