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Looks as if we may have another Manchurian candidate on our hands. I'd like more information buttressing Kaminski's report on DeSantis. The statement that the Florida governor's engineered legislation protecting poor, innocent little Joosi Joos by eviscerating First Amendment absolute rights to free speech was total news to me.

Obviously, there would be need for some outstanding Constiitutional attorney such as the redoubtable John Whitehead to be fully informed by friends of liberty. Such legislation as this report by Mr. Kaminski would be the most gross and egregious assault on the number One protection for the citizenry in American history. In 1787 patriots refused to sign off on the craven Federalist faction's proposed Constitution until the Bill of Rights was established. Destruction of any part, particularly the First and Second Amendments are pure TREASON.

Within minutes before reading this message, I just read on Russia Today that Feral courts in Manhattan and the Di$trict of Corruption may well be filing criminal charges against our twice elected President, Donald Trump.

Are these two situations some form of coincidence? If so, I have this wonderful 1883 miracle of civil engineering, a span crossing the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn for which I would give you such a deal, such a deal. Be the first one on your block to access this limited time offer. I'm selling it for a bargain such as you could not possibly refuse.

DeSantis, from what I have read, was schooled at Yale and like prominent members of the Bu$h Crime Family, was a member of Skull n' Bones, product of the Russell Trust and next to the B'Nai Brith, the most powerful secret society in the country.

One mordantly amusing political circus was when the Democrat Party opponent for Bush the Lesser a few cycles back was none other than John Kerry (whose father's birth surname was Kohn) before he left Hungary for the $tates, where he married the Forbes fortunate daughter. The defeated Candied Date Kerry was himself living in wedded bliss with a daughter of the Heinz pickle clan before she died in one of those many coincidental plane crashes.

That's how monstrous fortunes are erected and maintained in the home of the brave and land of the free. Earlier this evening I listened once again to Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" lyrics on the events of 11-22-63, a date which will persist in genuine infamy...an occasion where evident Crypto, the evil Lyndon Baines Johnson, was deeply involved.

So slouching towards the whitened sepulcher of a House in the Di$trict of Corruption, with his path to the primrose garden now paved by soon to be laid charges against our duly elected president, warts and all, Donald J. Trump...is none other than Skull N' Bonesman, Ron De Santis. That's why I call this land, Our Ruptured Republic.

A reading of the Declaration of Independence, the centerpiece of the American Revolution, should be must reading for all genuine Americans, particularly those who live in Florida.

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So it is before the Florida House as an official bill. That IS serious shit. Open gays are one thing, but closeted queens such as you describe De Santis, are something else again. Were the man open he would not have received many votes from the Southern fried Baptists, Holy-Rollers, general Evangelicals and similar supporters of the Greedy Old Partisans (GOP).

It's much the same consideration as the footprints of Miss Graham from South Carolina (of all places) or for the filthy rich Bitch McConnell of Kaintuck. Those Nelly noodlebrains do not even vaguely resemble the Gay Liberation types from '69 and '70 who yelled out "I'm gay and I'm proud, let's say it out loud". Of course all that happened during the hippie years in the Bay Area where Gay Libbers were closely allied with the likes of the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement (AIM) during the latter's occupation of recently shut-down Alcatraz.

Like most liberation movements during that era, the Federales and local Law n' Forcement types both infiltrated and attacked all three of those movements, most particularly in murders of Fred Hampton of the Panthers and the FBI attacks on AIM at Wounded Knee.

While such events were going on, the gay movement was co-opted by the usual $uspect$, who funded and founded various groups who took over the narrative amongst the gays, ultimately resulting in silly shit like gay marriage and their hyped-up transie-fancy fad.

That's how the enemies of humanity work. They either murder the leaders of growing libration movements, or they buy out a few designated "leaders" and herd the sheep into directions which bolster state power enabling the likes of De Santis, Graham and McConnell.

Thus, the entire system works on the twin pillars of Bribery and Blackmail...consider the possibly late Brian Epstein and his fellow Mo$$ad functionary lady friend, currently hanging out in a Feral Prison in Florida. Then there was the D.C. Madame from a few years back. One wonders whose prominent names were in her appointment book.

Bribery and Blackmail...that's how the whole rotten system operates.

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Everything he says is true but then he fails to come to the obvious conclusion that all government is a scam. Always has been always will be.

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Like Harry Voxx pontificates in such simple terms that even I can understand, "it's the fucking jews" as anyone who obfuscate`s this fact is a troll.

Adolph Hitler ran the most successful rebellion to date in history against our parishes.


Please Google Kaminski`s the "Hitler test" and see what you come up with.

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