Barbey d'Aurevilly told Huysmans that after writing À rebours, he would have to choose between "the muzzle of a pistol and the foot of the Cross." Huysmans, who had received a secular education and abandoned his Catholic religion in childhood, returned to the Catholic Church eight years later.

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Man is uncomfortable in this beastly flesh, but even more so when he realizes he's been domesticated, suburbanized, and neutered in the eyes of Yockey. Once accepting his beastly nature within he's disheartened to find out things have changed. We're civilized now and must conform to the feelings of lesser beasts who'd in previous days long gone would've had their throats squeezed for even speaking without earning the right through the trials of manhood. Man now serves the weak instead of ruling them as intended, guiding them, and as intended elevating them higher. This is now 'virtuous' to be societies whipping boy. Man has had enough and the beast is not pleased, growing by the day longing to unleash the terror that a single island of masculinity is capable of once more. Patience is a virtue of man, but a strategy for the beast.

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

Seasons greetings! May your hearts be warm and your glasses full!

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Merry Christmas Jack and all here...

I'm half way through your book and every bloke in my family, old and young are opening a pressie with a copy inside this Christmas, the perfect gift.

Enjoy the festivities everyone.

Turn off the TV, eat well, drink only the finest, and enjoy the company of those you love.

See out this solar cycle in style, celebration, and joy that we get to start another a new...

Best wishes


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Dec 25, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

Did I tell you what happened to me in 2007? September it was,watch the movie fourth kind,attacked in my own bed ,in deep sleep,tried to rip the very soul outta my body. Not a dream,the ceiling under my bed was actually cracked and my neighbours heard my screens,a picture flew off thier wall next to my room. Much later it also attacked my middle son,he's been kicked off utube and fb for posting locki type stuff,alot of his content was about rainbow Bridge and rune lore.He also had a threatening letter of the jew police over a pathetic parking ticket.One night we had a black helicopter sat out the back,only about 50 feet in the air,it was looking in his bedroom window,no visible human presence,I was going to shoot it with me crossbow to see if it was real!One night in that place between deep sleep and fullconsciousness I had a needle pushed very slowly into my big toe,o know what I felt,no physical evidence whatsoever.John keel and skinwalker ranch stuff,but as I was taking on these dark fukers,thier has to be a link,did the illuminati get in bed with an alien intelligence all those years ago.That likes to f with us,non stop wars?So don't think your on your own in this fight, the hardest part ,is what the hell are we dealing with.Could go on for ever,like the stuff I know about the Ukraine,I was there ,before and after 2014,love the place and the country,was like going back in time 40 years,no one wants to know,end up arguing with stupid people who are quoting key board warriors,most have never been there.Oh and I also worked in St pete,and yes the people there are great too,how easily we are played. Your stuff on tps is awesome,my intuition always told me it was deep. I would just watch it and get lost,because of what happened in 2007,my faculties aren't the same as they were,I tried to get hypnotised twice.,won't happen,I can't relax enough to allow that now,anyway I would follow you if you were not on it,have a good christ mass mate,not a Christian,a do believe in his teachings,but don't see much evidence of people following them,gnosticism makes more sense,all the best

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Dec 25, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

No mate,I was sleeping downstairs,there were only 2 sets of patio doors,both closed.It wasn't a physical thing,that is only one of dozens of events that happened in that house to 4 different people. A girl I was seeing had a big ginger cat jumping on her head!!we were sleeping downstairs in front of the woodburner,it was morning,I went to get a cup of tea,she was asleep still. Heard her voice from the kitchen,thought she was dreaming,heard help so I went to see what was going on,she not into any of this stuff was very emotional,because she'd experienced this cat but guess what no cat.

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Well Jack, I am days behind on reading and pod casts however, merry Christmas! And I love your new writter Loki but my dearest Hitler pal is what I call an internet national socialist and Loki surely reminds me of him.

With that said it's my observation that people like Stew Peter's are great enemies as I tried to explain on the human why I feel that way.

I won't waste my time watching his videos like died suddenly because my own eyes tell me he lies.

I know your readers disagree with me but I know I am right and I don't care what morons think when my eyes tell me the truth that is right in front of me.

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Your backstory answers some questions I had. I don't think you're an antisemite or a homophobe, Jack. You've given Christians and Muslims the same treatment, deservedly. All three are the same, really. I get the sense you are a lot like me -- you respect honorable intent and righteous action wherever you find it, no matter the package it comes in. And people who live by that code are a rare breed indeed.

Loki is a good writer, and I agree with a lot of what he writes -- so much so, that I could have written it myself. I just think he occasionally veers into the Twilight Zone. And he seems to think every actor in Hollywood is Jewish -- even Flipper.

I am reading Serrano and Rahn because of you, Jack. Your work is resonating with people -- don't doubt it. And many of us are learning stuff from you that can't be learned in any Ivy league university, synagogue, or church.

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