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Promulgated pernicious predation…period!

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I've asked this question over and over again, never getting an answer. The question is; How can one expect to live an empowered life in a society where organizations, institutions, and constructs wield more power than the people?

If one thing is evident, it is that those who have the force write their own ticket, regardless of any lawful constraints.

Since every organization, institution and construct attracts those who work tirelessly to ensure that the force they wield is without lawful restraint, the next question involves the obvious observation; why does the public believe, like a group of toddlers, that these phenomena are in any way there for the public good?

I don't expect answers, because this society is currently sacrificing its children, its future, for a few more moments in the sun. Such desperation doesn't lend itself to cogent analysis on any level.


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Jack, got off the phone with the Hitler pal.

I told him that National Socialism was the last successful rebellion against these powers that be as he calls them the "jew" I keep telling him that after that rebellion was put down with prejudice the Jew went to work for Fritz.

What you are seeing here Jack is the war brought home to the American people by a thuggish amoral standing army and seriously at this point it would be justified to shoot any cop dead on the spot however, the internet national socialists will worship those cops.

The tribal politics being the Republicans and democrats both worship these cops.

Glad to see that these pigs for the most part took the shots and do your pals at the NSA jack have any regard for that oath they took? Well, perhaps it's time to use that 5G weapon, targeted of course, upon those cops. I mean all of them as none of them deserve those outrageous pensions that they get.

They have won. That is the conclusion that me and the Hitler pal have come to. There is no resistance of any kind to what we see going on.

Germany under Avatar Hitler? The last successful revolt of humanity against our rulers as they have studied well Adolph Hitler and the National Socialists of WW2 and have successfully applied those lessons to how the heard is managed to this day.

This display Jack? A message to guys like us that we will shoot you dead or beat you silly in the streets and make you all for your ma ma.

If this doesn't get you angry nothing will.

Those black folks need to get their guns out enmass and shoot those cops dead.

Notice how they let them out of jail on bond?

They need to take their guns and get those 5 thug cops and shoot them dead along with the ones protecting them including the national guard.

That's what needs to be done.

But, this will never happen.

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