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I hope the link works, he is using his Twitter account, good.

Jack, an excellent podcast.

Nobody has to like Kennedy, but without him in the oval office global war is not a thread somewhere far away on the horizon, but a matter of time.

As the main, military threat, America will literally burn in this conflict.On other side, Europe has no military power...this fact is a no-brainer and reveals which side will suffer more in this future conflict.

This is what these lunatics want a global war on a global scale.

So, be smart and choose wisely.

The only way to win here is not to play their dirty game.

About "Revenge", I have read comments...comical stuff.

Everybody is a killer, behind the computer screen these days...

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Excellente diatribe ! Without mercy ! Je te salue Jack. JFK jr is too good a man to be an elected official. To stay clean honest and bright & be near the likes of the Trumps Bernies & Bidens isn’t possible ! Unless he wants his brains on the back seat of his sedan .

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Your best podcast yet! Thanks for stepping up! The Evangelical Queen loves RFK Jr.

She will be preying for him to get in. We shall see how things play out but this woman makes shit happen.

Just saying.....

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My log in problems with your new site? Maybe I only want to post here. There are a number of problems both email and password related. My two windows boxes? One has a high end Nvidia card I could sell for a good buck, is hooked up to a set of klipsch speakers for audio and the video fed into a TV. It's a slave or a monitor of what I tell it to do, being what I see fed to it from the computer. I use this high end system for entertainment.

How so? Netflix for streaming and a huge pile of CD`s and vinyl for music along with a bunch of digital files as most Americans hold them, in large private collections.

My second windows box has been rehabbed and given to the Evangelical princess for her duties as a public school teacher. It's an excellent box, starts fast and will serve its owner most excellently.

To browse the web unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I surf that useless net with a cheap android tablet, a throw away device due to the nature of our dear net.

Thanks for understanding as I am but a poor but happy old american.

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I jokingly sad Tucker should team up with James O Keefe who got kicked out of Veritas and a few days later O Keefe posted a photo of him and Tucker shooting clay doves in the forest.

They could be a great addition to each other to kick mainstream ass imho, get RFK on board as well sorted.

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Well, Jack the internet has my Hitler pal totally seeded about Adolph Hitler, brittish Israelism, Christian identity that the brain washing came to a head when I gave him your fictional account about Stalin based on historical fact. He went on and on like Mike Kay and Kaminski about how adolph Hitler saved Europe by attacking Russia, as I pointed out how could that be true looking at the world we have today with Germany to this day a vassel shamed cowed cuck to the fucking jews.

If Hitler, who was betrayed by Borman and his Ilk would have not attacked Russia England and the west would have lost the war and Germany and Russia would be united perhaps with America even joining them but for the jews.

The Hitler pal worships that traitor Martin Borman. I told him Borman sold out Hitler along with the German elite and worked with the jews to set up the world we have today.

So, you can add internet seeded fake national socialists to the list along with "Q" tards and tRump tards.

He says that you are resurrecting the reputation of Joseph Stalin with your work as I told him someone had to other than internet videogrphers paid for by the usual suspects that resurrected your version of Hitler. Hitler lost the war with his ill fated decision and my ancestors paid the price as I look at Russia today, strong and independent repelling another viscious attack from the same ilk that betrayed Adolph Hitler coming from those same nations of 75 years ago run by jews with their primitive religion full of irrational hatreds.

Now the west and America is again in the thrall of these vicious bulshevic jews called neo conservatives.

RFK Jr even called them out on CNN yesterday. But the Hitler pal can't see what's happening right in front of him because of the years of seeded ideas on the internet.

Shut the fucker off.

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RIP Gordon Lightfoot. Feels like a 2x4 to my gut….his songs have traversed these boards for awhile….really heartbroken by this news.

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