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The Great Satan needs to be destroyed. You excepted the most brainwashed nation to wake up amidst the strongest flow of propaganda?

It's us, the Russians, who have to show the world how it's done. Again.

You better buckle up.

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" I will not cover it.

"Americans have done nothing to help themselves, they should have lived up to their second amendment obligation the day after the democrats blatantly stole the presidential elections. Now they will pay for their cowardice, I can’t help them. I have other things to write about. I am no war correspondent anyway. - Jack"

Won't make much difference and you won't need to as if this be the case you won't need to concern yourself with anything to write about.

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Sean O’Malley in the most recent UFC, an American hair-dying pot-smoking polyamorous Twitch-streaming fighter who everyone agreed going in was Outclassed, beats Slav Manlet boxer-wrestler hero of Russia- Petr Yan.

Out-strikes him, escapes grapple encounters, controls distance, wins rounds 1&3, and cuts Yan’s eyebrow at the end of the fight.

You argue with me that’s not an Esoteric proxy war that says a lot under the surface.

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My personal advice to people in the USA is to recall and focus upon that which has greatest value to life itself, that which affirms your humanity, and that which upholds your dignity.

This leaves no room to be attached to the world which is destroying itself, and it is a reminder to find your identity through your own efforts, no longer what you attach to.

Do this, and it won't matter, what form of death comes out of the sky. It won't matter what lies the jerking, twitching system invents, because you will be real.


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I am that I am the "Observer Observing the Observed" Jack I think today you are being too modest. You have helped and opened many people Is-Be pal we cling to all you write and are eternal.. thats why "they" are so mad..

WWIII has been raging for a few years now. At this point in time its going hot.

Yes im scared but not so scared. Blucifer they know how it ends. We have already won.

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Wake up Jack? Look at the vaxxine. No matter how many right in front of them get sick and die yet they double down on the delusion.

The war with Russia will be no different but what of Karma for America and her great crimes? Perhaps deserved.

Would they sacrifice the 101st? In a jew york minute. They will be joining in droves to fight the Russians.

To get a huge war going as it will cover every fraud and crime since 9/11.

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