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Top class! When is the full book coming out?

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l'm thrilled and rereading this is flowstate for me

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Jack and Orage, you have outdone yourselves with this prosaic work, it is a joy and wonder to read, and I cannot wait for the next instalment.

I have studied this man for many years.

In my library I have copies of: In Search of the Miraculous by Ouspensky, The Unknowable Gurdjieff by Margaret Anderson, and Gurdjieff's own works Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson, The Herald of Coming Good, and Life is Real Only Then, When 'I Am'.

And yet what you have written I cannot recall having read or heard before, which is brilliant.

Thank you both, you are writers out of time during a time of great need...

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I suppose I now have my answer, as to the direction of recent discussions concerning Stalin and Gurdjieff. Perhaps it's just me, but the reputation Stalin seems to have survived with much greater shine than his Austrian contemporary.

Gurdjieff and his fire seem to have left public consciousness these days. It was summed up by one chronicler whose name escapes me, but whose recounting of the last years of Gurdjieffs life were less than adoring. I recall the summation concluded with the statement that he had promised to return to his most loyal followers after death, yet like Houdini, he never did.

It seems in this jaded age that only miracles will do, yet why do people believe they are worthy of them?

Ouspensky was onto something when he theorized about living ones life over again.

Thugs and murderers, heroes and saviors.

Quite a world.


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Wow. Powerful.

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I see how an enemy is created. Stalin understood love for the enemy.

Spirit says love is demonstrated

To an enemy in a jail cell

Being the jailers

The jailer the enemy I see

Right in front of me

Took action for the jail

Siberia for two years until a jailbreak

Set Stalin free

Why I love our jack

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Read this article on the new human. The site looks great however, won't comment there only here off the open internet.

My Hitler pal is the epitome of the salted and brainwashed internet "researcher" as he has read this piece and dismissed it forthwith as I perceive this as a distinctly spiritual problem as most who read works such as this are blinded by the work itself.

No amount of explaining or pontificating will break the blindness nor make a spiritually blinded man see its as if a blindfold has been put upon men.

The twentieth century is the century of the magicians as in your story an entity so evil has engulfed our world Gordon Duff calling it the black goo and those pure of heart are immune from it and perhaps we here are the new magicians to keep it all going? Yet the blind are still blinded Jack.

What I see.

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