I remember having heard this podcast before. Interesting, though.

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Interesting about your grandfather and not being able to wear a watch jack ,I suffer from this and it was explained to me as my irregular heart beat,,? And to put some varnish on the back case of the watch ,

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And to say something regarding the so-called Philadelphia experiment, about which firstly an author by the name of Berlitz wrote a fantasy book: There was never such an experiment, neither in the USA or anywhere else on the Earth. The whole fantastic history is based on the fraudulent claims of a man by the name of Kal Allen, in relation to an alleged experiment with a ship, which was named the USS Eldridge. The man thought that his image would rise with this lying story and that he also could become rich through it. And what can be said about the so-called Philadelphia experiment, about which an author named Berlitz wrote an imaginative book: Such an experiment has never happened in the USA or anywhere else on earth.


The story is known by me, however I didn't know how the ship was named. It is claimed that the US Navy did an experiment with huge electromagnetic vibrations in the harbor of Philadelphia in October 1943 etc. with which the named ship then disappeared without a trace and reappeared again in the harbor of Norfolk 500 kilometers away in order to disappear also there again after a short time and to become visible again in the harbor of Philadelphia.


Yes, that is, in brief, the lying story.


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For the unfortunate simpletons plagued with ignorance my boy Jeffrey has broke it down in a very left brain practical rational explanation for the materialist that loathes intrigues and mystery.


The great mystery of the truth is there can be a billion people with a billion unique experiences and a billion separate individual choices that like a spiral are nothing more than a repeating of the center that just grows larger in scope as it spreads outwards. It's the same story it's the same message again and again that often times feels just for you to decipher because it is just for you given your unique experience. Truth stands alone as is but it still requires a messenger and a warrior to light the way in the darkness. So pay attention when people are essentially repeating the same thing coming to the same end from different angles. X marks the spot.

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