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Où ça Jack? En France? Les Corbières? Désolé, don't mean to be indiscreet! Tu sais, c'est guère mieux ici en France. Mexico not a bad idea. In the desert , Sonora? The Cartel isn't necessarily everywhere :)?

Oaxaca, Jalisco? Perhaps it's even better to have have them on your side?

Here in France, the best places are more than likely where I am. The nearest city of any consequence is about 50 kms away. If not, there are some places in the Pyrenees, between the Canigou and the Basque country. The Massif Central as well. There are some pockets but for how long? The Vendée and Brittany, but for how long will they resist? Puy en Velay, the surrounding country side is really lovely; but the forests are dying off thanks to those pretty chemical tracings, decorating the skies & all the horizons, when ever a blue sky dares to appear.

Conque-sur-Roergue, near Rodez and its Houses of Insanity?

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These things you take for granted as everyday things l'aryensoufi these are the things that I long to see...

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Well then my good friend, ...I can't say any better than Seraphim, that's for sure! Socialism is quite rampant here! Almost everyone is on the move in the wrong direction! Demolishing their very own homes and the surrounding country side, with their internal petty squirmishes..

We're not well looked upon. By the others, who look upon us suspiciously. Odd ball fugitifs, in a word anarchists, but nice ones for the moment. But I'm used to that. And live with it. At least where you are, true there seems to be a semblance of potential rebellion from what you've hinted at. Me, I have knives and forks spoons. Some axes as well. The eternal pitch fork! No guns, no license to own one. But I do believe I have a minimum of savoir-faire to survive in the woods with my partner. I was once almost considered like a wild man, a sorcerer.

In any case Mister Jack, if ever you come to France. Know that you're always invited to our place, humble demeure. Even as stepping stone to find your own shack in the woods. As the Havamal says. Better to have a hut that belongs to you than a palace you can't call home.

I'm not kidding. I'm not an easy fella, but that makes 2 of us, and with my wife that makes 3.

We have one spare bedroom. And in another room a klick-klac!!! As it is the Cathar Country is all around.

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Tu touches mon coeur avec tes gentils mots mon ami.

Jusqu'où cette invitation s'étend-elle...?

De telles invitations sont réciproques si vous (ou Jack d'ailleurs), marchez dans le sud de l'Angleterre.

Depuis que le roi Louis XIV a décrété en 1669 que les couteaux apportés à table ont une pointe meulée, on aurait dû faire un joyeux enfer avec les couverts...

Mais, hélas non.

Nous mâchâmes docilement notre nourriture dans un simulacre de civilité.

Porte toi bien mon ami

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Love the word, a klick-klac!!! My place in France sleeps 8, without going on each other's nerves and a grand american style kitchen to all gather in. Come on by, it's in Haute Provence, l'Occitan, of course

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Thank's Orage, ...

I'm just a modest sufi of Aryan descent. I use money, yet despise the useless riches that many hapless people relish in! I have what's necessary, it's my castle-shack. In the kitchen there's room for 10, but more than that and I'll stifle!

With one egg & 2 potatoes I make wondrous Spanish tortillas. My girly very woman partner, and me we make the best tamales in all of Europe. But that's because 1/2 of my Family is Conquistador. And hers from Frederick II's favorite Castel del Monte.

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Jack, I can fully appreciate your frustration and anger, and concur that there is certainly something up with substack!

It's the little things like the like counter never reading true, and sometimes their Manipulation seeps through and you see one of yours, or l'aryensoufi's works with over a thousand likes and then you click on the post and the counter resets to 10...

You know you saw the other number, so which is real?

I am having the same experience.

Between 250 and 300 views a day, but loosing subscribers every morning.

It's beyond criminal...

But like l'aryensoufi stated in his comment, France isn't any better, neither is the UK, I doubt anywhere is!

By the sounds of it you're in a better place than most of us are (I never thought I'd say that about America), but at least in tennessee you've got armed and capable defenders around you.

Here in the UK, where we're not allowed to be armed it's going to be a lot harder to defend ourselves when the time comes.

I can't even get a shotgun licence anymore.

I used to have one, but sold the gun and let it lapse when I was living in London instead the country.

