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Hey Jack, will read this article again however, just wanted to say that switching to substack was easy as your pal Phil did a great job with your tech issues.

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What is a word? Perhaps we should see what a word is. Spirit empowers it. Spirit devours it. Explained to the average American that way will see tremendous change in the culture as I believe Spirit infects even smart phones. LOL

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"The Shekinah, spelled ShCYNH, is the World Soul which is feminine."

I was curious Jack, as Shekiinah seems to mean Spirit. Or more accurately the Spirit of the lord. It would appear to me that "Spirit" would fill that grand tree from top to bottom. It would be beyond time or physicality itself. Just an observation.

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For a real theologian I would ask in light of time what is an enemy

loving the enemy is the same as loving oneself

as within so without

Spirit indeed has Gender

Female in Nature

loves the creation

gave life for it

to ride a wave

one must balance a board...

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"In all configurations

The curve is the thing that can go back on itself

Over and over

As the stars turn around each other

And light the way for travelers

Who come along through time

Looking for that one that could bend the path just so

To take us home

And light shines

And light shines

Around the table, where they all sit smiling

Hands with fingers moving as they tell their stories of being lost

Then found

No matter what the place, they saw the face

Of one who showed the way along the road well-traveled

And light shines

And light shines

But so few were seen and sometimes it was a figure alone

When night came and thunderstorms

And rain fell from clouds which hit the sun

And no birds sing, no flowers grew in this darkness

Which closed around and smothered the man

To strange dreams of wanting

Yet never knowing what

And light shines

And light shines

And a longing was the only feeling left

As the road way grew narrow and steep

And the climb was like an aching in the dim light

One foot after the other upwards

And then, at the crest

Which was thought to be only a wish

The dawn came like warriors with sounds filling all the sky

And a roar deep as the bottom of hell

And darkness was torn away

So that angels came with a swelling light of heaven

And there was pain no more

Only a soaring of the heart and a living memory of totality

And light shines

And light shines

And light shines

And light shines

And light shines

And light shines"

David Lynch

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Spirit addressed this to you:

"where two or more gather

their I am

said sent Spirit

gospel I see

what would you write

for his church

if money were

no object I could not move

Gospel I see


Nature of pronoun

take the pronoun out of Spirit

Peace returns"

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Says I am that I am Spirit says

another turn on the turn table

beauty of LPS

is that they always play back word for word

as every entertainer knows

our world controlled by joos

I am with Paul

on the matter of joos

little advice...LOL

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Speaking of Jews. Paul taught that a Jew is a person that lives by the Spirit. Our Evangelical Church used to preach openly about the Spirit led life and of late not so much so but they are led by the Spirit.

In Romans Chapter 2 Paul said this: "For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God."

That very concept of the Spirit led life will change America in the beat of a heart.

Notice how the Jews in Israel are not backing America against Russia? Do they really think they will get off scott free with what they did to America? Perhaps they will however, I believe a higher power shall intervene.

As I differ with John Kaminski and MK and others on your "human" site in regards to Jews.

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Let's blow the fucker up and move to China...LoL ba da ding....LOL

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'Those that knew him all attested to the fact that he was neither a drug addict nor a drunk as his enemies later slandered him. '

Been a fan of Poe since I could read. He was the first author that caught my attention and went through his complete works before I was 11. JRR Tolkien was next ,completed his volumes before 13.

An interesting sidenote, Dr. Joesph Evan Snodgrass, then man summoned to the tavern to get Poe was a cousin of my Great Great Great Great Grandfather. You will have to forgive him for slandering Mr. Poe. He was a teetotaler and used this experience to further his political views of the abolition of alcohol in a teetotaler newsletter. He sold the old family Snodgrass Tavern for the same reasons. Still standing today and we forgive him for that.

Snodgrass and Poe were close friends, both were published in the same local Baltimore papers. They had a falling out 5 years before Poe's death. Joesph Snodgrass got offered an Editor position to a local magazine and Poe was disappointed Snodgrass didn't start a paper with him like they had often discussed.

My view is Poe was drugged and left for dead and Snodgrass biased view of the situation clouded his analysis of the situation.


However the Snodgrass' were Freemasons of the order of the Holy Royal Arch. Until another relative, Charles Snodgrass, published the secrets of the 'Light from the Sanctuary of the Royal Arch' in protest of the new Grand Lodges dominance and upset that they banned the most important Rite of the Royal Arch. After that the Snodgrass' were banned.


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According to Durgin the Leviathan is the Nation State of western european postmodern society of the Logos of Cybele. A bloated serpent that devours people and gods and nothing can stand in its way without being swallowed or crushed under its weight. A Western civilization that has fallen from the heights of the platonian Logos of Apollo into the darkness of the Logos of Cybele. I can see his vision and it seems to ring clear.

However the part that he fails to see or mention is that this postmodern version of the Logos of Cybele is a profane and sterile version. An abomination.

Western europe lead into a perfectly designed labyrinth. Lead down a path that could only have produced this weapon. This sterile materialistic society devoid of the sacred, devoid of the spirit of nature. Where the priest and priestess have been replaced by scientist and pharmacist, the honored warrior of glory exchanged for the lowly mercenary of mammon, the farmer, bondsman of the soil, sold to the city and instead machines ravage the land and Monsanto chemicals poison it. This is not the Logos of Cybele this is an abomination.

This Leviathan is not complete it is headless, when the Artificial Intelligence ready to sit on the throne of the postmodern nation state, the weapon is complete and the Tree of Life will burn. Russia is standing in the way to slow it down. But to calm the beast, the sacredness of nature, the reverence of the Great Mother, must be remembered.

The imbalance has the whole world on the brink of the abyss.

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