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This is one brave reporter(CBS), she is doing God's work...insert sarcasm...These are cartoons for asses and masses...But I must admit they are working hard against Wagner..Wars being founded by gold, diamond, or wood...who knew?!? You learn every day something new watching approved government sources of education.

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Shocking! How dare Prigozhin, or anyone else, infringe Wall Street's prerogative to pillage the world?

The intrepid propagandist does not question who is behind Prigozhin, and who may actually be getting the profits:

Someone else is doing that work:


'Yuri Kovalchuk, who everyone has heard of because he is often referred to as “Putin’s personal banker” who stands behind the Prigozhin project.

This is quite alarming, but also not entirely unexpected.

We knew it had to be someone and now, at least, we are starting to get a clearer picture of the factions vying for power in post-Not-War Russia. This, of course, casts a much darker light on the whole Prigozhin phenomenon.'

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At this point Jack? Ukraine is winning the war. The vaxxine is safe and effective. Two weeks to flatten the curve. The mask stops the transmission of viruses. Jews are the chosen people.

Well need I go on?

Can't function in our current society so I created my own. None of us believe the former lies.

So, get your vaxxine, wear your mask and believe that the jews are that great chosen people.

Thank God for that unstoppable Russian loss in America's greatest war.

We shall send them more and then more weapons until victory is achieved.

American military dupes Jack? Ask your pal Phil.

My family military dupe? Thinks that humans can change genders like their underwear and should be encouraged to do so.

That's Phil's world not mine. Left it long ago.

Fuck the US Military. You get what you deserve for believing the bullshit.

To much truth?

Oh well...

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