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An unparalleled classic of finely distilled unquestionable historical data painted by an prolific artistic author that make Alice in Wonderland look like a parking lot amateur carnival! Thanks for bringing this back from the past Jack! Reading it now after seeing it 8 years ago makes so much more sense and relevance to what is going on in the world and around my consciousness! Too bad we only live ~ 100 instead of 1000 years! Existence is such a trip, sitting on a corn flake waiting for the fun to come!

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This still blows me away....Epic epic read. Quite a few strands of information that are weaved beautifully together....and ultimately the thirst that must be quenched by the unseen ones continues on. On a side note, the winds rage yet again where I dwell.....something is amiss....

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Excellent piece, Jack!! Insightful, well-researched & ahead of the curve in Time! You should republish~~Aloha, Terry www,terrylambart.com P.S.~I like your Artwork, too! We should 'talk story' sometime, as they say in Hawaii. Keep up the 'Great Work' & Nevah give up! Always darkest before the Dawn! Aloha~~

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Every time I reread one of your articles, I pick up something new.

So, some people have arrived on the "new" world, but not with the help of ships...

As Jana says, it's an epic epic read that takes us through a lot of areas on different levels.

It's like taking a little tour of the underworld with Virgil.

When we reread this investigative work today, the advent of the kingdom of Xibalba becomes more and more apparent.

There's this verse from Morrison's "Ship of Fools" that perfectly captures the current mood in my opinion:

"Everyone was hanging out

Hanging up and hanging down

Hanging in and holding fast

Hope our little world will last"

But as you said, no one here gets out alive

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It was Shadow of Evil that made me perk up, Skinwalker to really pay attention and Behind the Bush to engage. The broad horizon, so refreshing in a myoptic world, grower more narrow by the day

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They build a cement factory on the remains and nuked Open Salon to bury the evidence. Glad you're not only resurrecting these pieces but adding to them. Bravo

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Where do you place Jacobo Grinberg and Pachita? Her testimony is, that the Aztecs didn’t do human sacrifices but the very contrary: a surgical process of healing. She, when possesed by Cuauhtémoc, the last Aztec emperor, could do wonders – observed and described by Grinberg in detail – which sometimes were as bloody as a human sacrifice, while she claimed that the concept of such human sacrifice was all but a big misinterpretation of a sacred act of healing. Grinberg theory is that those who have unhindered access to the lattice that conforms reality, are able to do such things, or even to cut through the hardest stone.

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Would you please help me find that video which is no longer there; "Catholic Boy: “I make angels dance and drop to their knees. When I enter a church the feet of statues bleed…”?

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