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Life has a Wyrd way of telling you the truth of the matter, and guiding the way...

The wife and I lament on an almost daily basis the degeneration of everything around us, and the surreal fuckery (for want of a better word), on display.

And so this Friday all the stars aligned, and I'll use the allegory of our garden to explain...

The strange weather this year has meant the weeds have gone crazy over the past couple of weeks, and despite going out and painstakingly weeding, they are winning the war.

So, I returned on Friday from work to find my wife has purchased what can only be described as a flamethrower (not your common garden variety, but a beast of a machine), and a crate of butane cannisters.

Before I could even get through the door she informed me that she's had enough and the weedy little fuckers all need to burn, and to hell with the rest of the garden if they get caught in the back draft as it will grow back eventually...

And she is right.

Fire is cleansing, and sometimes the only way...

So today (in fact once I finish this comment), I'm firing up the burner and taking the war into my own hands!

Let's see who wins this round...

Thanks Jack, and I'll watch the links once the flames have died down.

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I have many things to say, but I will stay silent let's see how the next 3 or 4 weeks will play out. I told you many moons ago(twitter) I don't care who is the face of the resistance. If this will be done through Putin I don't care, he can take all the glory..only what matters is the final result. Wagner can always leave their positions..there will be no repercussions. this "message" sounds like an ultimatum.

Second Rolo has stated to one side for what amount of money he will remain silent. Patriots, real patriots don't speak about the money, because it is never about the money. This here cant be about the money, if it is it will end very badly...

This will tell you more about his role in all this "new, sudden" development on the battleground.

is he telling the truth yes he is... is he telling all the truth, no...and he is not telling who is backing him to make statements directly against the Kremlin...I mean this is a serious deal here, not amateur hour.

As they say, Putin had one job, and he didn't do it.....all I see on a daily basis are idiots on both sides ridiculing the death of Russian or Ukrainian soldiers...it is beyond sickening...

Of course, many of them are on drugs, these are normal people(drafted,many against their will) who can't handle the stress on the battlefield, you are always one bullet away from death...war is not a video game...no pun intended here.

This is all I will say for now, great rant.

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Cayce said "Mother Russia" will save the world. Putin, Trump and Hitler. Hitler gave alot of orders that were not carried out. Lots of treasonous officers. You can see my point.

In Russia just like here in the west the "deep state""Shadow government" is coming out of the shadows into plain view. Yes the Oligarchs always had lots of money and power just like here.

Why didn't Putin finish the war earlier? My $$$ is on he may have tried, now he/it/avatar can see a little better the players on the chessboard. Hard to defeat an hidden enemy from within. Interesting times and you know it!

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What a RANT, Jack.

Couldn't watch Sage's video on Hitler, here. Prohibited, thanks to French legislation. Don't like Jay Dyer. Never did! Silly man. Opportunist. If Dyer works with Jones, that must mean something.

In the Vedic tradition, Prakriti is intangible, invisible; just as much as Purusha.

David Irving, a great author & good man.

No slave-masters if there are no slaves.

Fuel air bombs, exactly!

Mind Kontrol, when a kid my Mother simply called that smart & to the point Propaganda that works & sleep walking. What did Gurdjieff call it? Either you're eaten with the cattle, or live like a fox & or wolf. When there are lions in the pastures, we can be sure it's diner time! From day to day, we make believe like C. Castaneda's Don Juan. Cheers to everyone!

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Looks like we're not the only ones noticing the coronation strangeness...


Ritual clowns one and all...


The spectacle, and the above links remind me of an old song:

Garden Party


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