Although I pass the highest level of the police Disclosure and Barring Service tests, as I am often required to take whenever I start an investigation of malpractice on a hospital site.

I'm good enough to Warrent working my arse off, but obviously the wrong sort of person to have a shotgun.

My repeated applications since moving back to the countryside over seven years ago keep being declined, with no right of appeal.

I've spent many a day and night thinking about exactly how I'm going to survive what's unfolding...

Other than being as self sufficient as I can get, the crumbling point of all my plans is - how do I defend what I have and those I love, without a network of armed vets, or other warriors to work with?

As a sole man standing is seldom the last man standing.

There is nowhere in the UK with a concentration of like minded people, we are all scattered around, and not in communication.

And even if we did, somehow, all mange to congregate in order to resist and build an alternative, we're easy prey all in one place.

So partisanship is required, guerilla tactics, but the quandary remains, with whom and where?

With alternative media sites dropping like flies over these past months, there is less and less space for alternative ideas and sharing.

With the pervasive monitoring of everything, there is no safe and secure means of coordinating ourselves in the face of the enemy.

The days to come are going to be tough, and many of us will fall before the tide turns and all non vaxxed finally come together to make a stand in each country.

I have followed your work for years Jack, and cudos to you, Orange, and Phil for standing tall for so long.

Keep up the good fight, there are enough of us here that feel the same and will not go quietly into the night, even if that cost our lives (I might just be talking about myself here)...

I know I'm not the best fighter, hell it's been a good decade or so since I was in a proper fight, I've spent too long behind a desk.

But I can't not fight now, there is nothing being promised by the powers that be that I want or need, but everything worth fighting for if we can eventually dislodge these leeches from our backs, and start living a real life...

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Beautifully said Seraphim. If Europe had a real resistance movement, armed trained and financed by Putin as it should be, I'd be there in a second. The things that interest me are in Europe they are not in the hundred or so churches in Crossville, but these people are less than 50% vaxxed and more than 50% combat veterans armed to the teeth, that's why I'm here not there.

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Thank you Jack, I can comprehend why you moved and made the choices you did.

I envy you in a way...

Europe, and the UK in particular, were disarmed and pacified a long time ago.

Some would say... Too long ago!

Even those who have resisted the agenda, and not taken the jabs are going about their lives as if everything is normal.

As if life goes on, everything is mad and out of control but someone else will turn up, at some promised point in the future, and sort it all out...

Let's just ride the storm till the next election.

It's madness.

And that's the fly in the ointment for those of us not blinded by the bull...

How to rally those who, if only they took responsibility, could contribute.

How to shake a group of the population that have a death warrent hanging over their heads and don't realise it?

How to motivate people who were sensible enough to not get the jab, but not sensible enough to see that they live in a slave pen.

This is our weak point.


And hence why I would join you in a heartbeat in tennessee...

But I'm going to have a hard time persuading Mrs Seraphim.

Let alone the fact that I'm probably not allowed into the Land of the Free with my record...

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in case anyone still needs evidence of shenanigans

Bernhard of Moon of Alabama, Social Media SHADOW BANS Twitter Censorship And The Crapification Path Of Social Media

On January 6 I wrote about the Twitter files:

Twitter Files Show How The Deep State Conquered Social Media

Part of the quoted reporting by Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss and others was about Twitter censorship:

Twitter Files Part 2, by @BariWeiss, December 8, 2022


Bari Weiss gives a long-awaited answer to the question, “Was Twitter shadow-banning people?” It did, only the company calls it “visibility filtering.” Twitter also had a separate, higher council called SIP-PES that decided cases for high-visibility, controversial accounts.

Key revelations: Twitter had a huge toolbox for controlling the visibility of any user, including a “Search Blacklist” (for Dan Bongino), a “Trends Blacklist” for Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, and a “Do Not Amplify” setting for conservative activist Charlie Kirk. Weiss quotes a Twitter employee: “Think about visibility filtering as being a way for us to suppress what people see to different levels. It’s a very powerful tool.” With help from @abigailshrier, @shellenbergermd, @nelliebowles, and @isaacgrafstein.

