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The link isn't taking me to the new site.

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Sad to see the old Human nuked but thrilled to move forward. Thanks Phil for the work

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Jack, still can't log in your new site.

Back to the Punnish article, the issue in Tennessee is transgenderism promoted to children in schools and the notion that trannies can perform drag shows targeting children.

The name for that is groomer.

Punish twisted the narrative on what happened in Tennessee. The State Legislature banned first drag shows in public targeting children and next banned teaching or promoting transgenderism in schools and prohibited men pretending to be women to compete against women in sporting events K-12.

The transgender activists didn't like what happened in Tennessee so they stormed the capital building displaying all sorts of lewd and disgusting behavior yet again targeting children in attendance at the Capitol.

Punish needs his fucking face re arranged simply for penning that piece of shit article.

Democracy was demonstrated in Tennessee with the banning of men pretending to be women being allowed to compete with women in sports.

Further, dangerous transgender drugs and dangerous surgeries were banned for under 18 children and Punish has a problem with that?

Fuck jonny punnish.

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