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The Russians could have completely conquered the Ukraine in less than 3 weeks if they didn't pull their punches. If they held back to minimize civilian casualties, that is laudable. However, in truth we don't know at this time, perhaps we never will, the reason why. It could well be the work of the Hidden Hand which manipulates events on both sides of the earth. No nation is exempt from its nefarious influence.

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Have the Russians not clearly stated repeatedly that they are going to destroy the Nazis in Ukraine once and for all?

Didn't they lose 26 million the last time the Nazis came to Ukraine?

Now the Nazis are run by the zionist US and funded by jews?

Am I missing something here?

The larger conflict is NATO vs Russia.

Russia will win again since America has poisoned her men with a vaxx and allows perverts to run its military.

Remember the new American facts that men get pregnant and can nurse infants.

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