This was of special interest to me as my account, @MoonofA, was throttled:

Until late 2021 my Twitter account @MoonofA, which I mostly use to promote my writings here, was not allowed to grow beyond 19,500 followers. There were also signs that tweets by me were not shown to users who were following me. After my account was released from the growth prison it rapidly grew to 47,500 followers in the fall of 2022. It then again went into growth prison for no discernible reason and without me getting any notice of it. Now anytime my follower count increases by 100 or so it will automatically be slashed back to 47,450 followers. There are also again signs that tweets from my account are again 'shadowbanned'.

Someone at Twitter must have read the above. One or two days after I published the piece my account was again allowed to grow. It has since gained more than 2,500 new followers for a total of more than 50,000.

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Now that sheds a light and explains a lot Orage, thank you.

In every field of endeavour the game is rigged...

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Well Orage, since they won't let us talk freely then perhaps we gather physically at least in America you can do that but then the FBI will send infiltraters.

Social Media? Get off of it.

The internet itself is a weapon designed and deployed by the American DOD and it is totally weaponized. Listening to Jack's latest about the shenanigans of substack messing with his subscriber list which messes with his income.

Jack has done what can be done which is moving to rural TN and surrounding himself with armed unjabbed men.

Everyone here reading Jack`s blog needs to do the same.

The American military is weak and spread thin with 800 bases as they need the local police to do their dirty work.

The next pandemic and more lockdowns masks and vaxxines? Where I live there will be massive resistance. Same for where Jack lives. But American cities? Controlled by democrats? Get out of them now.

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The world's police and military are our enemies. They are all the same and at the highest levels all work together for example, chemtrailing and geo engineering, vaxxines, and wars.

Food, air, land and every space on earth is irradiated with microwave frequency and as Jack documents bugs and nano particles of all sorts have been deployed with the worst being the injectable graphine black goo.

We here are the remnant the Bible speaks about in the Revelation.

However, the Evangelicals have this quaint doctrine called the rapture. That the remnant is rescued before waring Jesus returns on his white horse with a sword drawn to slay the beast.

Well, since Jack says this is Von Newman's world it's a jew run world and the jew and the black goo are one and the same.

The world's militaries all are in service to the goo's jews.

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The jews I know? In the cycling world which is dominated by a cult of obedience represented by the kit and the plastic hat. Same with the military, with a green uniform or kit signaling whome you belong to.

The enemy loves a hive mind.

Notice how every corporation is structured? It is a top down hive minded structure designed to make you comply.

You will obey! Or else!

My only unvaxxed Jewish cycling pals simply has gone back to normal as he simply is back in that cycling hive of obedience.

Truly amazing to observe.

Me? As I observe jews pushing cultural Marxism and transgenderism its quite obvious to me that obedience is not an option.

Me? You can fuck your kit of obedience and your small plastic cap and you can fuck

Your vaxxines that your industry pushes.

Bottom line? The cycling kit means forced vaxxines and transgenderism pushed upon minor children.

My jew? Simply doubles down on that cycling kit.


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Ramblings of a Madman in no particular order. "no one knows the time nor the hour" AI has had a long time to perfect itself and can it read minds? I'd say yes. So nobody here knows or A.I. would know the exact time the hammer is coming down.. and its coming down.

Still trying process this but here goes... Just because we are "Purebloods" doesnt mean our physical bodies are not infected with "something" I truely believe we are quarantined here. Which leads me to this...

Maurice's physical body his "meat suit" may or may not to suitable for the next leg of the journey without some "fixing/cleaning" or it just may need to be thrown away.. beyond repair.

Spiritual War.. change in location I dont think will change much at all, prepping same. We may have to take a page out of the Bezerker handbook and die as Warriors vs Casualties who "rotted" on the tree of life. Me thinks the GODS would be pleased...(thus spake Zarathustra!)

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What is most fearsome about the Vaxxin/Black Goo is I suspect as depicted in the Dean Koontz Phantoms piece it not only takes your body but your soul too, eternity trapped inside a sentient oilwell, that's why it must be resisted even if it means certain death, keep your soul and you win...

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Well Jack, the Bible calls it sin.

And the life of sin leads to hell.

The black goo? Looks to me to be concentrated sin.

