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Philip coppens,remember meeting him at a probe conference, another one died before his time,Said his mobile phone was kept in his jacket pocket near his heart, which is where mine was for over 20 years,in my overalls! Take care mate ,stay grounded

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I decided to read the article again jack though I love that new yakk vibe.

That distinct sound of a new york voice

Hitler pal says this

New York most jewed over

Says even the whites talk like jews

Jews in Wisconsin ride bicycles

Love diversity

And wear small Styrofoam hats

covered with a very light coating of plastic

They wear tight covered clothing

Called kits

Found my local greasey jew

Publish that on VT.

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Rihanna at the superbowl in a red hazmat suit surrounded by guys in white hazmat suits that looked like the suits that the Chinese wear to lock down their people.

Something big is comming.

Covid 2.0 on steriods.

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