Yep, Little fag, Jew boy Macron's "wife" is definitely a transsexual androgyne and actually his husband who pulls his strings at the behest of the Cryptocracy he/she serves. Like I've said before, the monsters who rule this planet absolutely love placing these criminal freaks in positions of authority above the herd. It tickles their demonic sense of humor.

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Everywhere is being run by the WEF, Macron is just puppet, an evil one no less.

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So Romaine,

Does this mean that Paris Brest Paris won't be run this year?

My cycling club from Chicago has a vaxxine mandate to participate in events. So I can't qualify for the event because my cycling club mandates vaxxines to go to Paris this July.

The French people? I hope they burn it to the ground. Next America with transgenders calling for Christians to be killed.

Look at that woke army! America is truly a laughingstock.

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Thank you Romain, for you précis of the situation unfolding in France.

It is a sad state of affairs, that appear to be being replicated across Europe, particularly here in the UK.

Jeremy *unt’s back-to-work drive is really just preparation for a tax raid on at least two million pension pots, who's livetime of saving could face paying taxes of up to 55 per cent as a result of this corrupt policy.

This of course, after already having paid tax at source each month.

Double taxing in the UK is becoming the norm...

And they are up to even more tricks that that.

Last week I got my annual pension statements. I have a couple of pensions both private and state. But what knocked me off my chair, and sent me rampaging around the house in a fit of rage was that the employer contributions for my NHS service pension had been removed from the pot.

25 years worth of employers contributions just stripped from my pension overnight, and an added bonus that my retirement age is now 67.

It was 63 back in 2019.

But no, according to the UK government website calculator I'm going to have to work an extra four years and for the privilege of doing so I will get less pension when I finally do, and a lovely 55 percent of what little is left wil have to go to the government instead of sustaining myself until death...

At least the French are shouting about the injustice.

I wonder how much it will take before others join that fight, for it is clear that this is part of the great reset plan, part of a tried and tested method of rape and pillage.

We are now beyond the point of arguing about legalities and constitutions. Neither are worth the paper they are written on if they can be used to disrupt life and spirit.

The enemy have given themselves licence and free reign to continue their criminality and anti-humanism.

Time we took a leaf out of their book and got Ruthless!

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