And the Muppets willingly inject themselves with it?

Just like the church says sin leads to hell.

As art that creepy movie Phantoms spells out the nature of sin/black goo.

Look at the end of the film as the artist depicting the pervert cop in the bar as a remnant since the goo was defeated by the human bioweapon.

The art? The film leaves us with hope that the goo will not succeed in capturing all of humanity.

Powerful art.

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The above is a fine essay covering the Rapture doctrine.

This belief is all over America and looking at our new world is it any more crazy than the reality of graphine oxide black goo being injected into billions of people world wide?

Contained in the above is a narrative for our little war with our dear goo.

The Evangelical is the key to our little uncivil war in America.

You want a good life in America Jack? It's called 501c3.

Our hero Jack found Jesus and now has a fine 501c3 as he gathers the Southlands finest men to wage war against the beast.

The best Evangelical preachers are the finest stand up performers or comics and the comedy club like the strip club or a rural Evangelical Church? It's all the same.

The strong man will attract strong men as its time to bitch slap that effeminate Evangelical Israel worshipping retard.

Just an observation followed by opinion.

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But you have said the soul exists outside of the body, so maybe there is hope?

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So many things...

Putin and Ukraine; it's hard to imagine with something so real and visceral that Ukraine is just a Mesoamerican ball game, but it is. It's a play to determine what forces will play out here, even as so much of the action is already determined, a ritual to pay homage to the subconscious brutal gods of the ephemeral morass we call the physical world.

The head of Wagner Group, and how about the fact that every military presence in Ukraine has to pay tribute to Germany??, just toyed with the Russian media, echoing platitudes for the feverish West.

Leopard tanks, arguably a better tank than the Abrams, evoking the battlefields of the past, when the Schwer Abteilungen Tigers crushed Red Army tanks like kids flattening aluminum cans.

Of course the lackeys of Sudas hunted us down after the battle of the ten kings. They were employed to exterminate an entire knowledge base, and they knew it was in our flesh and in the sky so it drove them mad with rage.

Damage they did, but ultimate victory they had not, not then, not now.

The very end of my long and unimaginably disturbing vision of the black sickness. The infected dissolve, howling into pools within their chambers, barely aware of anything but their rage.

The question of survival has been reintroduced, yet it is time to release the context for that survival which we hold so dear. Let us refrain from an arrogant assumption that anything of this society is guaranteed to thrive.

We are witnessing the very end of a complex structure that is currently dissolving. In a funny way, its also a new start. What I find particularly astonishing is the extent to which everything in this world is determined, yet the apparent contradiction that so much can only be resolved in this place. This is why the ancestors arrived here from the stars, establishing their monuments to eternity in the Arctic.

The Ukraine is the nexus of all the forces of this dissolving system, and the court is the field of belief, of what was, and what will be.


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Mike you're right...

We are living in a dissolving system and hoping to survive the unsurvivable, praying that there can be an alternative approach... A different way.

And that's got nothing to do with this society we find ourselves in.

Which, I can assume most of the readers here will agree with... Is FUBAR!

This world has to go, but it's instinct to grip on, and draw on the bottom of pandora's box, and dig your nails in till the better end...

Just in case there is a ground swell of belief in an alternative to what we face.

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I wish Seraphim, that I had a pathway to offer people into the future, but this reality is a misspelled word that can't be corrected. One knows how to spell the word, and might even find it worthy of correction, but it remains misspelled.

The ancient seers described this entire event as a glimpse and a reflection, and like all things that depend upon greater vocabularies than they possess, unable to ever explain itself.


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Likewise Mike.

I have concluded that what will be needs to be in order to come out the other side...

For those of us able to get to that far shore.

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Been wondering why your emails started going into my Junk folder. They just can't quit can they. Poor losers even when you play their own rigged game and outdo them. They're really going to enjoy it when they're forced to kiss the fire.

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Thanks for mentioning that Greg, am having the same issues with junk folder gobbling up mails it never used too.

It's all so pathetic...

