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Damn! I've been watching and following Mike Williams PID for years! Who Knew!.... 6 degrees of separation is a wonderful thing when the light is shining brightly! And don't forget to convert your music from Demonic 440 HZ back to Nature's 432 HZ and your brain will thank you!

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I left a link to Terry Kath on the human jamming jazz style with that great chicago horn section. That recording is the heart of the blues and what the blues is and that is Spirit created in an instant. Kath as a musician was superior to anything ever designed by Tavistock and it was created by Spirit in an instant, in a second and like a wave of creation Kath in that moment was "I Am" as it is creation demonstrated right in front of you.

That performance? Makes the brittish invasion irrelevant and in an instant. The blues? It is America and spirit expressed in musical vibrations.

The blues? "I Am" in the moment.

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Thanks, that was an interesting interview.

I've never paid too much attention to the Beatles controversy although I did enjoy Dave Mcgowan's excellent investigation: Weird Scenes inside Laurel Canyons.

I used to watch a few of Sean Stone's shows, Buzzsaw. You can tell he is a genuine person who is very curious and asks excellent questions because of his interest in all these topics.

He is fortunate and has the opportunity to have access to many personalities to satisfy his personal research.

That's why I was initially very surprised when you told us about the changes he wanted to make to "The Century of the Magicians". He probably has some idea of how things are and it would have been a shame if he had somehow forced his mindset on you and Orage's work to the point of distorting it, even though he commissioned the graphic novel as I understand it.

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I have had to make notes along the way concerning this detailed interview. As Romain says, Laurel Canyon was certainly influential, given the amount of scions of Military Industrial Complex families therein, then we must consider the Lizard King himself.... That is not to dismiss the 'British Invasion' out of hand...A very interesting, and as I see it, quite significant tale came from Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, who, aged just fifteen, found himself in an elevator with John and I believe George, ascending, whilst 'The in crowd' by Dobie Gray played on the Muzak system. He thought that he had just arrived. My kid brother observed in his inimitably incisive fashion, just how desperate that song sounds. The 'in crowd' indeed! Tavistock, I am convinced were interested, and concerned however. The implications go way back, but were particularly ramped-up during the swinging sixties. The sexy politicians with naughty girls. Prince Philip. The Kray twins. Elvis Presley mentioned Jimmy Savile before he mentioned the Beatles. My good friend Paul posited that Savile was possessed, something which had never occurred to me. He was almost dead aged two and then miraculously recovered. It could explain a lot. The Beatles called him their 'wizard'...When Jimmy Page was sixteen he played backing guitar for beat poet name of Royston Ellis at the Mermaid Theatre. It was Ellis who suggested that the Fab Four swap an 'e' for an 'a', and in doing so become the Liverpool sound, wherein many mere insects did abound... The terror which John suffered whilst being sodomised as a child by his Aunt Mimi's husband is horrific and vile, yet it goes some way to explaining what is so often in everyday life considered inexplicable. It also goes some way to explain his rare rage. The father of Jane Asher was a Tavistock luminary, and Paul (biological) lived in the family home for a time in, I believe, Great Portland Street. A stones throw away is Harley Street, H.Q. of the British medical establishment. Apparently he wrote 'Yesterday' in his sleep here. Kinda spooky, eh? The dreadful abuser Savile had strange catchphrases on telly, speaking of reversal. One of his most famous was "Now then, now then, now then". Black Magick broadcast to the millions? Perhaps.

I live in the street where Paul grew up.

We are constantly inundated by tourists. I drive past and always shout "Rolling Stones!" in a disgruntled Russian 'Prestroika' comedy accent at them. They love it, the little scrubbers!

I went to school with Paul's cousin Amy. I was utterly besotted with her. Sadly, she preferred older guys...I did kiss her once or twice. We were in 'West Side Story' together. I played 'man with rope' (longshoreman) in the utterly forgettable 'Backbeat'. That was the Hamburg story...I worked with Pete Best's nephew in a dreadful Mexican restaurant.

I don't quite know where this stream of consciousness is going, except to say that I love the music of the Beatles, the Stones, Zeppelin. I realise that dark forces harness whatever they can. I think that is why John was hit, and I do believe that Chapman was a patsy.

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