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Excellent. Where can I find more of his writings ?

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Everytime your words are read a longing enters the heart.

Everlasting curiosity for a forgotten remeberance.

Everyone with open eyes feels this warmth.

Evergreen understanding under the sun.

Everywhere their souls search the memory of the Mayan.

Ever since youth there is a pull from this South.

Everything falls into place...

Thank you (once again) for sharing your experiences with us all.

Peru and the associated lands/history seem to capture the soul...

(I am beginning to understand why, as I age, that in youth I extensively tattooed myself with Mayan/Aztec/Inca artwork... At the time everyone thought me strange... Many still do).

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Alec, great work however, I believe all is Spirit many say I am anti socialist but in reality my world is led by Spirit.

Spirit is of course a socialist animal

it lives but we live with it in a natural environment

it is

says I Am

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Alec, which of the hemi sync CDs you were listening to when you had the experience described here? And what was the frequency of the ioniser?

I had some truly phenomenal experiences using the focus 15 hemi sync audio. These experiences are equal or almost equal to the deepest ayahuasca and quantum hypnosis sessions I’ve had and are accessible any time I desire. I wonder what other focus levels of hemi sync will provide

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