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Spot-on as usual Jack. Since I was in my teens in the 80's I'd been telling people that our 'leaders' were all criminals and that that needed to be dealt with but the population of Canada was, of course, wholly unaware of what was going on and I realized that any push-back from the people would only come at the 11th hour. Therefore I decided to live my life for myself and I never joined in the rat race. I wasn't going to spend my days toiling away for the almighty dollar only to have everything pulled out from under me when the end came, and the end is certainly at hand now if only the people could see it.

Amongst the small group unvaxxed with which I am acquainted I'm sure that I'm the only one who doesn't believe that the whole Covid issue is now behind us. They have no idea what's coming.

It seems to me that there is an about-face being engineered at this time to partially alert the vaxxed as to what has been done to them. I always figured that part of the plan would be to enrage society to the point that they destroy all vestiges of government in their respective lands. Presentations, such as those by "The old man in the chair", are part of the overall psy-op.

The fact that a billion is a thousand times a million seems to be lost on people who can't understand that billions of doses of the vaccine couldn't have been manufactured in such a short period of time. Even if they could manufacture 15 million doses in a week it would take 1000 weeks (20 years) to produce 15 billion. My wife and I convinced my elderly mother to not get the jab but she outright refused to warn the rest of the family about the danger, que sera sera and good riddance.

What you said about readers of the NY Times being the enemy reminded me of what I've always said about people who make such statements as "The government would never do this or that because they don't want to lose the tax money". Such people have no understanding of how the monetary system, or even their own lives, work.

I believe that the vaxx will take your soul. In Canada, which has become a full-on death cult now, those who are receiving government assisted suicide must first take the vax even if it's only administered on the same day. When I point this out to people they respond with more crap about how it's just due to the government not wanting to waste the money already spent on the remaining jabs.

Concerning Ukraine, Putin isn't going to be saving anyone. They're all in it together. There are no leaders on Earth blowing the whistle on all of the psy-ops of the past century, nuff said.

I believe that they're holding off on going (pretend) nuclear with the war until the zombie apocalypse is upon us. Radiation poisoning mimics what the vaxx will do in terms of immune system breakdown, allowing them to blame the zombies apocalypse on the war. (although I don't quite understand how that theory meshes with what I see as the current drive to flip the narrative and inform people about how the jab was a huge mistake). I guess they're keeping all options open.

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I'm thinking at some point they will tell the vaxxed that their immune systems have been permanently compromised, "our bad it was that dirty Schlomo tricked us with the help of Donald Trump." Yearly boosters will be needed to maintain, and the unvaccinated will have to be eradicated because the immune damaged systems of the vaccinated cannot tolerate contact with the payload of germs carried by them. But then Peter, that's just me...

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DJT "The Don" no matter what side he/it is on has done more than anybody in the last 50 years to wake people up... not us as we are already somewhat "woke"

Entire world knows the 2020/22 USA Elections were rigged beyond repair. MTwain was right "If your vote mattered they wouldnt let you do it" Everyone knows Trump won, just like here in Canada everyone knows JT lost. England has a guy in charge that nobody voted for... I could go on all day! Guy from Penn who won a senate seat cant even speak! Openly mocking the public! (just like ya the jab kills ya our bad... sorry)

Average people now know the game is rigged. The world now knows that their leaders are selected vs elected. World now knows at least in the West that your Gov't is actively trying to kill you.

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Feb 12, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

Very true Maurice. It's sobering when you realize that the Taliban is probably the only government on earth not trying to eliminate their entire population at this time.

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Feb 12, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

That sounds about right, Jack. Us unvaxxed are the control group they so desperately didn't want to have exist but there are too many of us to just eliminate without some pretext like the one you just mentioned.

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Our dear friends from the old world before covid, have recieved 2 vaxxines and three boosters yet have both been very sick with so called covid 5 times. These folks are a married couple that follows everything in the covid narrative.

The wife is in isolation the last 3 days for a very severe life threatening case of so called covid in the hospital.

She has been pumped full of antibiotics and albutarol for her breathing problems.

The treatments seem to be helping and she is better today. They told her that the 5 vaxxines won't protect her anymore since the so called virus has mutated.

There is no reasoning with these people but we do mock them.

But only gently. LOL

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Terribly sad.

