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I guess the jab knocks out pattern recognition so many don’t notice the obvious obsession with shoes, the endless number games, the little “mistakes” put in to stir the pot. Come on guys change things up a bit. This is so boring.

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Judging from that list of RINOS, we are once again informed that there is a two-party duopoly of pro$titicians who are on the take from the WarDefense Industry (military industrial complex for those who prefer complications to the simple truth) and various other bad actors connected to the Deep $tate and to the Khazarian Mafiya and its Talmudist Agenda.

Is this a hail-mary pass or a full-bore attempt to shut down the most important sectors of the internet, those who dig deeply enough and speak truthfully enough, that honest understandings are presented to the general public...or at least to those of us who are awakeners rather than Wokies.

The fringe on top is getting a bit desperate as their Ukraine initiative is literally getting blown to bits; while constant disruption of America's infrastructure is derailing monster-long, undermanned trains, as well as major food processing facilities, are mysteriously being destroyed right across the fruited plain. And now this deeply faked tranny attack on a Christian school is thrown into the ring in order to continue with the ancient imperial doctrine of divide and conquer.

This year is gonna be one huge drama as significant elements of the public become more and more disillusioned with all major institutions, most specifically government, media and banking. The rot has set in, as the predatorial parasites, like so many termites who have chewed their way through the architecture that the beams have been opened to the elements.

When the Boomer IRA "investors" have suffered significant haircuts through market shenanigans, even that solid, stolid bunch of hard-working, but over mis-educated are getting their belief systems shattered, making the core of the society...the middle-middle class...begin to question aspects of their own cognitive dissonance...the fat has dribbled into the fire.

Though the mass media of misinformation and mindfuckery have largely prevented Americans from getting a solid handle of the situation in France, dribbles and drips seep on through the matrix. If the people of France manage to overcome the power of the state, it should be very difficult for the shot-callers to keep the lid on the kettle which is already in a simmering state.

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Jack, America is balkanizing as we speak. Me? If they pass this I won't pay 78 dollars a month for internet plus 3 dollars a month for VPN nor will I keep services like Netflix nor will I keep the smart phone.

That's like 350 dollars a month. If this passes the whole family will be moved to the Southland to join like minded people and wait for the war.

I don't see any avenue of fixing all of this. My state of Wisconsin is purple with way to many liberals.

And Jack gays and lesbiens I have no problems with but transgenders on the other hand and those that would push this on children? These people are scum as I watch local jews pushing for transgenderism in the local schools. Like puberty blocking drugs and pronoun usage against parental rights.

There is a gayboy network that I became aware of and even these "men" are opposed to trans forced upon school children.

They love their cycling "kits" and that's OK, let Bubba mega run yet arse over with his truck.LOL

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Nobody is going to stand down.

The globalist hegemony is exerting all it's pressure to break life and the world. Zelensky, the Jewish comedian widening the war as predicted. Nothing like a religious war to stir things up.

Here in America most idiots believe the school shootings are as reported. Americans are cognizant enough to realize these events lead to heavier suppression of their rights, but they are too busy grazing on GMOs to ever examine anything, especially those events that are central to their lives.

Want an example? Anyone hear about Ohio anymore?

This is the oligarchs burying America in bullshit, about the only thing they are good at.

I've said for years to anyone who will listen that this is where it gets real, either mankind steps up, or steps out.


I was fascinated to note the rise of the Ioten, the raw forces within the earth. Landshapers all. It isn't just about the springtime rise of the life force, it is far more significant to the destiny of this place. When the Ioten step out from behind the scenes, raw forces are laid bare.

I'd say hold on tight if there was anything to hold on to, but there isn't, so the next best thing is to become your own vehicle, and ride the rapids with whatever skill you can muster.


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Interesting article.

All true. As I observe Milwaukee and Chicago politics a smart non jew or non black needs to leave any city controlled by Democrats(jews and blacks) as I tell all of my many Latino friends to get out of Milwaukee County.

The Latinos will join with Whites eventually do to similar cultural values. Smart whites will learn a bit about Mexican history and culture and perhaps learn the language a bit as opposed to studying ebooks.

The jew/black political complex is what will destroy America as why help the enemy as it destroys itself?

Leave their strongholds and let them collaspe.

Just an observation.

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