rare information indeed.

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Jews and Nazis vieing for best in show at the freaks tent..

The Vril girls are high on Rogain..

The merry go round runs on plutonium, you can’t get off..

The stallions copulate with the sheep..

We’ve run out of cotton candy..

As we wait with bated breath for the great reveal..

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So, a good friend of mine insists that she can feel/hear a click when the time lines, of our reality shifts (which probably occurs more often then we would like to believe - at least according to some)

So, for those of us not blessed with such sensory perception...

How would we know which reality we we're currently strolling along in?

Would we notice?

What tell tale signs should we be observing?

If, as I believe we are, we are trapped here on Earth.

And according to your words Jack, we're trapped in 'this' timeline.

Which reality of 'this' timeline is it?

And how bloody many versions are there?

I'm not posting this for the answers (necessarily), just putting it out there...

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Well Jack and Orage, articles all over the `net that Thule and the Nazis up to Adolph Hitler were a bunch of homosexuals as I bet those Vril gals were lesbians.

Perhaps those powers that censor everything are a bunch of perverts, same guys that would strap a young Germanic boy in an electronic vortex chair? Those guys Jack? The ones beaming frequency all over the world now? We know that they are a nasty bunch of homosexual perverts but Hitler and the National socialists put a stop to such things in Germany so, America is the land of equal opportunity homo/trans/pedo perversions. Of course we need a Nazi time machine to create our new world.

I didn't make this up but see it on my TV news feed daily that homo/trans/pedo is the main value of the US .gov and why we back those pedo nazis in Ukraine. Germany was supposed to fall so the current perverts could get the tech as I bet the Russians are in on it to.

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