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Feb 12, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

Interesting numerology on your subscriber count:

698= 6+9+8= 23

684= 6+8+4= 108

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Woke math Loki? 6+8+4 =18

See, in America mafs is raysiss because everyone knows 2+2=5.

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Feb 12, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

Well Jack? I will quote my Hitler pal "we are circling the drain" about says it.

His problem? He still sees everything in relation to the Bible for example the Cane and able story and the bloodline thing and ""Israel" being the white bloodlines. "Cane" sleeping with other women polluting the bloodlines. He calls them the children of Edom or Edomites which are Jews according to him, anyway can make no headway with him that whites are not from this planet and that the vaxxine is the black goo.

Perhaps a job for Loki to explain what the white race actually is as the Bible even tells you that a king wrote it! The king James Bible. Hand slaps face!

Forced vaxxines in america will bring violent civil war. If we win the Jews must die if for nothing else their silence.

Non compliance non participation is the key moving forward with local armed self sufficient communities.

Just an observation.

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Feb 12, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

One more thing, my Jewish cycling pals except for one promote and push the vaxxines and have led the cycling community into vaxx compliance which makes them murderers if not doing it themselves but still complicit they are guilty. The Christians? They have become willingly jewed over and can't be reasoned with now but most evangelicals are notblack goo vaxxed and will fight when the time comes.

Keep plugging away that those shots are spiritual poison and that the body is a temple.

They will come around especially in the Southland.

These are my people who will save America.

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Feb 13, 2023Liked by Jack Heart


Jack,saw this on zerohedge.com

I guess they want a war against white conservatives. This is in your face.

The war has come home Jack.

And in your podcast you mentioned going to France. You will be arrested as soon as you step off the plane for your recent posts on the human.

Get out of blue controlled areas and the US Military is our enemy.

After all they deployed the bio weapons against their own people and have created a kill box in America.

Time to be with like minded people in a community and pull your kids out of these hell hole schools.

Find a place to circle the wagons for the fight to come.

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Feb 13, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

Revelations 13:4

"And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"

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Feb 13, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

Of course the enemy wanted me to see that particular post.

Jack I have told you this before that the internet is the enemy.

It was created, built and deployed by the US Military just like the bioweapon called covid.

TV was Invented by the Nazis but deployed in America

Her people defenseless against it

However, violance is local

Come fucking get me

That's poetry for our Jack

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Feb 13, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

First principal says there is an enemy

As inept as that military is I believe that the enemy has been identified

Said this

Love thine enemy

Until you become one

Said this follow me

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Feb 13, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

Let me simply simply

Explained this to the most slowest of white folk

You are the enemy now

Jack calls it Laviathon(sp)

It is not he but they

Together they are

Fuck your pronouns

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Feb 13, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

So, as you tortured me

I broke down

And told you

They have become we

Got an apartment together

Bought a house

Had a child

Moved to the country

Said follow me

Collalary to

come and get me

As Jack says

Says I am Spirit

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The Russian War is instructive to me about the US Military.

First they avoid direct confrontation but provide their proxies unlimited weapons and logistical support.

They provide media cover 24/7 in the psyopp area.

They will not confront an enemy in a boots on the ground opperation against their enemies after their defeat in Afganistan.

That military is weak. They send a homosexual officer and a craven police chief after a mother protecting her children against perversion taught in her school.

What does this say about men in that military that remain silent about this? Here is what I observe, a son in law, a former Marine incensed about this along with 17 of his marine corps pals kicked out of the military for not taking the death jab.

That is our fighting force Jack.

Fuck the US Military.

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Feb 13, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

Posted this on VT to help Mike Kay.

They dare to edit the article before its even read?

"Panem and Circus for the masses with a massive dose of fabrication helps keep VT’s Mike Kay busy writing essays”

What’s the difference between a Jewish homosexual and a Jewish intellectual?

No difference!

One and the same.


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Feb 16, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

My brother is in the British army. They are out in Ukraine training the cunts. Why ? When the vaxxed are dead they are going to be the UN troops coming into clean the rest of us up. There are bus loads coming in every week all young men and hotels here in Ireland full of them. They will be blown straight to hell before they get out the front door. Us Irish know explosives . Your welcome here jack

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