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Always loved working with black guys and feeding them applicable philosophy & esoteric symbols. Given away comic books and art to drummers and skateboarders. They can become a workhorse or wind horse with a focused mind, absolute flow state.

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As Julius Evola pointed out, the race of the spirit supersedes the race of the body. It resides in the spirit before it is expressed in blood.

One must learn to recognise one's own kind.

And even more so today.

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Needs more volume...

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I will just say this, and this is not coming from me: "Black people will have the opportunity to decide for the first time in their history if they actually want to be Americans."

This quote is from 2016/2017 from my late friend.

Loki is young, Young People have the energy but they are missing the experience. On the battlefield, you will improvise and take everything and everyone to fight beside you. War is pragmatic and you need people who will not run or turn back on you when the first shots are fired. It is not a question of skin color or blood that is pumping through your veins

Americans you will find a way to come together or perish as a nation.

Will 70 million be enough to gain victory over robotic people and a virtual abomination called Skynet in the popular movies, probably. Can you hold the continent with 70 million...Hmmm...

let's assume there is a real Civil War, and after 3 or 4 years you have a population of 45 million (population of France)how many are without limbs, how many people are incapable to return to society, how many young people, fertile people will you have at disposal?.

MM said one truth, this is really a distant possibility, and this scenario would be a really nasty one.

America can decay for 100 years or even more, but this scenario right now is not a plausible reality.

The truth about Hitler is already out, what is right now is holding the truth to go viral, are these idiots in Ukraine, sadly...

Many of them see a swastika and their mind goes into an insane state, Now we have our people fighting for Cromagnons/Schlomos war for them?!?

Aryan blood I see this blood more as something that has transmuted into another state of matter, it is attached to the soul but with time will reverse its state and be back in our blood as something that is palpable, so to speak.

Purity will be achieved at a later stage, right now, Aryan blood is a Cameleon it must be, so our people can survive.

Purity, show me really pure men these days, with pure blood...it doesn't exist, what commands our decisions in life is our Soul.

It is the purity of the soul that will bring victory, not the blood in this war.

Ancestral blood, can be activated there is no doubt that this process could and will be activated with time, but first, our people need to find out who they truly are.

We are fighting for true equality and nobody should be excluded,

It is interesting when all these people(Blacks from Africa, Arabs from ME) come to our parts of Europe they generally don't do anything like you could see in France, England, Spain, etc, why?. They know we would f the up and I am talking Cemetary or Hospital "vacation".

So the fate of Europe and the world will be in the Eastern hands this time, and I am not talking just about Russia, but a contingent of many other nations who have experienced the joys of Communism and the cruelty of the Police state on daily basis as preventive medicine.

For people who haven't experienced War, real war on your soil, how will it look like?

On Monday life will be a box of chocolate but on Thuestady you will be living on another planet.

Gang wars and violence manifested in America right now will be considered as a joke after the first week of real war.

So if you have been in Army, you will not have the "privilege " like in Iraq or Afghanistan to say f this and just go home.

So if you never defended your land, not in some distant country but your mother, brother, or neighbor you really don't know what is coming your way, you think you know but you don't.

Many people won't like this statement, but people who have the "pleasure" of this experience know exactly what I am talking about.

I apologize if I made any spelling mistakes I don't have time to run this "memoir" through spell checker.

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What ruins understanding comes from superficial thought. A profound person sees a soul. A robotic ape sees a robotic ape. Black & white & red & yellow and all those between. Between countries there were borders, hermetical limits in rock or someone standing there with a gun just to keep you from going across to the other side. That's where bleu & yellow make green! Red & green brown.

Fried sunny side up eggs with toasts or just a plain omelette!

All 4 races have gone down the drain. Save for the very few among them who haven't given in to the universal hyperbole of victimhood.

Some mixing here & there, a cocktail. But the best even in that must win. Or there is nothing.

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Well Jack, it is what it is as what has been foisted upon the Black community by Jews is division of whites and blacks all at the same time our economic system is in upheaval as its duck and cover by our Jewish ruling class and listen to Kanye West tell it like it is!

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