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Jul 22, 2022Liked by Jack Heart, Orage

I can tell you that here in Russia we are done with the West. At least for a few generations, you've crossed some lines you should not have crossed.

Yes, yes, it's not you personally, but it's your representative leadership.

I just don't see us being friends. I hope we don't become enemies.

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Jul 22, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

As I pointed out to someone recently in 1900 Caucasian's made up 28 % of the world's population skip forward 122 years and that figure is 4 % not the 8 that is being used due to mixing , remember Obama has a white mummy lol . When this death shot is done Caucasian's will be a curiosity in a museum no nukes needed , All those dead are not adding to the gene pool

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Jul 23, 2022Liked by Jack Heart, Orage

Apparently, the major offensive comes with the blessings of the traitorous elements in the west who continue to lead us there. I really don't know how stupid one has to be in order to confuse this situation with anything else. This isn't incompetence. It isn't misplaced priorities. It is the activity of willful treason, that simple.

Believe me when I say that people in the military are quite aware that they are being set up for the kill shot. What keeps them there is the same thing that keeps you in your life; a lack of anywhere else to go.

I no longer have the internet to view the videos in this piece, so I can't personally comment on the Russian Federation military, but what I have noticed is that very few choose weapon optics. In close quarters combat, a weapon optic is rarely necessary, therefore suggesting that RF infantry fights toe to toe. If this is the case, they will get to see the result of all those sex change operations in lurid detail, right before they kill them.

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Jul 23, 2022Liked by Jack Heart, Orage

Sadness and disappointment in my countrymen. I thought we were better and gave them the benefit of the doubt even when I was warned it was futile and a waste of energy, energy I could never get back that would ultimately drain me unnecessarily.

The two key moments in my time that were wasted opportunities that would've been true signs was if you saw the crowds with pitchforks and rifles march on Wall Street in 2008 before it was subverted and perverted.

Then came Jan. 6 had they marched with rifles in hand and taken over D.C. proper regardless of any plan other than to kick the bastards the hell out by any means necessary.

Neither happened and I could careless. A choice was given and the people chose. Maybe there is a third times a charm coming, but I'm tired of holding my breath and whatever comes, comes.

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Jul 23, 2022Liked by Jack Heart, Orage

Very interesting and not surprising? It had to be this way for the Russians as the west refused to solve this situation diplomaticly. Now there needs nothing to do but to erase Ukraine as a sovereign country and make it once more part of the Russian orbit. More power to the Russians as this is certainly a war of civilization being conducted on many dimensions. The days of the Liberal Democrat hegemony are thankfully ending.

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If Russia hadn't been pulling her punches from the beginning, she could have completely conquered the Ukraine in about one week, two at most. The con-artist-servative, blight-wing press, epitomized by the New (Jew) York Post, has columnists screeching that it is long past time for the U.S. military to directly confront Russia in the Ukraine. I would take all of these scumbags, along with the misanthropes in Congress and the administration yelping for the same, at bayonet point to a cargo plane, suit them up in combat gear, and fly them to the Ukraine making them parachute down in front of the Russian assault brigades. You cocksuckers want to fight? Have at it, slime.

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Jul 23, 2022Liked by Jack Heart, Orage

Extremely important information, Jack.

Thanks for posting it.

The psychopaths and sociopaths running America and Europe are on record saying they want to destroy Russia.

They have said, “there’s no diplomatic solution to the situation in Ukraine, there’s only a military solution.”

There cannot be any constructive dialogue with these individuals.

So, the Russian military has to advance throughout the rest of Ukraine, and beyond Ukraine, in order to secure the safety and security of Russia and the Russian people.

And that advance has to happen before winter sets in.

Obviously, the consequences of this next stage of the special military operation will be catastrophic.

How catastrophic? Well, a totally bizarre “public service announcement” appeared on our televisions and cell phones last week telling us what to do in the event of a nuclear attack on New York City - “stay indoors, close your windows.”

They might as well have said: “sit down, put your head between your knees, and kiss your ass goodbye!”

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Jul 25, 2022Liked by Jack Heart, Orage


Putin ain’t playing around and he will not sit by as Russian boys die piecemeal , the same way the west was willing to spend young American lives in Afghanistan and Iraq for nearly 20 years as “dumb cattle pawns” as Kissinger once opined. Putin will finish this thing now "Michael Corleone style"

Study Stalingrad if you want to understand a Russian's willingness to sacrifice his own life for his people. That's a concept foreign to US soyboy liberals who will only fight for PC pronouns.

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Jul 28, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

"And will then be focusing on the source of the rot very shortly..."

Source is?

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